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Articles related to "method"

Building a Weather App With Masonite Framework - Basics Concepts

  • This will install all the required dependencies of Masonite, creates a .env file for us, generates a new secret key, and put that secret key in our .env file.
  • The MVC architecture or Model, View & Controller is popular because it isolates the application logic from the user interface and supports separation of concerns.
  • And now run : craft migrate This will run migrations and create a table for cities.
  • We will use OpenWeather API to make requests and get data about the weather in different cities.
  • Masonite provides an interactive console to quickly test your app or make some diagnostics.
  • craft tinker</> We will use this console to add data in cities table.
  • As City is an object, it directly inherits methods of the Model class.
  • So the create method helps us add an entry according to the fillable columns.

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JavaScript Promise combinators: race, all, allSettled, any

  • The specification for JavaScript promises has evolved a lot over the years and now we have additional support for the combinator methods on the Promise class.
  • With the addition of the new combinator methods, javascript developers now have the flexibility to finally handle complex scenarios for multiple promise calls.
  • What if you want a JavaScript promise combinator method that does not do the short-circuiting if any of the promises fails?
  • Promise.allSettled should become the defacto for making a lot of API calls since it does not short circuit at all and gives you all the values of all promises.
  • This javascript combinator method can be useful when you want to do something as soon as any of the promises either gets resolved or rejected.
  • Before we get into the implementation of this method, it is important to reiterate that this javascript promise combinator is not a part of the ECMAScript specification yet.

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Java's URL.equals() Performs DNS Resolution

  • The URL above indicates that the protocol to use is http (HyperText Transfer Protocol) and that the information resides on a host machine named
  • The URL class does not itself encode or decode any URL components according to the escaping mechanism defined in RFC2396.
  • If this is the first URL object being created with the specified protocol, a stream protocol handler object, an instance of class URLStreamHandler, is created for that protocol: If the application has previously set up an instance of URLStreamHandlerFactory as the stream handler factory, then the createURLStreamHandler method of that instance is called with the protocol string as an argument to create the stream protocol handler.
  • Two URL objects are equal if they have the same protocol, reference equivalent hosts, have the same port number on the host, and the same file and fragment of the file.

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Making Games with Kotlin

  • While LibGDX supports multiple platforms in this article we will focus on making a small game for a desktop environment.
  • The last thing we need to do is to create a game adapter that will contain our game.
  • The application adapter comes with two important methods we can override: create and render.
  • The create method is run before the application starts and this is where we do all our LibGDX related setup.
  • With our game application structure outlined lets add some game objects and what's more fitting than Santa and gifts.
  • With input, game play and data objects out of the way let us draw our amazing game!
  • Since the renderer is a LibGDX component we need to load it in the create step of our game adapter.
  • To draw shapes in our game we use ShapeRenderer from LibGDX combined with the use extension function from LibKTX.

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Best Practices for Navigating an API's Documentation

  • Here are some ways our team approaches understanding a new API's documentation.
  • As many API providers shift toward more "use case" approaches to documentation, it is still valuable to keep the API reference section on hand.
  • REST APIs will normally provide a list of endpoints and their available actions, or a list of resources and their available methods.
  • Google Calendar's API reference focuses on the methods of each resource such as get, list, and delete for the CalendarList instead of a list of endpoints and HTTP Verbs.
  • Explorers are a very powerful way of helping developers get used to a new endpoint, the required parameters, and how the response will be structured.
  • Stripe is one of the many API providers that offer an easy way to let them know if part of their documentation was helpful.

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JavaScript Data Structures: Doubly Linked List: Shift / Remove data from the beginning

  • Last time, we learned how to unshift / add data to the beginning of our Doubly Linked List.
  • Today, we'll learn how to shift / remove data from the beginning of our Doubly Linked List.
  • We start with code that has the push method, because to remove data, we first have to add data.
  • Let's have a look how to use the Doubly Linked List's shift method and its results.
  • We will implement our next method for the Doubly Linked List: get / get a specific node by its index.
  • If you want to get notified, subscribe!

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Learn to use fetch() in API call Easily

  • Today we are going to explore the fetch function in API calls and get to know about different methods (such as GET, POST, PUT and DELETE), Call Authentication and Interceptor.
  • XMLHttpRequest (XHR) was used before fetch() was introduced to make Http requests.
  • The Fetch API provides a JavaScript interface for accessing and manipulating parts of the HTTP pipeline, such as requests and responses.
  • GET requests are the most common and widely used methods in APIs and websites.
  • The GET method is used to retrieve data from the server at the specified resource.
  • For example, say we have an API with a ‘/users’ endpoint.
  • Making a GET request to that endpoint should return a list of all available users.
  • Since a GET request is only requesting data and not modifying any resource, it is considered as a safe and idempotent method.

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A man received a testicle from his twin brother in one of the first transplants of its kind

  • When a man's testicles are nonexistant, he experiences both reproductive- and hormone-related problems, Dr. Bobby Najari, the director of the Male Fertility Program at NYU Langone Health who was not involved in the transplant, told Insider.
  • But if a man doesn't have testicles, he won't release testosterone and needs to get the hormone through a replacement method, Najari said.
  • That's because it would require an extra surgical step during which a surgeon attaches the vas deferens — the male reproductive organ that connects the sperm to the urethra at the tip of the penis — to the recipient's own penis.
  • If the vas deferens isn't connected to the recipient's penis (it wasn't this new transplant case), then the sperm have no way of leaving the scrotum, entering the penis, and exiting the penis in the form of ejaculate, according to Najari.

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#discussRust is fun

  • But the more I play with Rust, the more I go back to it, as I'm re-discovering the fun I felt when I started writing my first few lines of code.
  • I needed a lot of time to figure out interfaces and their implications (especially with typings), I still struggle a lot with lifetimes, and I still need to write a first algorithm version using match before being able to rewrite it using the map/or_else/etc method set, but those little challenges aren't as frustrating, as "road-blocking", as I may have felt with some other languages and concepts.
  • I also like this "barebones" feel I felt and loved with C (although the compiler helps me in lots of way I could only dream of having in C), the feel of this optimization challenge.

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