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Articles related to "network"

Data Center Networks are Getting Faster and Smarter

  • DCK spent a part of August looking at some of the trends in data center network technology, examining in addition to speed the way some networking innovation by operators of hyperscale cloud platforms like Facebook has been seeping into the enterprise data center market.
  • In another report, Branscombe highlighted the growing amount of attention enterprise operators now pay to automating network management and being able to apply the DevOps principles to their work, so they can better support the teams of developers that write software that runs on top of their infrastructure.
  • Looking to take network automation even further, incumbent vendors and a handful of startups are actively working on technologies that support the concept of Intent-Based Networking, or IBN – the idea that networks could tune themselves based on policies set by the administrators, removing the need for all the manual network management processes used today.

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What would happen if Facebook were turned off?

  • They tended not to redistribute their liberated minutes to other websites and social networks, but chose instead to watch more television and spend time with friends and family.
  • Several weeks after the deactivation period, those who had been off Facebook spent 23% less time on it than those who had never left, and 5% of the forced leavers had yet to turn their accounts back on.
  • Consider the choice faced by the treatment group when the deactivation period is over: to rejoin the network or remain off while the rest continue to like and share.
  • New netizens naturally gravitated to the social network used by most of their friends and family, which reinforced Facebook’s advantages—in much the same way that a booming city attracts new residents because of the opportunities created by the large pool of people already there.
  • Such ruts are hard to spot in real time, and there may well be net value in a Facebook-like network.

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Why IBM Is Untethering Watson AI Software from Its Cloud

  • Informa PLC's registered office is 5 Howick Place, London SW1P 1WG.
  • That’s one good reason for IBM to enable its suite of AI tools called Watson to run in the data centers of its biggest cloud rivals.
  • But most of the data companies have isn’t stored in any public cloud, which is a good reason to let them run Watson in their own corporate data centers.
  • All the biggest cloud providers have hybrid cloud options in various stages of readiness, and it’s probably only a matter of time before customers can get GPU instances in an AWS Outposts rack in their own data centers; or on Azure Stack hardware (work on this appears to be already on the way); or on Cisco servers deployed as an on-premises extension of Google Cloud Platform.

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Distributed web not ready for Runet cutoff from the Internet

  • However, neither the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) nor the Dat project will continue to function properly inside of Russia following a Runet cutoff from the global Internet.
  • The two default tracking servers for the Dat project are hosted by Hetzner Cloud and Digital Ocean with authoritative DNS provided by Cloudflare.
  • IPFS uses DHT like BitTorrent and doesn’t rely on a centralized tracking server.
  • These bootstrapping nodes don’t depend on an authoritative DNS provider but all of them are hosted on Digital Ocean and will be unreachable from inside Runet.
  • Assuming you’ve connected to at least one other domestic DHT node you should be able to rejoin the network after restarting the client.
  • You can discover DHT nodes from other IPFS or BitTorrent clients on the same network and bootstrap that way.

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Vapor IO Forms Alliance for Full-Service Edge Computing at Its Tower Data Centers

  • This week the company announced the formation of the Kinetic Edge Alliance, an assortment of edge computing-focused partners that will support Vapor's data centers with the infrastructure, tools, and expertise needed for successful edge deployments.
  • Vapor specializes in placing compact modular data centers physically close to cell tower locations to house edge computing infrastructure.
  • The deployment partners appear to be the backbone of the alliance and will have technicians onsite at each Kinetic Edge location being deployed to turn these mini-data centers into full-service operations.
  • In other words, when the online switch is flicked for the first time at each location, Federated Wireless, one of the partners, will already be delivering 4G and 5G wireless services, Linode will offer instant access to its cloud infrastructure, and Packet will have servers installed and at the ready for providing bare metal cloud and edge computing infrastructure.

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Amazon is acquiring home WiFi startup Eero — here’s what its products do and what the acquisition could mean

  • Eero doesn't make WiFi any more sexy, but it does make your home WiFi experience fast, seamless, and reliable by replacing the traditional router, extender, and booster with a mesh network-powered system.
  • The whole time, the Eero app lets you see your network speed, track device usage, set parental controls, and grant guest access.
  • The addition of Eero to its home tech family, which includes its own Echo smart speakers and Ring, could mean a stronger, better-integrated ecosystem of connected devices that take advantage of the Alexa smart assistant.
  • ft., while the Beacon, a WiFi access point that plugs into outlets and extends your WiFi connectivity to every device, adds another 1,000 square feet of coverage.
  • If you have a two to four-bedroom home, it's best to add another Beacon, which will further extend connectivity to all your devices.

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  • The ability of AI to generate fake visuals is not yet mainstream knowledge, but a new website — — offers a quick and persuasive education.
  • The site is the creation of Philip Wang, a software engineer at Uber, and uses research released last year by chip designer Nvidia to create an endless stream of fake portraits.
  • The algorithm behind it is trained on a huge dataset of real images, then uses a type of neural network known as a generative adversarial network (or GAN) to fabricate new examples.
  • As we’ve seen in discussions about deepfakes (which use GANs to paste people’s faces onto target videos, often in order to create non-consensual pornography), the ability to manipulate and generate realistic imagery at scale is going to have a huge effect on how modern societies think about evidence and trust.

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Bloomberg Editor Says JPMorgan's Cryptocurrency Will 'Obliterate' Ripple; is XRP in Trouble?

  • The Ripple blockchain network is a payment infrastructure for cross-border transactions which banks and financial institutions can utilize to send and receive payments with low costs and faster clearing time.
  • The concerns of industry executives and experts on the long-term growth trend of XRP is that if JPMorgan uses JPM Coin to settle payments between its clients, as the bank said, it will put XRP in direct competition with JPM Coin.
  • The problem is, that is exactly what Ripple was built for and the company has the same vision as JPM Coin: to overtake SWIFT and establish a global blockchain network for financial institutions.
  • Tushar Jain, a general partner at Multicoin Capital, said JPMorgan will “wipe the floor with Ripple,” emphasizing that banks would rather use a technology developed by banks rather than a company outside of the traditional financial sector.

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WeChat's most censored topics in 2018 include US-China trade war, Huawei CFO arrest: Report

  • The posts were flagged as censored if the program detected that they had disappeared from the platform, the report said.
  • In its findings, WeChatscope said there were four official reasons that were typically offered for a post's removal: the original publisher deleted the post, WeChat removed it because it was found to violate a law, WeChat removed it because it was flagged by other users as breaking platform regulations, or WeChat blocked the original publisher for regularly breaking community rules.
  • Beyond its WeChat platform, Tencent also made headlines on Monday for being an investor in social network Reddit's latest series D round.
  • News of the Chinese tech behemoth's investment in Reddit triggered concerns among users that the platform could become subject to the same kind of online censorship that takes place in Tencent's home country.

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A RISC-V CPU for $8

  • it’s a RISC-V chip you can buy right now, the bare module costs eight US dollars, there are several modules, and it has ‘AI’.
  • You’re right; last October, a seller on Taobao opened up preorders for the Sipeed M1 K210 chip, a chip with neural networks.
  • Seeed has been busy these last few months, and they’re now selling modules, dev boards, and peripherals that include a camera, mic array, and displays.
  • The big deal here is the Sipeed MAix-I module with WiFi, sold out because it costs nine bucks.
  • It told us two things: RISC-V chips are coming sooner than we expected, and you can do preorders on Taobao.
  • Seeed has a history of bringing interesting chips to the wider world, and if you want a RISC-V chip right now, here you go.

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