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Articles related to "meeting"

Leaked drafts reveal 'awkward' talks to save the arts

  • Leaked draft communiques from a meeting last week between federal and state cultural ministers suggest Scott Morrison's decision to offer financial support to the entertainment sector was not without persuasion.
  • For example, it said the meeting "noted the disproportionate impact the pandemic is having on the cultural and creative industries and subsectors in Australia, including the extent of business closure, employment and income loss for artists, arts workers and arts organisations''.
  • The states also wanted the meeting to have "discussed the role that the Commonwealth government could play in sharing the financial risk of a staged return to operations for arts and cultural sector organisations, given the challenges presented by necessary social distancing".

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Inside Trump's decision to delay the G7 meeting

  • It became clear to the White House late last week that convening an in-person G7 economic summit on US soil would likely be impossible by the end of June, particularly with the addition of several other countries Trump said Saturday he wants to include in the meeting, people familiar with the matter told CNN.
  • Over the past week or so, Trump had also raised internally the notion of inviting other countries to participate in the summit, an idea that would prove more logistically challenging than just the six other G7 nations, the sources familiar with the matter said.
  • Trump had coordinated extensively with Macron as he worked to revive the in-person summit in June, but his announcement earlier in May that he wanted to bring leaders to Camp David in a month's time caught fellow governments off guard, CNN has previously reported.

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How to start a Google Meet session from Gmail

  • Google has added a feature to Gmail that went missing with the death of Hangouts: namely, the ability for anyone to start a Meet video call right from your inbox.
  • Google recently made Meet available free for everyone in the wake of the coronavirus — it’d previously only been available to its business and education G Suite users.
  • Video conferencing is more important now than it’s ever going to be, and Zoom has had a bit of an image (and security) problem since it launched.
  • So if you’re a regular Gmail user, how do you get a Google Meet session going?
  • You’ll also have the option to switch to Presenting after you join.
  • Now you can start a Meeting directly from your inbox.
  • For tips and tricks on working remotely, check out our Growth Quarters articles here or follow us on Twitter.

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Andrew Cuomo meets with Trump at the White House

  • Washington (CNN) - New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo met with President Donald Trump at the White House to discuss infrastructure projects as well as the economic and medical impact of the coronavirus.
  • Cuomo said Tuesday that he wanted to discuss infrastructure projects with Trump, including a new Penn Station, a train link to LaGuardia Airport, rebuilding train tunnels under the Hudson River, and expanding the Second Avenue subway in New York City.
  • The meeting comes as New York state, the state hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, begins to phase into reopening.
  • On Tuesday, Cuomo said New York has reported its lowest daily death toll from Covid-19 since the pandemic began in the US.
  • But in New York City, an epicenter for coronavirus infections in the US, Mayor Bill de Blasio said indicators remain mixed.

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Click here if your virtual meetings are insanely inefficient

  • At the same time, many are feeling the pressure to prove they’re actually working at home by constantly being connected and attending all meetings that come their way.
  • The nice thing is, they say it’s also allowed them to level the communication field for people who are less likely to speak up in traditional meetings.
  • While we may still need meetings, what we can do is start by cutting out any meeting that’s simply a waste of time and making those we do have as efficient, useful, and, dare I say, pleasant as possible.
  • Tools like this can actually help democratize meetings by leveling the playing field between managers and employees and between extroverts and introverts in the team.
  • A study by IBM found that 54% of people would like to continue primarily working from home after the quarantine ends.

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