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Articles related to "men"

Does a Husband Identify as Breadwinner or a Breadsharer? That Depends on His Respect For His Wife's Career

  • In the story, she elaborates on her research that investigates how men in dual-income, dual-career marriages evaluated the prestige and social worth of their wives’ work.
  • In other words, men in Reid’s research study thought not only about the financial contributions of their partners but also the social value and status of their work.
  • It was noted that older moms tend to share more household and caregiving responsibilities with their male partners, which also points to the types of marriages where both careers and income levels are valued.
  • Reid notes that this research is an important contribution to a conversation in which men’s work is often inherently valued in both financial and social status, but far less research has been done to determine how men’s work lives are impacted and shaped by their family life, including their spouses’ career.

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A men's wellness startup is redefining how guys approach hair loss by making modern treatments affordable and accessible

  • Although online forums like r/tressless offer some reprieve for men seeking support and guidance for everything from pharmaceutical solutions to the emotional effects of hair loss, it seems that many men still aren't talking about it enough to each other or their doctors.
  • Through its modern aesthetic, friendly, yet transparent messaging, and affordable hair loss products, Hims is assuring men that it's okay to acknowledge insecurities like hair loss and actively seek the help they want.
  • Because Hims is direct-to-consumer, its products cost 50% to 80% less than their retail cost, addressing affordability and accessibility problems that may have previously prevented men from trying hair loss solutions.
  • Hims The company hopes that this combination of cheaper products and better education can get men to feel more comfortable with the difficult, deeply personal topic of early hair loss.

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