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Articles related to "music"

'Weird Al' Yankovic mocks presidential debate in 'We're All Doomed'

  • The musical satirist is featured in the "We're All Doomed" music video released Wednesday.
  • It takes clips from Tuesday's debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and uses them to have the pair "singing" their remarks.
  • Last year Yankovic won a best boxed or special limited-edition package Grammy for "Squeeze Box: The Complete Works Of 'Weird Al' Yankovic." He had previously won four others for his comedy recordings.

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A new Google Assistant feature, 'Hold for Me,' waits on hold so you don't have to

  • In the short demo of “Hold for Me,” Google showed how a Pixel device owner is able to activate the new feature after they’ve been placed on hold.
  • Once activated, you’re alerted with a message that says “Don’t hand up,” where you’re advised that Google Assistant is listening to the call for you, so you can do other things.
  • A button is also available on this screen that lets you tap to return to the call at any time, and below that an on-screen message says “music playing” to indicate if the Google Assistant is still hearing the hold music.
  • At a time when people are waiting on hold for hours for help with COVID-19 related government assistance, like unemployment benefits, a “Hold for Me” option could be more than a useful new feature — it could be a literal lifesaver for those in the middle of a financial crisis due to job loss.

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The Google Home sequel, the “Nest Audio,” is official for $99.99

  • Meet the Google Nest Audio, the company's new mainstream smart speaker.
  • The device is in stores now for $99.99, a price drop over the original $129 Google Home.
  • There's not much reason to upgrade a speaker, but a big part of the sales pitch here is that this should have better sound than the original Google Home.
  • These speakers are packing some seriously beefy speaker equipment and are over double the weight of the original Google Home.
  • Like the other recent Google smart speakers, the Nest Audio is all cloth—designed to look more like a piece of laundry than a high-tech smart home object.
  • Like every Google speaker, it's packed with the latest Google Assistant smarts, letting you ask questions, play music, control smart home devices, set reminders, and do a ton of other things.

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Twitch launches a rights-cleared music catalog for streamers, Soundtrack by Twitch

  • Twitch today is introducing a new tool, Soundtrack by Twitch, that will allows it creators to add licensed music within their streams.
  • The feature, which has been in development over the past year, is meant to not only make it easier to find rights-cleared music, but also to address the ongoing issues creators face with having their archives muted.
  • Others had previous agreements with Twitch, like dance music label Anjunabeats which had cleared 350 tracks last year for use in Twitch streams.
  • That meant a wide variety of music-related content on Twitch simply wasn’t allowed, including radio-style listening shows, DJ sets, karaoke and lip syncing, cover songs where creators used any sort of musical accompaniment besides themselves, or even the display of lyrics.
  • Twitch in the past had tried to address music rights issues with the launch of the Twitch Music Library in 2015, but this was shut down last year without explanation.

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Cities are too resilient to be killed by COVID

  • But while the fear is understandable, it ignores the vast gains in wages and productivity fostered by cities, which arise in ways that teleworking cannot replicate.
  • However, productivity has not collapsed during COVID-19, even though workers have been locked up in their homes.
  • Around half of their gain in productivity came simply from the fact of working in a bigger city.
  • In the city, they will enjoy productive lives and dream, just occasionally, of how sweet it would be to work from home in the countryside.
  • Reports of their death ignore the vast gains in wages and productivity fostered by cities, which arise in ways that teleworking cannot replicate.

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Gas is not the future for NSW: Kean

  • NSW Environment minister Matt Kean said gas had no future in NSW, putting him on a collision course with his federal coalition counterparts pushing for a gas-led economic recovery.
  • Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced last week he was prepared to forcefully intervene in the energy market by building a new gas-fired power station in the Hunter Valley in NSW if need be, and underwriting the construction of gas pipelines to feed a new national trading hub.
  • In response to a question about how to convince the right wing of the Liberal Party of the need to transition to renewable energy, Mr Kean said he points them to the economics of renewables.
  • He said record low interest rates should be used to borrow money to build renewable energy.
  • US stocks are poised to find a low by mid-October "as part of a normal, albeit unpleasant" correction, and then move higher, according to Fundstrat Global.

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Taylor Swift Passes Whitney Houston Despite Her Lack of Talent

  • Whitney Houston, who passed away at the age of 48, previously held the record of 46 weeks at number one across all of her albums.
  • Whitey Houston was commonly celebrated as “The Voice” for her extraordinary vocal talent and mezzo-soprano vocal range.
  • In 2008, Rolling Stone praised the ‘Bodyguard’ actress for her “mammoth” voice and ranked her 34th of the 100 greatest singers of all time.
  • It’s widely known that the ‘Blank Space’ singer – who has a middling Soprano range – continued to have voice lessons long after reaching stardom.
  • That, apparently, is all you need to surpass a talented singer with a powerful five-octave rage in this day and age.
  • That’s how Whitney would’ve liked it.
  • Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of
  • Aaron Weaver edited this article for

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Taylor Swift tops Whitney Houston's record for most weeks at No. 1 on Billboard 200

  • Swift's latest, "Folklore," has sat on top for seven non-consecutive weeks, giving her a total of 47 weeks, one more than Houston.
  • Swift had a recent boost following the Academy of Country Music Awards, where she performed "Betty" off "Folklore" live and released it as a single shortly after.
  • Adele ranks third.
  • The Billboard 200 ranks the most popular albums in the US based on album sales.
  • The October 3 chart will be posted Tuesday.
  • Billboard also shares chart news on @billboard and @billboardcharts on Twitter and Instagram.

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Gillmor Gang: Over 2 U

  • We now use a series of interweaved services to broadcast the live Zoom recording session over ReStream, which in turn streams to Twitter/Periscope, YouTube, and Facebook Live.
  • Once the session is over, we add music, titles, and pointers to the Gillmor Gang Telegram Backchannel, and embed the YouTube mix here on TechCrunch.
  • We’re seeing broadcast media use streaming platforms to do their jobs while they shelter in place and social distance.
  • And while some of this has the look and feel of a Zoom conference call we’re all experiencing way too much, as time goes on they also are beginning to make these livestreams look like regular broadcasts to a certain extent.
  • Kind of like what you might see on a cable news segment…but of course there’s no way you’d see a bunch of execs talking about CRM on CNN, Fox or MSNBC.

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B&O’s Beoremote Halo is the $900 ring your $40,000 speakers hopefully haven’t been waiting for

  • Here’s what we do know: It costs $900, and is a round device with a rectangular touch screen that lets you control the Bang & Olufsen music system you obviously have in your home.
  • Bang & Olufsen says the Halo “gives you all the convenience of a simple user interface,” lights up when you get close, and offers a one-button press to select your music.
  • The display will show your stored favorite songs, and will connect to the most recently accessed Bang & Olufsen music device in your house (in case you have more than one).
  • Even after reading the specs and description of what the Halo does, I’m still trying to figure out why you need a bespoke orb like this to play music in your house.
  • It’s a round remote control for your home music system.

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