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Articles related to "new"

Seven deadly paradoxes of cryptocurrency

  • And if newer cryptocurrencies ever emerge to solve these problems, that’s additional downside news for the value of existing ones.
  • But users want the exact opposite: higher capacity, lower transactions costs and more liquidity, and so favour larger block sizes.
  • A private cryptocurrency must continually attract more capital inflows to mask the transactions costs (a staggering ≈1.6% of system payment volume).
  • You can raise the value of an asset you own by buying even more of it, as your purchases push the market price up.
  • The discounted cashflow model of asset pricing says value comes from (risk-adjusted, net present discounted) future income flows.
  • Keep a cryptocurrency far from regulated institutions and you reduce its value, because it drastically restricts the pool of willing transactors and transactions.

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Which of the 635000 npm modules do I choose?

  • If you've spent any time in the Node or Front End JavaScript world, you know there are hundreds of thousands of modules to choose from.
  • Before you reach for the ORM, I'd highly suggest making sure you need to use one in the first place.
  • For Web Sockets, rather than include a list of different ones I'm just recommending primus.
  • A couple years ago it was helpful to pull in some npm modules and you might have a specific use case that requires one, but now there's enough native support that it makes sense to leave out the extra dependencies if you're not doing anything too crazy with debugging.
  • Use this guide to help you when you're wasting time deciding what to pick or don't even know where to start.
  • I'm writing a lot of new content to help make Node and JavaScript easier to understand.

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Graham says he 'totally' will investigate the FBI's handling of Russia and Clinton probes

  • Graham has been a longtime critic of the FBI's handling of those investigations -- and has called for a second special counsel to investigate what happened.
  • Graham's comments are the latest sign that the Senate GOP will be a counterbalance of sorts to House Democrats, who plan to end the House Republican probe into the FBI and launch a flurry of new investigations in their new majority next year.
  • Graham also said Tuesday that he would support Senate passage of a bill to protect special counsels like Robert Mueller from political pressure, even though he said, "I don't see any threat to Mueller." Democrats have demanded quick passage of that bill after President Donald Trump fired Jeff Sessions as attorney general last week and named Mueller critic Matt Whitaker to the post as acting AG.
  • But Graham, who spoke with Whitaker last week, said he's convinced that the new acting attorney general won't interfere with the Mueller probe.

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Here’s how you can trace an ’80s hip-hop beat back to 1910

  • What makes ’80s music sound like ’80s music?
  • There’s one particular sound that stands out.
  •’s senior video producer Estelle Caswell showed Recode’s Code Conference audience how a single chord, first created by Igor Stravinsky in the early 1900s, became a ubiquitous marker of ‘80s hip-hop music.
  • Caswell can be found explaining all sorts or sound conundrums on Vox’s YouTube series Earworm.
  • She also directed an episode of Vox’s new Netflix show “Explained” about K-Pop. You can watch Caswell’s original video about this singular sound below.
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Waymo CEO Says Alphabet Unit Plans to Launch Driverless Car Service

  • -- The head of Alphabet Inc.'s Waymo unit said it plans to launch its first commercial self-driving car service in the next two months and expects businesses to be among its biggest customers.
  • Speaking at The Wall Street Journal's WSJ Tech D.Live conference on Tuesday, Waymo's John Krafcik said the new service will charge individual passengers for rides as well as businesses, such as Walmart Inc., who want to pay to shuttle their customers to stores.
  • Waymo has said it plans to launch a self-driving ride service in 2018 and earlier this year announced deals to buy thousands of vehicles in coming years from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV and Tata Motors Inc.'s Jaguar Land Rover to expand its fleet.
  • Last year, Waymo began testing its self-driving vans with nonemployees in Chandler, Ariz., through its so-called Early Rider program to learn how potential customers might use and interact with the service.

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HQ2 deals give Amazon helipads and tax breaks

  • Virginia's memorandum with Amazon pledges a maximum of $295 million of state investment to pay for transportation projects in the area, including a pedestrian bridge to connect the neighborhoods to nearby Reagan National Airport, which is separated from Amazon's new home by a highway.
  • The incentives offered for Amazon's Long Island City campus total $1.5 billion if the company hires 25,000 people, and up to $1.7 billion if it hires 40,000 people, which mostly reflects a $48,000-per-job tax credit for every position as long as the average salary is at least $150,000.
  • Amazon said it would separately apply for another tax incentive offered to all companies that add jobs in New York's outer boroughs, which is worth $3,000 per employee over 10 years, as well as a property tax abatement for commercial construction.

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2 photos show the stark difference in the new representatives Democrats and Republicans are sending to Congress

  • They also include four openly LGBTQ+ members: Katie Hill of California; Sharice Davids of Kansas; Angie Craig of Minnesota; and Chris Pappas of New Hampshire.
  • While a record number of women— 114 to be exact — have been elected to serve in the 116th Congress so far, most of the gains in female representation have been in the Democratic Party, which gained a net 32 seats in the House and unseated several Republican women in the process.
  • A record number of women of color, 40 of them, who are mostly Democrats, will also serve in the upcoming term.
  • This year, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan made history as the first Muslim women elected to Congress, while Sharice Davids of Kansas and Deb Haaland of New Mexico will be the first Native-American women.

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Google has responded to its employees’ demands about sexual misconduct. Here are the changes it will and won’t make.

  • Last week, 20,000 Google employees around the world walked out of work to protest the company’s handling of sexual misconduct claims, in one of the largest instances of tech worker collective action in history.
  • Those workers didn’t receive the email this morning about the policies and were not invited to the town hall meeting to discuss them, according to a statement from the advocacy group Tech Workers Coalition, which includes employees at Google.
  • In their demands, employees asked the company for the number of harassment claims at Google over time.
  • One key ask from the walkout organizers was for management to allow employees to be accompanied by a companion in meetings related to HR investigations involving harassment or discrimination.
  • The company will also offer new support services for employees who make sexual harassment claims, including providing them with counseling.

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Skincare startup Heyday raises $8M

  • Heyday, a startup aiming to make facials more affordable and personalized, announced today that it has raised $8 million in Series A funding.
  • The company currently operates six brick-and-mortar locations — it started in New York City but recently opened its first Los Angeles store.
  • At the same time, Ross said the website was recently redesigned to offer a more “frictionless” booking experience, and the company also says it can use its “Facial Record” of customers to personalize the treatment and products.
  • Moving forward, the goal is to both open new physical locations (particularly in LA), but also to continue investing in the technology.
  • The new funding was led by Fifth Wall Ventures, with participation from Lerer Hippeau, Brainchild Funding, M3 Ventures and CircleUp. Fifth Wall partner Kevin Campos is joining Heyday’s board of directors.

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Cybersecurity Tools for Data Center Networks are Getting Smarter With Machine Learning

  • Cybersecurity tools used in data centers are getting smarter as vendors roll out more machine learning capabilities.
  • With the new tools, security teams can analyze millions of threats in real time, he said, and rank them based on hundreds of factors to understand their true risk level.
  • Data centers also have an increasing amount of automation available in the cybersecurity tools that they use, also frequently powered by AI and machine learning.
  • According to a survey conducted last fall by the Enterprise Security Group, automation of security analytics and operations is a priority for two thirds of organizations, and 39 percent have already deployed machine learning technologies to help address their cybersecurity needs.
  • Various AI-related technologies, including natural language processing, automated agents, and machine learning, are starting to come together to make security tools easier to use.

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