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Articles related to "music"

Guitar Machine

  • It is a “smart” or robotic attachment for a guitar that allows a human artist and a robot to share the act of playing the instrument.
  • Unlike many other automated instruments, Guitar Machine is not designed to replace the musician.
  • The hammering, bowing, tremolo picking, or electrically driven actuator components are controlled by the musician herself as an extension of her fingertips, merging the very natural human process of playing music with the computational power of machines.
  • A number of musicians have tried Guitar Machine, from music professors to jazz students, through sound effects designers, and more.
  • During those trials, I and my collaborator Abhinandan found that the robot helped them explore alternative sonic and musical spaces, effectively train complex musical patterns on the guitar, or even improvise along with the instruments.
  • The Guitar Machine not only showcases future applications for computation and robotics in creative domains.

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My Career Story

  • When I announced that I wanted to go to college for computer science my family responded with “what else would you take?” It wasn’t until years after working in tech that I realized that this is not an experience that most young women share.
  • For the next 2 years, I spoke at meetups and local events, taught myself as much as I could, and worked in application security helping developers make more secure apps.
  • I learned that software developers had a lot of aches and pains in regards to security that I had also felt when I was a developer, and especially during my work in incident response and AppSec. My goal in being a developer and cloud advocate was to help push the industry forward, and to help people create more secure software, everywhere.

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Amazon's Echo gets a decent-sounding refresh

  • And unlike Google, which has left the Home largely unchanged during its two-year existence, Amazon’s now on the third generation for its own base-level device.
  • Of course, if someone is simply looking for a cheap and easy way to introduce a smart assistant into their home, they can pick up an Echo Dot or Nest Mini for a fraction of the price — or, for that matter, the $25 Echo Flex wall plug.
  • More importantly, software updates like stereo pairing with two Echo devices and multi-room music, paired with hardware add-ons like Echo Sub, Link and Input, have made the $99 product a potential addition to a larger, better sound system.
  • The third-generation Echo certainly marks an improvement sound-wise over earlier models.
  • In fact, the device looks almost identical to the second-gen Echo Plus, leaving many wondering if the product is long for this world.

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Join Recode’s Peter Kafka for unscripted interviews with the most important people in media on November 18 and 19

  • You’ll have the opportunity to participate in new On-Location Experiences throughout Los Angeles and engage firsthand with the most interesting companies in media and tech.
  • The Code Media stage is on the record for journalistic and editorial purposes.
  • Do not stand or crouch in the aisles or near the stage, as this interferes with our official show photographer, whose photos will be posted online for use by members of the media.
  • WarnerMedia is a leading media and entertainment company that creates and distributes premium and popular content from a diverse array of talented storytellers and journalists to global audiences through its consumer brands including: HBO, Warner Bros., TNT, TBS, CNN, DC Entertainment, New Line, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Turner Classic Movies and others.
  • Grow your business with a conference sponsorship that gives you access to high-profile attendees, speakers, and press.

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YouTube partners with Merchbar to sell music artists' swag underneath videos

  • YouTube is partnering with Merchbar on a new integration that will allow artists to sell their official merchandise to their worldwide fans from a shelf just below the video.
  • The merchandise feature was one of the more notable additions, as it lets creators put a shelf beneath their video where they can sell directly to fans.
  • The company claimed at the time that “thousands” of channels had more than doubled their revenue as a result of Merch shelf and other integrations, like Super Chat and Channel Memberships.
  • As with prior merchandise integrations, the new Merchbar shelf will sit directly under videos on both desktop and web.
  • The launch comes at a time when Google is more heavily invested in its YouTube Music service, a Spotify and Apple Music rival designed to offer both music and videos, including content not found elsewhere like live performances or remixes.

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Analogue's $200 Pocket could be the ultimate retro gaming portable

  • For the Game Boy Advance and Neo Geo Pocket Color, there's no way to neatly multiply the resolution, but Analogue will offer its usual suite of display options across every system, letting you tailor how they look.
  • In addition to support for Nintendo's early portable game systems, Analogue is also planning to sell adapters to handle games for the Atari Lynx, Neo Geo Pocket Color and Sega Game Gear.
  • While the Pocket doesn't technically have the same sound chip as a Game Boy Advance, it does have a core that precisely mimics the console's hardware.
  • For years, its takes on various consoles have offered the single best way to play retro games on modern TVs. The company now has a loyal audience, which Taber said, typically buys every product Analogue makes.

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The Morning After: Google finally reveals the Pixel 4

  • Tuesday also brought in big news about League of Legends and Sony's immersive new format for music -- catch up with everything below.
  • The Pixel 4 will still pack the same advanced imaging software you'd expect, but it has new upgrades to localize exposure on subjects and improved bokeh effects that are less likely to turn your hair into a big smudge.
  • Cherlynn Low tried out a nonfunctional set at Google's event, reporting that they're slightly smaller than Microsoft's more expensive Surface Earbuds and didn't fit her ears quite as snugly.
  • The Nest WiFi can do everything the Nest Mini does, so you can use it to make phone calls or listen to music, plus it offers up to 25 percent better coverage and twice the speed of Google's WiFi mesh.

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5 ways to make the most of a business trip to Milan

  • Milan is Italy's financial capital and hosts its only stock exchange, but its ancient Celtic roots, role in the Italian Renaissance, and status as one of the world's four fashion capitals make it a great city to explore once your business meetings are over.
  • Terrazza Aperol's hip crowd, live music, and views of Il Duomo make it a great place to experience aperitivo culture for yourself.
  • Its many cafés, art galleries, and fashionable boutiques make it feel like its own separate community and a great place to get lost and forget about your full meeting schedule.
  • Silene Restaurant at the Sheraton Milan San Siro is another great place to try Northern Italian cuisine made with fresh ingredients and foraged herbs.
  • Book a room at a Sheraton in Milan: The Diana Majestic, the Milan San Siro, and Milan Malpensa Airport and Conference Center.

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'Ibiza in the desert': Building a party culture in Dubai

  • The club scene continues to expand with hardy perennials such as Base and WHITE joined by fresh arrivals such Analog Room and SKY 2.0, with a new branch of storied Mykonos venue Nammos due to open this year.
  • But she says that nightlife has greatly diversified in recent years, with large-capacity, dance-oriented venues opening in the city and booking top-tier talent, such as Base and Soho Beach in 2017.
  • When Ansari books foreign performers he tends to favor cult favorite DJs such as Nick Hoppner, who made his name in Berlin's legendary Panorama Bar. Wright believes that greater savvy among promoters has contributed to the development of Dubai nightlife.
  • Beyond musical adaptation, there are also cultural differences that international DJs would encounter relative to other clubbing destinations such as Berlin or New York.

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Tools for Generating Synthetic Data Helped Bootstrap Alexa’s New-Language Releases

  • Alexa feature teams will propose some canonical examples of customer requests in the new language, which we refer to as “golden utterances”; training data from existing locales can be translated by machine translation systems; crowd workers may be recruited to generate sample texts; and some data may come from Cleo, an Alexa skill that allows multilingual customers to help train new-language models by responding to voice prompts with open-form utterances.
  • From a list of 50 or 60 golden utterances, the grammar induction tool might extract 100-odd rules that can generate several thousand sentences of training data, all in a matter of seconds.
  • The guided-resampling tool generates additional training examples by swapping out slot values — producing, for instance, “play Justin Bieber” and “can you play a song by Camila Cabello?” Adding the vast Amazon Music databases of artist names and song titles to the mix produces many additional thousands of training sentences.

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