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Articles related to "media"

Extracting Data from Twitter using Python

  • Here is a way to extract tweets based on certain topics from Twitter API using the Tweepy library.
  • Once, you’re done with the set up create an app, in it, you will get Keys and tokens, which will help us retrieve data from Twitter.
  • After getting access to Twitter data we’ll now create a file to save all the tweets in it.
  • We’ll now create a filter that will extract tweets based on certain words that are mentioned.
  • Basically, it will extract tweets that contain the words which are valid for our project.
  • For example, if you want data regarding covid19 you will use specific words like corona, coronavirus, covid19, etc to filter out the tweets as shown below.
  • You need to clean the data to use it in your project.

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Messenger API Updates for Europe

  • The table that follows provides more details and recommendations for alternatives on heavily-used APIs. Templates won't render in the thread because API calls will fail.
  • The following fallback webhook will be delivered when user sends a message with unsupported media/attachment.
  • The following API response will be returned when you query the Conversation API that contains an unsupported attachment/media.
  • Instead of sending the information as a template, you can use a combination of plain text and quick replies instead.
  • Users will be able to click the plain text URL and the URL will open inside the Messenger in-app browser.
  • You can use the Get Started button to set the context and introduce the various menu/options available to the user.
  • This will allow the user to type menu at any point in the conversation and bring up the menu options in the form of text and quick replies.

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A Colorado photographer said he watched the now-famous monolith in southeast Utah fall to the ground

  • Colorado adventure and outdoor lifestyle photographer Ross Bernards told CNN he saw the monolith being removed by a group of four last Friday night.
  • Bernards, who has about a decade of experience in hiking and navigating desserts, set out to capture photos of the world-famous monolith with a group of friends last Friday after determining its location earlier in the week.
  • The group of four took the big pieces of the monolith and placed them in a wheelbarrow and said "leave no trace" as they rolled it away, said Bernards.
  • Bernards and his friends did not stop the group from removing the monolith because they agreed that it needed to be removed because the area is not set up for the type of attention it was receiving and could cause damage that would negatively impact the land, he said.

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Meet the aspiring king of Trump TV

  • Ruddy declined to describe his specific arrangements with the cable providers, but said, "It's not unusual for companies to do that when they start out." And it's partly because big advertisers have fled right-wing talk shows, leaving even the widely viewed prime-time shows on Fox News with less lucrative "direct response" ads for pillows and medical devices.
  • Newsmax now needs to raise more money, or sell fast, if it's going to keep upgrading its talent and production quality to press its advantage with Fox News – which has nervously begun trying to block guests from appearing on the network.
  • Fox News' Tucker Carlson regularly tells his audience that the college-educated snobs in New York who preside over the major outlets view conservatives as unsophisticated rubes, misled by misinformation, not as people who actually believe in the ideas pushed by Trump, like immigration should be sharply curtailed.

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Amanda Kloots to join 'The Talk' as co-host alongside Elaine Welteroth

  • CBS announced Tuesday that Amanda Kloots and Elaine Welteroth will join season 11.
  • The women will co-host alongside Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood and Carrie Ann Inaba.
  • It's a bright moment for Kloots, who has had a devastating year with the loss of her husband, Nick Cordero, to Covid-19.
  • Kloots has guest co-hosted several times in recent months, documenting her excitement on social media.
  • Welteroth's book, "More Than Enough: Claiming Space For Who You Are No Matter What They Say," became a New York Times bestseller last year.
  • The women will be replacing co-hosts Marie Osmond and Eve.

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The pandemic's toll on media: $13 billion estimated costs, losses - Business Insider

  • The coronavirus pandemic took a $13 billion-wrecking ball to big media, according to an analysis of earnings reports and transcripts by Business Insider using Sentieo Inc. That $13 billion reflects data shared by AT&T, Comcast, Disney, ViacomCBS, Fox, AMC Networks, Discovery, and Lionsgate in the most recently reported quarter that ended around September.
  • It refers, variously, to the companies' reported impact on operating profits, impairment charges, and revenue declines, and it's likely to balloon in the fourth quarter, when the effects of production pauses, shuttered cinemas, advertiser cancellations and severance payments are also tallied.
  • AT&T, owner of Warner Media, also reported a $3.1 billion in COVID-related impact to its earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization during the nine months ended in September, including $940 million in costs related to protecting and compensating front-line workers as well as production disruptions at WarnerMedia.

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Man suspected of killing dozens of elderly women detained in Russia

  • Dubbed by some media outlets as the "Povolzhsky strangler" or the "Volga maniac," the perpetrator has been linked to murders of dozens of women.
  • Most of the women were strangled to death in 2011-2012 and their apartments were subsequently robbed, Russian authorities and state media previously reported.
  • Russia's Investigative Committee linked the suspect to 26 murders and identified him as a 38-year-old mechanic from Kazan, who previously served time for theft, according to a statement published Tuesday.
  • The perpetrator posed as a social services representative or maintenance worker to gain the trust of his victims, retired women aged between 75 and 90 who lived alone, according to the Russian Interior Ministry, RIA Novosti reported.
  • The suspect confessed following his detention and said he attacked his first victim because he was hungry and "lived on the street," according to a video published by the Interior Ministry on Tuesday.

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The hidden cost of being a founder

  • While comparing different research pieces is inexact, we only need to look at how the global recession has damaged many companies and how working from home has contributed to feelings of isolation, to know that the environment for startups has got harder this year.
  • A number of founders have told me that they have constant feelings of inadequacy and guilt when they compare themselves to the startup gurus who celebrate working 24/7, are constantly selling, raising money or making their millions.
  • Experienced founders can provide invaluable support to people new to the startup scene.
  • Generally, the startup scene celebrates and idolizes founders who make big exits or achieve “unicorn status” — less is spoken about the thousands of SMEs that employ people, develop and patent new tech, make a tidy profit and pay taxes.

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BuzzFeed’s Jonah Peretti on why he bought HuffPost and why the New York Times can’t be “the paper of record”

  • Now he’s running both companies: BuzzFeed is picking up HuffPost from Verizon, the phone company that thought it wanted to be in the media business and then changed its mind.
  • But I was struck by something we talked about at the end of our chat when I asked him about the success of the New York Times, which has been thriving over the last few years, while BuzzFeed, like many digital media companies, has had to retrench.
  • The Times, Peretti allowed, has since refined a very good subscription business model, which has allowed it to make better journalism by hiring more and better talent.
  • But the next part may be: The New York Times, Peretti argued, can’t really be called “the paper of record” anymore — because of that same subscription model.

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How fake news aimed at Latinos thrives on social media

  • Politicians and social media researchers are still working on the full post-mortem of what happened in the 2020 election with Latino voters, but they’re already finding clear takeaways about what kinds of viral misinformation spreads, how it gains traction, and what companies like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter can do to minimize its impact — if they decide to do so.
  • And increasingly, some members of the Latino community feel that the major Spanish-language networks are biased against conservatives, perpetuated in part, Savage and Longoria said, by viral conspiracy theories spread online — including the unproven accusation that star Univision anchor Jorge Ramos is working on behalf of the Democratic Party.
  • In a YouTube live video posted last week with over 40,000 views, three popular Latino social media influencers warned viewers about a California woman claiming that her dog was sent a mail-in ballot, as an example of mass voter fraud — despite the fact that the anecdote has been widely discredited.

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