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Articles related to "mozilla"

Dear Mozilla: Why Thunderbird 78.x is both great and awful (PGP)

  • Which means any advanced user that did a proper, more secure PGP setup, can also not use PGP with Thunderbird for the time being.
  • For a friend of mine, setting up Thunderbird to use external GnuPG on Windows made it outright crash whenever trying to open a PGP encrypted email!
  • On one hand, Mozilla was cool enough to include (some) PGP in Thunderbird which in theory makes it more accessible as you can generate and use keys with a few clicks, which is also good for us advanced users as we can then email privately with friends that would otherwise be unable to use PGP.
  • Honestly, my advice to anyone that uses Thunderbird and depends on advanced PGP (smartcard etc.) for now: Just downgrade to Thunderbird 68.x and install Enigmail.

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