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Articles related to "michael"

Gadget Lab Podcast: Facial Recognition Is Coming to a School Near You

  • WIRED Editor in Chief Nicholas Thompson joins us for a special edition of this week’s podcast, to discuss Facebook, Google, and facial recognition technology.
  • It’s part of a growing trend of increased surveillance and security in schools, and a WIRED story this week examined the delicate ethics of this technology.
  • On this week’s podcast, WIRED Editor in Chief Nick Thompson joins the show from New York to discuss facial recognition tech with Gadget Lab co-host Lauren Goode.
  • They also chat about Google’s new Pixel 4 smartphone (why is Google making its own smartphone, anyway?) and the surprising speech about freedom of speech that Mark Zuckerberg made on Thursday.
  • Read Tom Simonite and Greg Barber’s story on facial recognition technology in schools here.
  • Lauren Goode recommends the This Week In Nope podcast, hosted by Rachel Dodes and Brian Hecht, who dissect the news of the week and assign "Yups" and “Nopes” to the good and bad.

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We asked 14 travel experts to share their No. 1 tip for saving money when they're on vacation

  • Helene Sula, who runs the blog with her husband, Michael, said a big way to save money when traveling is by being as flexible as possible with your travel dates.
  • Christine Williams and Jules Hatfield, who run the travel blog, also recommend house-sitting as a way to save money while vacationing or traveling.
  • Lisa Unverricht is a travel writer and runs the German language half of the dual-language travel website Penguin and Pia. To save money while vacationing, she said to bring food to the airport.
  • Kiefer said another easy way to save money when traveling is by skipping drinks or dessert when you eat out.
  • DiScala, founder of, told Business Insider to be mindful of the type of credit cards you use when traveling abroad.
  • Karen Edwards, who runs the blog, told Business Insider you'll save money if you get an airline-specific credit card.

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