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Articles related to "network"

My First Year of Freelancing

  • I am a member of Toptal talent network, and most of my clients are part of this formidable networks as well.
  • I worked with seven Toptal clients.
  • I also worked with a couple of Upwork clients.
  • I also worked on a couple of projects with my friends, pro bono.
  • Toptal is a private, elite talent network with thousands of members across 100+ countries.
  • In total, I worked with thirteen clients and seventeen mentees.
  • In the spare time, I worked on open-source projects.
  • Eventually, I learned that it is better to bid on a couple of places and invest more time in a more quality cover-letter or application.
  • I am happy to be able to share my experience as a freelance developer.
  • I try to sound interested in a project, and write how could I help a client in specific.

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Cisco ACI and NetBrain: Delivering Application-Centric Network Operations

  • Cisco ACI is a market leading, SDN based networking technology that keeps applications as the focal point of data center infrastructure and enables the creation of an agile, open and secure architecture.
  • The NetBrain solution for Cisco ACI provides a single consistent view containing both network-centric and application-centric contexts of data centers, aiding enterprises to seamlessly transition to an application-centric, intent-based network enabled by Cisco ACI.
  • With the solution, the user can superimpose different data sets from ACI as well as from other management systems in a single consistent view getting powerful change management, correlation, and troubleshooting capabilities.
  • NetBrain solution for Cisco ACI provides an elegant approach that allows users to quickly start extracting benefits from the Application-Centric Infrastructure enabled by ACI, thus creating an agile network operation model.

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Intel unveils Nervana Neural Net L-1000 for accelerated AI training

  • Intel today announced plans to release Nervana Neural Net L-1000, code named Spring Crest, to make it easier for developers to test and deploy AI models.
  • Spring Crest will be 3-4 times faster than Lake Crest, its first NNP chip, said Intel VP and general manager of the AI product group Naveen Rao. The Nervana Neural Net L-1000 will first be made broadly available in 2019.
  • The new addition to the Neural Network Processor family of chips follows the rollout of AI Core, a circuit board with Movidius Myriad 2 Vision Processing Unit to give manufacturers on-device machine learning.
  • Earlier this month, Microsoft announced Project Brainwave in preview for acceleration of deep neural network training and deployment powered by Intel’s Stratix 10, a field programmable gate array (FPGA) chip.

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Monero Lead Developer Unveils Second-Layer Protocol ‘Tari’

  • The lead developer of Monero has unveiled a new second-layer protocol that will allow users to create and trade digital assets on top of the privacy-centric cryptocurrency’s network.
  • Though not the first project to use blockchain technology to allow users to trade digital assets, co-founders Jain, Riccardo “fluffypony” Spagni, and Dan Teree claim that it is the first to be optimized for this specific use case, making it ideal for businesses who desire to use it at scale.
  • Tari will be structured as a sidechain to the main monero network, enabling users to merge-mine its token with XMR.
  • Spagni, who is also the lead developer of XMR, stressed that this new project will not detract from his commitment to the Monero project, adding that he is stepping back from other professional obligations to make time in his schedule.

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Stealthy, Destructive Malware Infects Half a Million Routers

  • Now security researchers are warning that one group of sophisticated hackers has amassed a collection of malware-infected routers that could be used as a powerful tool to spread havoc across the internet, or simply triggered to implode networks across the world.
  • On Wednesday, Cisco's Talos security division warned of a new breed of malware it calls VPNFilter, which it says has infected at least half a million home and small business routers including those sold by Netgear, TP-Link, Linksys, MicroTik, and QNAP network storage devices.
  • Talos points out that the increase in Ukrainian infections precedes the anniversary on June 27th of the NotPetya attack, a data-destroying worm that was released in Ukraine and spread to the rest of the world, quickly becoming the most costly malware outbreak in history, and one that the White House has vocally blamed on the Russian military.

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China Ranked Verge, Which Experienced a 51% Attack, in the Same Spot as Bitcoin

  • However, it remains unclear whether the attack can be described as a 51% attack given that the attacker did not have to gain 51 percent of the Verge network’s computing power to steal millions of dollars worth of XVG.
  • Describing the case as a time warp vector attack would make more sense, as the attack was able to gain control over the network with virtually no difficulty.
  • The ranking of bitcoin, the most robust blockchain network with the longest track record at 13 with Verge outraged the bitcoin community.
  • The core difference between bitcoin and other altcoins and smaller blockchain networks as explained by security expert and bitcoin researcher Andreas Antonopoulos is that bitcoin’s computing power eliminates the possibility of 51 percent attacks.

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Intent-Based Networking in the Cisco Data Center

  • Now let’s think about Intent-Based Networking and its translation, activation, and assurance functions in the context of some of our datacenter products, Cisco ACI, Nexus 9000, Network Assurance Engine (NAE), and Tetration.
  • Cisco ACI offers a policy-based SDN fabric capable of providing translation and activation functions for the network.
  • Using this information to build a mathematical model of the network, NAE is able to proactively and continuously verify that the network is behaving in accordance with the operator intent and policy captured in the APIC.
  • As you can see, Cisco ACI, Nexus 9000, Network Assurance Engine and Tetration all play a critical role in delivering Intent-Based Networking in the datacenter, and, in conjunction with products such as DNA Center, provide a consistent experience across datacenter and enterprise networks.

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  • Once upon a time, if you wanted to connect to the internet (or even to your local network) you needed to edit a bunch of files, ask your system or network administrator for an IP address, and hope you didn't mess up your computer too badly since you didn't know what you were doing.
  • All the machines on your local network can talk to each other without a router, as long as you know their IP address, you can send packets to them directly.
  • If there's a DHCP server listening, it will reply with a DHCPOFFER message that contains all the information you need to configure yourself as part of the local TCP/IP network.
  • Since you don't yet have an IP address configured, the DHCP server will also use a broadcast message to send you the DHCPOFFER.

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Comcast is in the advanced stages of preparing all-cash bid for Fox assets

  • Comcast said Wednesday it is in "advanced stages of preparing" a "superior" all-cash offer for the parts of Twenty-First Century Fox that Rupert Murdoch's company has agreed to sell to Walt Disney.
  • The terms of the bid would be at least as favorable to Fox shareholders as Disney's offer, and would top the value of the deal with Disney, Comcast said in a release.
  • Earlier in May, CNBC reported, citing sources, that Comcast was preparing to make a bid for the assets in mid-June.
  • The news followed a CNBC article that week saying Comcast was preparing an all-cash bid of $60 billion that would beat Disney's deal, if the government approves AT&T's acquisition of Time Warner.
  • Sources also told CNBC earlier in the month that Comcast could take on significant debt in a deal, of up to $100 billion.

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Shaw completes first 5G test as wireless players aim to build next-gen networks

  • Shaw Communications Inc. has completed its first technical trial of 5G technology as Canada’s wireless giants ramp up their investments in the next-generation networks.
  • The Calgary-based communications company, which offers wireless service under the brand Freedom Mobile, announced Tuesday the successful test of pre-commercial equipment was completed in collaboration with Nokia Corp., CableLabs and Rohde & Schwarz.
  • Shaw follows the Big Three in announcing 5G tests as wireless players race to build 5G networks that are expected to power technologies like automated vehicles and smart cities.
  • announced 5G trials in 2016, the same year Bell claimed Canada’s first successful 5G test with Nokia.
  • Freedom may have been behind on 4G and LTE advanced networks due to limited spectrum, but getting in the 5G game will put its network on par with the big players from a technology standpoint, said Lawrence Surtees, principal analyst at IDC Canada.

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