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Articles related to "modern"

Lloyd's of London has secured $395 million in debt funding for its wide-spanning digitization plan

  • Known as Blueprint One, the proposed changes, which are anticipated to take a number of years to implement, come amid several years of underperformance and grievances from insurers about the high costs of doing business at Lloyd's, per the FT.
  • Blueprint One, which focuses on six areas of transformation, including new digital platforms for complex and straightforward insurance policies and increased automation for claims processing, is targeted at keeping up with the shifts these insurtechs are driving.
  • And in contrast to previous efforts, the latest transformation plans have been met with broad approval from brokers and insurers that operate in Lloyd's, pointing to growing acceptance across the wider insurance industry of the need to digitize adequately to keep up with shifts in the landscape.
  • Moving to digitize archaic and manual processes underlying legacy insurance businesses is key if incumbents are to successfully fend off threats from their insurtech peers.

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Is Larkin Good for You?

  • My own take is from the perspective of someone who wishes to know if it’s possible to derive any insights of general human significance from Larkin’s poetry.
  • Larkin’s unflinching confrontation with the fact of his own “unresting death”, a sense that life has shaped us and not we ourselves (“an only life can take so long to climb / free from its wrong beginnings, and may never”), his knowing rejection of the by now self-evidently false consolations of religious belief (“created to pretend we never die”) and of secular rationalism (“specious stuff that says No rational being / Can fear a thing it will not feel”), the virtually uncomprehending but no less frightening “emptiness” that our death will bring and “for ever”, our vain attempts at denial even though “Death is no better whined at than withstood”, and then finally the recognition that we are left paralysed before that thing “we can’t escape, yet can’t accept”.

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