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Articles related to "men"

The US will never ban porn

  • On the flip side is porn actor Conner Habib, who wrote a much-discussed Twitter thread claiming that "a cultural movement to ban pornography is building right now." Somewhere in the middle is a recent reported piece from the New York Times Magazine, in which Maggie Jones hangs out with teenagers in a Boston "porn literacy" program that teaches them how to interpret porn with a critical eye.
  • Rather than offering a porn ban as a solution, a thinking person might suggest we give teens other opportunities to learn about healthy sexual relationships, starting with comprehensive sex education in all US schools.
  • The bad things Douthat, Jones, and others worry porn does — like make anal sex a seeming foregone conclusion for sexually active teens — can be more effectively prevented by affirmative measures than by criminalizing a widely available and highly sought-after genre of media.

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YouTube’s Karate Kid reboot is like the original, except everyone’s way too old to be doing this

  • Did you know YouTube Red fought against Amazon, AMC, Netflix, and Hulu to win the rights to Cobra Kai, a sequel to the original 1984 Karate Kid movie?
  • They did, and now we have actual footage of Danny LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) returning to their old characters and growling at each other to prove that no, this was not all a fever dream.
  • Cobra Kai sees the two very grown-ass men opening competing karate schools.
  • While Johnny is busy teaching his students about the power of clichés with classics like “mercy is for the weak,” Danny seems to be doing at least a little better on his spiritual journey.
  • “I just don’t know why you’d ever want to bring back Cobra Kai,” he says in the most sane moment of this entire trailer because it’s been more than 30 years since they faced off at the Under-18 All-Valley Karate Tournament.

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