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Articles related to "new"

Merge Sort Quick Reference

  • Merge sort is a useful algorithm for sorting a list of items.
  • The divide-and-conquer algorithm splits the input in half, sorts both sides, and then combines the result.
  • The merge sort algorithm's complexity is not dependent on the input.
  • At each of the log n recursive levels the recombining requires n comparisons.
  • The number of copies is the number of times an item is copied to a new location, either from the input or within the output.
  • At each of the log n recursive levels all of n items are copied into new output arrays during recombining.
  • Each level of the recursion requires a copy of the input, as each level needs to combine the elements into new lists.
  • Merge sort does not require random access to the elements, making it suitable for multiple container types, such as linked lists and arrays.

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Slack's head of partnerships explains why it's deepening its relationship to Salesforce with a bunch of new integrations

  • The new features are aimed at helping customers more efficiently collaborate across both tools — it means that Slack's 12 million monthly active users can search for and share Salesforce customer records without leaving the chat app.
  • Armstrong said that sales and service professionals — Salesforce's core customer demographic — are a growing part of Slack's user base, which makes these kinds of integrations valuable to them.
  • These updates apply to Slack's existing integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud, its flagship customer relationship management (CRM) product.
  • "This tighter integration between Salesforce and Slack is a key way for us to dramatically streamline how our joint customers work," Aytay said.
  • Slack Both Slack and Salesforce now have product teams that talk to customers and each other and build roadmaps to keep growing the partnership.
  • As previous Salesforce executive, Armstrong said his previous knowledge of the company and its workflow helped this partnership thrive.

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DejaVu: Caching versus Memoization

  • The main problem was “tearing” - a coexistence of different time slices in a one render(output) - some component might see the new State, while others might still see the old.
  • Problem with PUSH - if there is more than one change - consumer might be called more than one time, causing temporary inconsistencies as well as DejaVu. Caching versus Memoization - we are deriving data, one from each other, in a synchronous way, which is a PULL pattern, and the result is free from the problems above.
  • With different hooks updating independently you may, and will get temporary inconsistencies within a single component, leading to the (temporary)undefined behavior or even (temporary) broken state.
  • I was quite pathetic​ in my attempts to solve some state problems with hooks, until I've accepted - there no is such thing as an ideal tool.

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A newborn was found wrapped in a plastic bag in Indiana

  • All 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico have some sort of safe haven legislation to protect newborns and provide parents with an alternative to criminal abandonment, according to government agency Child Welfare Information Gateway.
  • In each state, a hospital is considered a safe location while some allow newborns to be left at a fire station or a police station.
  • At least 16 states and Puerto Rico mandate that babies be left only at a hospital, emergency medical services provider or healthcare facility.
  • Arizona, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Vermont and Puerto Rico allow churches to act as safe havens, but someone has to be present at the time the infant is left.
  • In 10 states, the baby must be transferred to the hospital if received at a facility that does not provide medical care, the government agency says.

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Estrogen exposure may stave off cognitive decline in women

  • According to the North American Menopause Society (NAMS), the article "Lifetime estrogen exposure and cognition in late life: The Cache County Study" — appearing in the NAMS journal Menopause — details the new findings.
  • After menopause, women experience a drop in estrogen levels, and this could make them more susceptible to Alzheimer's, these studies have suggested.
  • Namely, scientists have recently been suggesting that hormone therapy is not always linked with cognitive harm, as many previously believed.
  • In fact, the new research suggests that it may have the opposite effect, actually benefiting cognitive health.
  • The researchers behind the new study clinically followed more than 2,000 postmenopausal women over a period of 12 years and analyzed the link between estrogen levels and cognitive decline.
  • The conclusion of the study was that estrogen exposure is linked with better cognitive health in older women.

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TikTok makes education push in India

  • TkTok, owned by the world’s most valued startup Bytedance, said it’s working with a number of content creators and firms to populate the platform with educational videos.
  • It has partnered with edtech startups Vedantu, Toppr, Made Easy, GradeUp that will produce educational content for TikTok. It is also collaborating with social enterprises Josh Talks and the Nudge Foundation to mentor 5,000 people across India.
  • An executive with Josh Talks said the firm has been able to reach more than 35 million users in less than two months on TikTok, far more users than it has attracted on other platforms.
  • In recent months, more than 10 million educational videos have been created and shared on TikTok, where they have garnered over 48 billion views, Sharma claimed.
  • Eight-year-old startup Byju’s, which offers a learning app, has seen its customer base balloon in recent years.

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Democrats keep talking tough on Silicon Valley. This week, they can’t stop taking money from it.

  • The run-up to the fundraising quarter that ends Monday evening has brought a bevy of Democratic presidential candidates to the golden gates of the Bay Area.
  • All told, it’s a reminder that for all of the Democratic Party’s new rhetoric about the role that tech companies have played in corroding our democracy, presidential candidates are still dependent on the deep well of Silicon Valley money.
  • Kamala Harris has at least three fundraising events scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, from Palo Alto to Oakland, while Pete Buttigieg — a new darling of Silicon Valley donors — is also cramming in three finance events on Sunday and Monday, according to invitations seen by Recode.
  • Cory Booker, who has deep relationships of his own in Silicon Valley, is being feted by donors at two high-dollar events on Wednesday evening, according to invitations seen by Recode.

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Why cemeteries are a surprising source of life

  • Green-Wood cemetery has 7,000 trees of more than 700 different species, making it a haven for biodiversity in the concrete jungle.
  • In the heart of Brooklyn, New York, one of the most densely populated places on the planet, researchers have discovered a new animal species: a shimmery beetle, smaller than a grain of rice, with an exoskeleton of olive green and red.
  • A type of jewel beetle new to science was discovered in Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery.
  • And five years before Marc DiGirolomo discovered the new beetle at Green-Wood this summer, a relic population of redback salamanders was found in a hidden glen of the graveyard.
  • Since the early 2000s, tens of millions of trees from the East Coast to the Midwest have fallen to a different invasive beetle: the emerald ash borer, introduced to the U.S. from China, which has hit cemeteries like Green-Wood and Lakewood hard.

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My Top Youtube Channels to Learn Web Development and Programming

  • Sorry Guys, I didn't post an article for a month and a half because I didn't have the time because I quit my job and there are requirements that I have to do before leaving the company.
  • Sometimes learning Programming is hard, understanding the concepts and memorizing the syntax, so we need help from other people or sources that can solve our problem.
  • So these are my best Youtube Channels to Learn Web Development and Programming.
  • Shaun is one of the best guys to explain Core Concepts and Fundamentals of a certain technology.
  • He has tutorials for JavaScript, React and Redux, Vuejs, Git and Github and many more.
  • Brad teaches new Programming Languages and New technologies or frameworks and also he shares his experiences in his life and work and being a Software Developer.
  • He has tutorials for NextJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Laravel, NodeJS and many more.

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US orders Chinese diplomats to report meetings with state and local officials

  • The restrictions come amid growing concern about Chinese influence in the US and elsewhere, and were introduced in response to similar rules on how Western diplomats operate in China.
  • The officials said the goal of the new requirements is to get the Chinese government to reciprocally allow American diplomats to engage with provincial and local officials as well as universities and other research institutes the way that Chinese diplomats can in the US.
  • The new rules are the latest restriction on how Chinese entities operate in the US, amid concern over Beijing's influence in multiple spheres, and intense pressure on foreign diplomats, journalists and NGOs operating in China.
  • Earlier this year, US intelligence officials said Beijing is leaning on expatriate Chinese scientists, businesspeople and students to gain access to anything and everything at American universities and companies that's of interest to China.

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