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Articles related to "microsoft"

Could Microsoft release a desktop Linux?

  • After testing the waters for years, Microsoft has launched its first service, Azure Cloud Switch, that's based on Linux.
  • Those are all enterprise and cloud moves." True, but remember Microsoft now enables you to run many Linux distros within Windows using Hyper-V and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).
  • True, Wine doesn't enable all Windows applications to run on Linux.
  • In addition, for several years now, Microsoft's WSL developers have been working on mapping Linux API calls to Windows and vice-versa.
  • With Microsoft doing all it can to get customers to move to cloud-based apps from shrink-wrapped programs, the underlying desktop operating system loses its importance.
  • So, by switching to Linux, or offering Lindows as an alternative to "Classic Windows," Microsoft could save Windows development money and create a more stable and secure desktop operating system.

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Microsoft's holiday sale includes significant discounts on Xboxes and PCs

  • The holiday season is in full swing, and Microsoft has rolled out its "12 Days of Faves" sale to give last-minute shoppers a way to save on the latest Xbox and Windows tech until December 22.
  • Microsoft rarely discounts its hardware, so it's surprising to see gadgets like the Surface Pro 6 available for up to $200 off.
  • Although these deals are primarily focused around hardware that Microsoft makes, you can save on PC laptops from other companies, like Dell's Inspirion 15.
  • Microsoft has bundled both the Xbox One S and Xbox One X with a game, so whoever you gift it to can start playing the minute they take the console out of the box.
  • Microsoft's free shipping takes three to seven days to arrive, which is cutting it close if you're ordering any of these gadgets as a gift.

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Facial recognition remains tempting but toxic for tech companies

  • Earlier this month at an event in Washington, D.C. hosted by the Brookings Institution, Microsoft president Brad Smith proposed that people should review the results of facial recognition in “high-stakes scenarios,” such as when it might restrict a person’s movements; that groups using facial recognition should comply with anti-discrimination laws regarding gender, ethnicity, and race; and that companies be “transparent” about AI’s limitations.
  • This summer, Amazon seeded Rekognition, a cloud-based image analysis technology available through its Amazon Web Services division, to law enforcement in Orlando, Florida and the Washington County, Oregon Sheriff’s Office.
  • In September, a report in The Intercept revealed that IBM worked with the New York City Police Department to develop a system that allowed officials to search for people by skin color, hair color, gender, age, and various facial features.

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Microsoft Appoints New COO For China

  • Microsoft announced that Horace Chow, general manager for Microsoft Hong Kong, will replace Philippe Rogge to be Microsoft's chief operating officer for the China region.
  • In his new role, Chow will be fully responsible for the management of Microsoft's China business and he will directly report to Alain Crozier, Microsoft's senior vice president and chairman and CEO of Greater China.
  • He played a leading role in the company's transformation from the traditional software licensing business model to the cloud service platform.
  • By using Office 365, Azure, and CRM Online, they provide professional cloud computing, cloud office, big data, and Internet of Things services to clients of all sizes to help them realize transformations as well.
  • He not only led Microsoft Hong Kong in achieving remarkable performance, but also helped clients and partners realize transformation via cloud services.

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People really want this 'ugly' Windows 95 sweater that Microsoft is giving away, but unfortunately you can't buy it

  • It's unclear how Microsoft determines whether someone is a fan.
  • The company posted the tweet from its @Windows Twitter account saying that "fans" should check their direct message inbox to see if they've been selected to receive a Windows 95 sweater.
  • With that in mind, it seems like anyone who follows @Windows on Twitter is eligible to win.
  • Microsoft self-dubbed the sweater as "ugly," but the internet wants it quite badly.
  • The sweater garnered 16300 upvotes in a post on the r/ATBGE (awful taste but great execution) subreddit.
  • Unfortunately, the sweater is only obtainable through the giveaway from the @Windows Twitter account at the moment.
  • But if Microsoft is interested in earning some extra side cash in the fashion business, the demand seems to be there.
  • Get the latest Microsoft stock price here.

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Baidu, Microsoft Team To Promote Smart Cloud Businesses For Automobiles

  • Baidu and Microsoft jointly announced that the two parties will implement cooperation in the intelligent cloud services market to promote the development and popularity of automatic driving technologies.
  • Baidu launched its Apollo project in April 2017, aiming to provide an open, complete and secure software platform to its cooperation partners in the automobile industry and the self-driving sector.
  • This project will help those partners quickly establish a set of their own automatic driving systems based on their vehicle and hardware system.
  • The Apollo project will provide a full set of software, hardware, and service solutions, covering vehicle platform, hardware platform, software platform, and cloud data services.
  • As a part of the cooperation, Baidu and Microsoft will seek various opportunities to provide in-vehicle network solutions and unique user experience to promote the digital revolution of the self-driving car industry.

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Former Microsoft Executive Joins JD's Cloud Business

  • JD Group announced that Shen Yuanqing, former Microsoft Asia Pacific technology chairman, has formally joined JD as president of its cloud business unit.
  • In his new role, Shen will be responsible for JD's cloud computing businesses and report to Liu Qiangdong, chairman and chief executive officer of JD.
  • Shen joined Microsoft in 1993 and he previously worked as Microsoft Asia Pacific technology chairman, chief operating officer of Microsoft Asia-Pacific R&D Group, and general manager of Microsoft China cloud computing and enterprise division.
  • During his service at Microsoft, Shen also worked as director of many technology companies listed in the U.S., China, and Hong Kong.
  • Prior to joining Microsoft, Shen worked for IDT in California.
  • Commenting on the joining of Shen, Liu said that they believe Shen will help JD achieve rapid development in cloud computing businesses and promote JD's cloud to the next step to become an output platform for various abilities of JD Group.

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The co-founder of $725 million cloud startup Mesosphere is stepping aside as CEO to make way for a Symantec veteran

  • Fey sees big value in bringing this to ever-larger customers, who need an easy way to first bring their software to the cloud, and then to snap on additional technologies like Kubernetes, artificial intelligence, or smart device management.
  • Tactically, Fey wants to take the positive experiences of Mesosphere's smaller customers, and "repeat it at the highest levels." He highlights new customer GE Transportation, which is using DC/OS to manage applications across its own data centers, as well as mega-clouds like those offered by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.
  • Leibert says that the time is right, too: With Microsoft buying GitHub for $7.5 billion, IBM snapping up Red Hat for $34 billion, and VMware acquiring red-hot Kubernetes startup Heptio, there's going to be a lot of interest in open source software.

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BlackRock and Microsoft want to make retirement investing as easy as ordering an Uber

  • BlackRock has inked its biggest technology partnership yet, aiming to help Americans save for retirement.
  • The firm is working with Microsoft to build a platform for retirement savings that will launch next year, the world's largest asset manager said Thursday.
  • The product, which will be offered through employers, is still under development, a source with knowledge of the platform said.
  • The idea stemmed from a conversation earlier this year between BlackRock chief executive officer Larry Fink and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, in which the executives discussed creative ways for companies to address America's retirement crisis.
  • Last year, Fink called the problems associated with longevity "one of the greatest financial challenges faced by our clients today." About 40% of Americans said they are not confident they will have enough money in retirement, according to a Wells Fargo survey last month.

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Is Windows 10 still telling what you're doing even if you don't want it to?

  • If checked, it allows users to, 'Jump back into what you were doing, even when you switch devices, by sending Microsoft your activity history, including info about websites you browse and how you use apps and services'.
  • However, confusingly, if that box is unchecked, recently launched sites and apps will still appear in Microsoft's Privacy Dashboard website in the section about 'Activity history'.
  • The 'Full' setting again clearly explains that it will 'Send all Basic diagnostic data, along with info about websites you browse and how you use apps and features, plus additional info about device health, device activity, and enhanced error reporting'.
  • It's a bad look for Microsoft too, which launched the privacy dashboard after facing intense criticism from users and European privacy regulators for Windows 10 collecting far more data than was necessary, which resulted in the trimmed-back Basic diagnostics setting.

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