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Articles related to "months"

Google launches free version of Stadia with a two-month Pro trial

  • Google is launching the free version of its Stadia game streaming service today.
  • Anyone with a Gmail address can sign up, and Google is even providing a free two-month trial of Stadia Pro as part of the launch.
  • Even existing Stadia Pro customers will get two months of the service for free, as Google is not charging existing subscribers for the next two months.
  • Fourteen countries will be able to access the free trial of Stadia Pro, and users can buy and keep individual games on the service.
  • After the two-month Stadia Pro trial, the service will revert to the base free Stadia service, which is limited to 1080p resolution, 60fps, and stereo sound.
  • Google does say it’s rolling out over the next 48 hours starting today, so the free version might not be immediately available in every region just yet.

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