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Articles related to "new"

Snap's stronger-than-expected Q1 shows how it's revved up a critical part of its business even though user growth is stuck in the mud

  • With revenues of $320 million beating consensus estimates of $307.4 million, Snap surpassed analyst expectations in the first quarter — briefly sending its stock soaring.
  • But when it comes to Snap's relationship with advertisers, the Q1 report card is the latest of numerous encouraging signs, according to ad sales intelligence platform MediaRadar.
  • The growth in recurring advertisers can be attributed to the company's shift to programmatic starting to stabilize, as well as investments Snap has made to improve its Ads Manager, with advanced features such as target cost bidding and new bulk uploading capabilities.
  • Snap also seems to be broadening its advertiser base, with MediaRadar estimating that 42% of its Q1 2019 advertisers are entirely new to the platform.
  • Expect that number to swell more, with Jeremi Gorman, its chief business officer, installing a whole new "Scaled Services" sales team focused on bringing more advertisers to the platform.

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Full video and transcript: Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi at Code 2018

  • I’ve gotten to know him and I’ve really got a lot of admiration for him and we’re going to have a great talk about Uber and where it’s going.
  • I know, but you’re Persian, it said it was not someone you’d think, they gave me all kinds of clues but I couldn’t figure it out but I had different parts of you and stuff like that.
  • And so when they called me again I’m like, “You know what, what the hell, let’s do this.” But I didn’t take it seriously at first, I didn’t sell myself to the company because I wasn’t interested in getting a job because I had a great job, I was interested in doing this if I was the right person for it.

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Chrome 74 arrives with less motion sickness and new JavaScript features

  • Google today launched Chrome 74 for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.
  • The release includes support for a reduced motion media query, private class fields, feature policy improvements, and more developer features.
  • Android provides an accessibility option to reduce motion whenever possible, as shown above in the “remove animations” setting.
  • Chrome 74 introduces prefers-reduced-motion (part of Media Queries Level 5) that allows websites to honor when an operating system is set to limit motion effects.
  • It includes stability and performance improvements, and renames Data Saver as Lite Mode.
  • Chrome 72 introduced ECMAScript’s public class fields, which simplify class syntax by avoiding the need for constructor functions just to define instance properties.
  • It includes JIT-less V8, WebAssembly Threads/Atomics, better performance, memory improvements, and new JavaScript language features.
  • Google releases a new version of its browser every six weeks or so.

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Realities of the Modern Datacenter

  • He leads a team of analysts responsible for identifying and analyzing people, process and technology trends affecting the deployment and management of edge infrastructure, enterprise datacenters and clouds worldwide.
  • IDC believes that these new enterprise workloads are shifting towards an infrastructure-agnostic model that extends from edge to core to cloud.
  • The continuum of applications and data that arises from this business transformation will result in a new model of distributed or “edge IT.” The edge is not a singular entity, but rather a way of recasting infrastructure boundaries beyond the datacenter, which depends on workload, industry, or business function.
  • As businesses embrace a new model of distributed IT that stretches from core to cloud and out to the edge, IT staff will need to work horizontally and collaboratively across traditionally siloed stacks.

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Walmart CEO Doug McMillon made nearly $24 million last year

  • New York (CNN Business) - Walmart CEO Doug McMillon made nearly $24 million during the last year as the company continued to hold its ground against Amazon and other rival retailers.
  • That means the ratio between McMillon's pay and the median Walmart worker was actually about 9% smaller than a year prior.
  • Walmart is the nation's largest private sector employer and it employed more than 2.2 million workers last year, including 1.5 million in the United States.
  • Last year, Walmart increased its starting hourly wage in the United States to $11 an hour and paid nearly $800 million in bonuses to hourly workers based on stores' performance.
  • Gap had the largest pay gap in retail between its CEO and median associate last year, according to data from MyLogIQ.
  • Ross Stores CEO Barbara Rentler made 1,222 more than the company's median worker.

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Rochester Drug Cooperative fined $20 million in first US criminal case against a major drug distributor over opioids

  • NEW YORK (Reuters) - The US government on Tuesday filed its first criminal charges against a major drug distributor and company executives over their alleged roles in fueling the nation's opioid epidemic by putting profits ahead of patients' safety.
  • Rochester Drug Co-operative, one of the 10 largest US drug distributors, agreed to pay a $20 million fine and enter a five-year deferred prosecution agreement to resolve charges it turned a blind eye to thousands of suspicious orders for opioids.
  • Doud, 75, of New Smyrna, Florida, pleaded not guilty at an afternoon hearing in Manhattan federal court and was released on $500,000 bail.
  • Prosecutors said RDC identified about 8,300 potentially suspicious "orders of interest," including for oxycodone, from 2012 to 2016, but reported just four to the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.

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California Homeowners: Please Convert Garages into Apartments

  • Until recently, Los Angeles prohibited most such conversions, but in 2017, California enacted a law that overrides local prohibitions and allows almost any homeowner to convert their garage into an accessory dwelling unit (ADU).
  • For example, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs could offer to pay for converting a garage into an apartment if the homeowner allows a veteran to occupy the new apartment at a low rent for five years, after which the homeowner has unrestricted use of the property.
  • Many homeowners put up fierce resistance to affordable housing projects nearby, but those same neighbors may not even notice a garage conversion that swaps cars for people and leaves the home’s exterior unchanged.
  • Vinit Mukhija is a professor and chair of the Department of Urban Planning in the Luskin School of Public Affairs at the University of California, Los Angeles.

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Even in defeat, ISIS' ideology inspires mass murder

  • And yet on Sunday, the continued influence of ISIS' ideology became gruesomely apparent: A terrorist attack, one of the most lethal since 9/11, killed at least 321 people at churches and luxury hotels in Sri Lanka.
  • On Tuesday Sri Lankan authorities accused a local Islamist group, National Tawheed Jamath, of carrying out the attacks.
  • A US official told CNN's Barbara Starr that ISIS inspired the group behind the attacks in Sri Lanka.
  • CNN has also learned that an ISIS suspect told Indian officials that he had trained a Sri Lankan militant who is associated with NTJ, the local Islamist group that Sri Lankan officials have blamed for the attacks.
  • On Sunday we saw the ISIS lethal ideology play out again in the attacks on three churches in Sri Lanka.
  • The research institution New America found that since his death, Awlaki's videos had influenced more than 80 terrorists in the United States.

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Insurtech Research Report: The trends & technologies allowing insurance startups to compete

  • This is a preview of the Insurtech Research report from Business Insider Intelligence.
  • Tech-driven disruption in the insurance industry continues at pace, and we're now entering a new phase — the adaptation of underlying business models.
  • Established insurance companies are investing heavily in insurtech technology to compete with lean startups.
  • Insurtech investments cut operating costs, giving new insurtech companies a chance to compete on pricing.
  • The Insurtech 2.0 Report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, will briefly review major changes in the insurtech segment over the past year.
  • It will then examine how startups and legacy players across the insurance value chain are using technology to develop new business models that cut costs or boost revenue, and, in some cases, both.

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Two Bit Circus unveils developer program for location-based entertainment

  • During its development, Two Bit Circus‘ founders Brent Bushnell (son of Atari cofounder Nolan Bushnell) and Eric Gradman realized that some traditional approaches to game development were slowing innovation and hindering the ability of developers to get their content out into the world, particularly in location-based entertainment.
  • By connecting developers directly with patrons of their micro-amusement park, Two Bit Circus’ Program creates access to revenue, awareness, and enthusiastic beta testers.
  • Through the Park as a Platform Program, Two Bit Circus aims to smooth the path to public exhibition and create a test lab for both large and small developers, ultimately allowing the world access to a greater variety of social gaming experiences.
  • With a community of support, Two Bit Circus aims to encourage developers, increase the potential for innovation, and ultimately allow the world access to a greater variety of engaging and social gaming experiences.

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