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Articles related to "men"

Expect a 'drinking checkup' during your next doctor's visit

  • The negative consequences of too much alcohol include illness, injury, and death -- unhealthy alcohol use ranks as the third leading preventable cause of death in the US according to the task force.
  • Since 1996, the task force has recommended doctors screen and briefly counsel adults for unhealthy drinking and before that, in 1989, it recommended physicians ask their patients to describe how they use alcohol.
  • Bazzi and Saitz note that the World Health Organization supports screening and brief counseling for unhealthy drinking in adults, while the American Academy of Pediatrics does so for youth.
  • In studies, patients who have been advised to cut back on alcohol often report that they have done so to please the researchers, while reviews find no effects on objective measures of alcohol consumption (their blood levels) or the rates of injuries, alcohol-related illnesses and hospitalizations, according to Bazzi and Saitz.

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Metoo, sort of...

  • We may not be able to prevent some grandiose occurrence like another supreme court justice accused of sexual assault being appointed, but over time our decisions to unify simply to protect the vulnerable can have an impact on those larger spheres.
  • It has everything to do with humanity, how we all behave with one another, how we protect one another, and–for white men like me–how we use our privilege to affect change.
  • According to research that Claire uncovered, the most effective tool against sexual harassment is bystander intervention.
  • They found that less than a fifth of companies plan to offer bystander training in 2018, training in which people are taught how to respond if they suspect another person at work is being harassed.
  • The problem is that in many situations confronting the harasser could mean retaliation and, with certain authoritative personalities, bystanders feel as much at risk as the victims when addressing the incident.

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Glory Days: Adam Zamoyski's “Napoleon”

  • When Winston Churchill called Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) “the greatest man of action born in Europe since Julius Caesar,” he meant to praise Napoleon in the highest terms, but for many, such praise is fraught with peril.
  • Having won public adulation by heroic feats of generalship in Italy and Egypt, he knocked over the ruling Directory in the bloodless coup of 18 Brumaire in 1799 and as First Consul commanded power greater than that wielded by Louis XIV; he did what dictators often do and designated himself consul for life in 1802; then he took the obvious next step for a hero-worshipper of Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great and crowned himself emperor in 1804.

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It is impossible to ignore the defection of women voters away from the GOP

  • This trend towards Democratic candidates among white women also occurred in key states where Democrats did not win statewide races on Election Day, like Arizona, Florida, Missouri, Texas, and West Virginia.
  • White college-educated women, a more specific subgroup, have moved even more Democratic in every key battleground state polled (including Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, and Texas) and nationally since 2014.
  • Independent women is another subgroup in Georgia that has moved toward Democrats; they supported the Republican Deal in 2014 by 10 percentage points more than Carter compared to breaking for for Stacey Abrams at 53%, eight points more than voted for Kemp.
  • Nationally and in every key race state polled except Texas and Arizona, independent women have been moving towards Democrats (Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, and Nevada).

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