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Articles related to "neutrality"

FCC sued by dozens of cities after voting to kill local fees and rules

  • The Federal Communications Commission faces a legal battle against dozens of cities from across the United States, which sued the FCC to stop an order that preempts local fees and regulation of cable-broadband networks.
  • While a federal appeals court upheld the repeal of the US-wide regulations, it ruled that the FCC can't preempt all state laws in one fell swoop.
  • The FCC argues that states and localities cannot collect fees and impose requirements that aren't explicitly allowed by Title VI, the cable-regulation section that Congress added to communications law with the Cable Act of 1984.
  • Further ReadingWashington State keeps enforcing net neutrality as it hails FCC court lossThe US cable law prevents local authorities from collecting more than 5% of a cable operator's gross revenue in any 12-month period.

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