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Articles related to "native"

Disney+ is launching its domestic and international services simultaneously

  • Although the Disney brand has global recognition, it likely selected these initial international markets because they're relatively similar to the US.
  • As a result, these markets will likely require fewer resources like translation or subtitling to ready the service for launch.
  • Disney+'s first international market launches are also targeting regions where SVOD is on the rise.
  • International SVOD markets without significant native competition could actually see movement when Disney+ enters.
  • Thanks to its powerhouse slate of well-known brands spanning Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars, Disney+ is already an enormously compelling new SVOD entrant.
  • As a result, in markets where Netflix is the dominant SVOD, Disney+ may have a better chance at unseating or complementing it in SVOD households.
  • As Disney continues its international push for Disney+, it will likely assess its penetration in less SVOD-saturated markets to design its rollout strategy over the next two years.

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Buiding Chat App with React Native and

  • In this post, we are going to learn how to build a Chat application with React Native and
  • Thus, these are the features we get from and which we are going to integrate into our React Native app in order to create a chat application.
  • We are going to use the es5 method to import the required express and libraries.
  • We are going to initialize express method to a constant variable app and then create the http server with app variable.
  • Hence, this marks the successful completion of our simple chat application using React Native and package.
  • In this post, we learned how to create and set up a simple server using Node and express.
  • Then, we also learned how to integrate the client React Native chat application with the server-side.

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Scala Native

  • Low-level primitives.
  • Pointers, structs, you name it.
  • Low-level primitives let you hand-tune your application to make it work exactly as you want it to.
  • You’re in control.
  • Seamless interop with native code.
  • Calling C code has never been easier.
  • With the help of extern objects you can seamlessly call native code without any runtime overhead.
  • Instant startup time.
  • Scala Native is compiled ahead-of-time via LLVM.
  • This means that there is no sluggish warm-up phase that’s common for just-in-time compilers.
  • Your code is immediately fast and ready for action.
  • This documentation is divided into different parts.
  • It’s recommended to go through the User’s Guide to get familiar with Scala Native.
  • Contributor’s Guide contains valuable information for people who want to either contribute to the project or learn more about the internals and the development process behind the project.

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This US Army recruit got his first haircut in 15 years before shipping out to basic training, and donated 150 inches of hair to charity

  • A 23-year-old California native received his first haircut in 15 years to enlist in the US Army.
  • US Army Pvt. Reynaldo Arroyo of Riverside donated 150 inches of hair to Locks of Love and enlisted in the Army as an infantryman on Thursday.
  • Locks of Love is a non-profit organization that donates hair to disadvantaged people with long-term medical conditions resulting in hair loss, such as cancer and severe burns.
  • Arroyo is scheduled to ship out to Ft. Benning, home of the Army's infantry school, within the next two weeks, a US Army spokesperson told INSIDER.
  • But Arroyo will not be sporting his fresh haircut for long.
  • After graduating and at his commander's discretion, he may grow out his hair again, so long as it remains "neat and conservative," according to Army regulations.

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'I have made mistakes': Elizabeth Warren apologizes, turns to policy talk at tribal forum

  • Sioux City, Iowa (CNN) - Elizabeth Warren did not wait long to address the question that lingered over her visit to a Native American presidential candidate forum Monday in Iowa.
  • The audience had heard enough and applauded as Warren finished her thought and promised to continue her long partnership with Native communities "as President of the United States of America." Over the next 20 minutes, at least two of the questioners onstage would say they hoped for the chance, one day soon, to address her by that title.
  • At the Frank LaMere Presidential Candidate Forum here, she leaned on both, again showing off her fluency on the core issue at stake for this audience -- federal policy concerning Native Americans, and the many ways in which the government has let down or betrayed tribes.
  • Warren's release last week of a new suite of policy plans and draft legislation, crafted with Haaland, seemed to speak on its own to many of the questions in Sioux City.

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Marianne Williamson pledges to remove portrait of Andrew Jackson from the Oval Office

  • Sioux City, Iowa (CNN) - Author Marianne Williamson pledged Monday to remove a portrait of President Andrew Jackson from the Oval Office if elected president, calling the portrait's current placement "one of the greatest insults" to Native Americans.
  • Jackson, the nation's seventh president, long garnered praise as the son of immigrants who was elected to the highest office in the land after fighting in the War of 1812.
  • But he also had harsh anti-Native American policies, including the Indian Removal Act of 1830.
  • The act eventually led to the forced relocation of Native Americans from their native Georgia to Oklahoma, killing thousands of Cherokees along what became known as the Trail of Tears.
  • For her part, Williamson reiterated her pledge after her remarks, telling reporters anyone with "just a base level of knowledge of American history" should be familiar with Jackson's role in the Trail of Tears.

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Develop 99% of your Ionic app in the browser with Capacitor

  • One of the guiding design goals of Capacitor, Ionic’s new native web app container project that runs your web app natively on iOS, Android, Electron, and the web as a Progressive Web App, was to increase the amount of time you can spend developing your app on desktop before having to mess with simulators or devices.
  • On top of that, building web-first means that your app will likely run well as a Progressive Web App with minimal additional work, assuming you’re able to achieve the functionality your app needs with Web APIs. Let’s take a look at how that works.
  • Web Plugins are wonderful for building out consistent cross-platform APIs (for example, the Geolocation and Share APIs have the same code on all platforms), but they can also be used for mocking out functionality that is only used on native platforms.

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Inside Elizabeth Warren's courtship of Native American leaders

  • OJ Seamans, a co-executive director of the Four Directions group, told CNN that he spoke with PaaWee Rivera, a Warren aide who was previously the Democratic National Committee's director of Native American and Rural Engagement, more than a half-dozen times over the past few weeks.
  • The Warren campaign said Warren herself has been in regular contact with Native American leaders over the last year, including a January backstage meeting in Iowa with Native American activist Frank LaMere, who died this summer and after whom the Monday conference is named after; a private meeting with the Eastern Band of Cherokees in February; and last month, a lengthy discussion with tribal leaders in Detroit the week of CNN's presidential debates.
  • There have also been staff-level outreach to tribal groups, including Cherokee Nation, to whom Warren apologized earlier this year about the DNA test after the tribe called it "inappropriate and wrong." Many of Warren's policy plans have featured provisions to aid Native Americans.

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Nate Diaz completely outclassed Anthony Pettis, then challenged Jorge Masvidal to an East vs. West Coast gangster fight

  • Nate Diaz just bested Anthony Pettis in style, in command through the entire three-round bout at UFC 241 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.
  • The 34-year-old did much of his best work in the clinch, landing plenty of knees to his opponent's face, tiring Pettis further.
  • In the third, Diaz had chances to score a finish in his comeback, working top position then failing with a triangle, but overall did enough to win every round on every judges scorecard in what was a dominant win for the crowd favorite.
  • Masvidal, 34, went viral in July because he concussed Ben Askren with a highlight-reel flying knee after just five seconds at UFC 239.
  • Masvidal celebrated by mocking his opponent then said Askren didn't even belong in the UFC.

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Seven simple things you can do to save the bees on National Honeybee Day

  • When honeybees are infected with pathogens or parasites, they infect native bees that are more vulnerable to extinction, said Alixandra Prybyla, science director of the Honeybee Conservancy.
  • Planting native flowers that bloom year-round ensures that bees have a constant food source, according to the Honeybee Conservancy.
  • A neatly kept lawn is nice, but letting it grow a bit long invites bees to visit dandelions, clovers and other weeds that sprout, said Debra Tomaszewski, executive director of Planet Bee. If you're really committed to saving the bees, you could rip up your traditional turf and plant a "bee lawn," in which flowers, weeds and grass grow together to attract bees and other insects.
  • Leaving out a small amount of water for bees helps them survive sweltering summers, Tomaszewski said.
  • Bill Tomaszewski, Debra's husband and PlanetBee's co-founder, said bee swarms are a sign that hives are healthy.

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