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Articles related to "musical"

A New York high school has canceled its 'Tarzan' musical production after racism complaints

  • New York (CNN) - A high school in Elmsford, New York, has canceled its spring musical production of "Disney's Tarzan" after school community members complained about the racial undertones.
  • Students had reacted with "delight" when Alexander Hamilton High School's drama club announced the Tarzan musical, according to a news release from the school district.
  • But plans changed after "further consideration of the source material, upon which the story was derived," the district said.
  • The novel and its film adaptations have been criticized for their racist depiction of colonialism, imperialism and African natives.
  • Parents were concerned that students of color would play ape characters, according to the Journal News newspaper.
  • Instead of "Tarzan," the drama club plans in March to stage a musical adaptation of "Twelfth Night" that was performed at Shakespeare in the Park.

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Athletes have healthier brains that can actually hear better, study says

  • In a new study published Monday in the journal Sports Health, Kraus and her team discovered elite athletes have less static in their brains than non-athletes.
  • The new study is part of a five-year analysis of the neural processing of sound in sports concussions, funded by the National Institutes of Health.
  • By analyzing the electrical responses to sound that happen in the brain after an athlete sustains a concussion, Kraus hopes to be better able to biologically determine when that athlete is ready to return to play without further damage to the brain.
  • Prior studies show there are ways to improve the brain's response to sound, Kraus said, such as learning a second language or playing a musical instrument, which are being used to help children with processing difficulties and the elderly with hearing loss.

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