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Articles related to "missile"

China's navy keeps getting bigger, and the US is stockpiling ship-killer missiles

  • WASHINGTON – The stunning growth of the Chinese fleet over the past decade has prompted the US Navy to plan a full-on buying spree of ship-killing missiles over the next five years, according to projections in the sea service's Fiscal Year 2021 budget documents.
  • The Navy's proposed 2021 budget calls for buying 850 missiles between the years 2020 and 2021 with the sole function of seeking and destroying enemy ships at range.
  • By comparison, the 2016 budget request contained just 88 sole-purpose anti-ship missiles to be procured across a five-year plan.
  • By requesting to boost its stealthy missile inventory by 48 weapons, the Navy's inventory will increase 50%, with plans to order 48 annually for the next four years, according to the service's Fiscal Year 2021 budget documents.
  • The service wants to start buying significant numbers of the Naval Strike Missile, which is the Kongsberg/Raytheon ship-launched over-the-horizon ship-killer.

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'Felt like I got hit with a truck' — US soldier describes brain injury he suffered in Iranian missile attack

  • Keltz, who said he had concussion symptoms for days, is among 109 soldiers diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries in the wake of last month's attack, a figure that has steadily risen as more troops report symptoms and get medical screening.
  • More than a week after the attack, on Jan. 16, Defense Secretary Mark Esper was made aware that soldiers had suffered brain injuries from the missiles, the Pentagon said.
  • The number is likely higher because the Pentagon only counts as one injury cases where a soldier suffers brain trauma in multiple incidents.
  • U.S. troops operating drone flights appeared to have suffered the most brain injuries during the attack on al-Asad, said Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Garland, who was on the base at the time.
  • The number of troops diagnosed with brain injury from last month's attack was expected to stabilize near the current count, one U.S. official said.

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