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Articles related to "national"

America's oldest fighting force just turned 383 — check out these impressive photos of the National Guard battling fires, hurricanes, and more

  • The National Guard, a unique part of the American military, traces its origins to the birth of the first organized colonial militia regiments on December 13, 1636.
  • The Guard, which includes some of the oldest units in the US military, is a reserve component that can be called up on a moment's notice to respond to domestic emergencies or participate in overseas combat missions.
  • These 11 stunning photos from recent years show the Guard in action — dealing with fires, hurricanes, volcanoes, and more.

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The Bravest Thing Col. Randy Hoffman Ever Did Was to Stop Fighting

  • Marine commando Randy Hoffman’s plane took off from Kabul, climbed over the jagged mountains and turned toward home.
  • Somewhere down there was his tent, a piece of canvas stretched across a pit he had carved into a high-altitude ridge.
  • Randy had spent most of the previous 2½ years in the mountains along the Pakistan border, turning Afghan villagers into soldiers.
  • Rugs...

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America’s First Amphetamine Epidemic 1929–1971 (2008)

  • To sum up, by the end of World War II in 1945, less than a decade after amphetamine tablets were introduced to medicine, over half a million civilians were using the drug psychiatrically or for weight loss, and the consumption rate in the United States was greater than 2 tablets per person per year on a total-population (all ages) basis.22 Up to 16 million young Americans had been exposed to Benzedrine Sulfate during military service, in which the drug was not treated as dangerous nor was its use effectively controlled, helping normalize and disseminate nonmedical amphetamine use.

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How Joe Biden got his groove back

  • In the Real Clear Politics national polling average, Biden has now opened up a double-digit lead over his nearest competitor -- Sanders.
  • That's a remarkable change since early October when Warren had actually overtaken Biden in the RCP national average.
  • And while Biden has never been as strong a favorite in the early states as he has been nationally, his numbers in Iowa and New Hampshire are looking better of late, too.
  • In new CNN polling looking at the Texas and California primaries -- both set for Super Tuesday on March 3 -- Biden stands in prime position.
  • While none of those poll numbers make Biden a lock to win any state -- with the possible exception of South Carolina -- it shows that he is ahead or very close to the lead in virtually every state set to vote over the first six weeks of the nomination contest.

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Trump praised Boris Johnson on his landslide win, even though Johnson spent the whole campaign avoiding him

  • President Donald Trump praised UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on his landslide win in Thursday's UK general election, even though Johnson spent the whole campaign avoiding Trump.
  • He said that victory for Johnson meant a trade deal could be struck between the UK and the US as Johnson had campaigned on his commitment to getting the UK to leave the EU.
  • But Johnson and his party were plagued by concerns that such a trade deal could include the National Health Service (NHS), the country's prized nationalized healthcare system.
  • Trump had previously said during a visit to the UK in June that it would be "on the table" in trade talks, leading to outcry.
  • Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who had mounted the biggest challenge to Johnson, had shared just days before the summit 451 pages of confidential government documents that he said showed the NHS was "up for sale" in talks with Trump.

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Here is the full breakdown of the UK 2019 general election results

  • Polls have closed in the UK general election with results from individual seats starting to trickle in.
  • Early results suggest the exit poll, which suggests Boris Johnson is on course to win a crushing majority of 86, is broadly accurate.
  • According to the poll Labour are set to lose 71 seats, which would represent their worst loss in modern history, a result which will put leader Jeremy Corbyn under intense pressure to resign.
  • The Scottish National Party, meanwhile, are on course to take an estimated 55 seats out of 59 seats in Scotland, a historically dominant result which will see demands for Scottish independence referendum increase dramatically.
  • Follow the official results as they come in from across the country with Business Insider's interactive tracker.
  • Our Brexit Insider Facebook group is the best place for up-to-date news and analysis about Britain’s departure from the EU, direct from Business Insider’s political reporters.

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Keep US research open amid threat from China, says elite JASON group

  • The highly anticipated analysis is based on classified and unclassified evidence provided by intelligence, law-enforcement and science agencies, including the NSF, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Department of Energy (DOE).
  • Addressing these concerns will require the federal government to strengthening and harmonizing policies on research integrity and conflict of interest across agencies, the report says.
  • Paul Dabbar, who leads the DOE Office of Science, told Nature last month that some agency employees participating in such programmes had received millions of dollars, and had signed contracts that required them to transfer any technologies they developed to the foreign government.
  • Steven Pei, a physicist at the University of Houston and former chair of the advocacy group United Chinese Americans in Washington DC, says the report's recommendations strike the right balance between strengthening disclosure rules and maintaining openness in scientific research.

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Chris Horn: We need to adopt a no-commute culture

  • Given that many functions of a business infrastructure – email and messaging, sales management, marketing programmes, customer care, engineering planning, product design, and general office administration – can now all be provided using cloud computing, then in principle many staff can do their jobs from any location.
  • As the decade closes, a second major change to the running of companies may become even more dramatic than cloud computing.
  • Could the disproportionate climate change costs for Ireland of hosting data centres here on behalf of other countries nevertheless be offset by reduced carbon emissions as a result of exploiting cloud computing across our economy?
  • Why is Facebook investing heavily in building a 14-acre physical campus in Ballsbridge to where its staff will commute to use Facebook’s own cloud computing systems?

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Scaring People into Supporting Backdoors

  • Beware the Four Horsemen of the Information Apocalypse: terrorists, drug dealers, kidnappers, and child pornographers.
  • Facebook announced in March plans to encrypt Messenger, which last year was responsible for nearly 12 million of the 18.4 million worldwide reports of child sexual abuse material, according to people familiar with the reports.
  • Reports to the authorities typically contain more than one image, and last year encompassed the record 45 million photos and videos, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
  • Then came an open letter to Facebook from Barr and others from the UK and Australia, using "protecting children" as the basis for their demand that the company not implement strong end-to-end encryption.
  • None of us who favor strong encryption is saying that child exploitation isn't a serious crime, or a worldwide problem.
  • And let's stop it with the scare stories.

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What UK political parties are promising as voters go to the polls in the 2019 general election

  • Menon of UK in a Changing Europe said that if the Conservatives won the December election, and if the SNP's support in Scotland remained high, it would be difficult for the next UK government to block a new independence referendum.
  • Business Insider Johnson has promised to increase public spending after a decade in which Conservative-led governments have cut the public sector.
  • Business Insider The Liberal Democrats have promised to scrap Brexit and use any subsequent boost to the UK economy to reinvest in public services.
  • Business Insider Corbyn's party has sought to make the NHS the main dividing line with the Conservatives and has repeatedly accused Johnson of plotting to sell off the health service to US healthcare companies as part of a post-Brexit deal with Trump.

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