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Articles related to "new"

The Deliberate Awfulness of Social Media

  • One way of framing the problem would be to say that he thinks like an engineer, in that his argument is an explanation of how a particular system, social media, operates, and how it might be improved by tinkering with certain aspects of it.
  • Bridle doesn’t want to convince you to delete your social-media accounts, although you might be more likely to do so as a result of having read his book than Lanier’s.
  • (The silver lining to this toxic cloud is that pretty soon we’ll be able to blame all our idiocies on climate change.) Bridle’s apocalyptic vision can itself be mind-numbing, in its way: it is a relentlessly gloomy book, and to read it is to risk suffocating any remaining hope you might have for the future, any sense that catastrophe might yet be averted or mitigated.

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Setting up Windows Subsytem for Linux

  • I set up Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) using a conglomerate of different blogs and resources, with varying levels of being out of date.
  • Your terminal is actually accessing an Ubuntu Virtual Machine which is running inside of your Windows OS.
  • To allow you to access the functionality of a Linux machine, Windows stores the Ubuntu OS and file system inside of its own file system.
  • What you SHOULD do is save everything you are working on in your normal Windows file space, and access that via your Ubuntu terminal.
  • The reason I set up WSL as opposed to downloading native Windows versions is because of the article in this Microsoft doc, which said that there are sometimes Windows-specific issues with gems and dependencies when using ruby or nodejs.

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Woolworths pulls needles from shelves amid strawberry crisis

  • Needles were first reported in strawberries in the state of Queensland last week, but they've since been found in all six Australian states, in at least six brands.
  • By comparison, knowingly possessing child pornography and indecent assault both carry a maximum prison sentence of 10 years in the state of Victoria, Australia's most densely populated state.
  • Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin said called on social media users who had posted staged images of contaminated fruit on their accounts to delete them.
  • Concern that local farmers will suffer as a result of the needle scare as consumers turn away from the popular fruit has prompted a viral, grassroots social media campaign urging Australians to #SmashAStrawb to support local growers.
  • Some buyers in Russia and the UK have also blocked Australian imports, said Jennifer Rowlings from Queensland Strawberry, according to local media.

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Flutter Release Preview 2: Pixel-Perfect on iOS

  • Flutter is Google's new mobile app toolkit for crafting beautiful native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time.
  • So in this release we've greatly expanded our support for the "Cupertino" themed controls in Flutter, with an extensive library of widgets and classes that make it easier than ever to build with iOS in mind.
  • Growing Momentum As many new developers continue to discover Flutter, we're humbled to note that Flutter is now one of the top 50 active software repositories on GitHub: We declared Flutter "production ready" at Google I/O this year; with Flutter getting ever closer to the stable 1.0 release, many new Flutter applications are being released, with thousands of Flutter-based apps already appearing in the Apple and Google Play stores.
  • Here's a video on how Alibaba used Flutter to build their Xianyu app (Android, iOS), currently used by over 50 million customers in China: We take customer satisfaction seriously and regularly survey our users.

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New Mexico observatory closure stemmed from FBI child porn probe

  • Sept 19 (Reuters) - The mysterious 11-day closure of a New Mexico solar observatory stemmed from an FBI investigation of a janitor suspected of using the facility’s wireless internet service to send and receive child pornography, federal court documents showed on Wednesday.
  • The National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico, was evacuated without public explanation on Sept.
  • 6, leading to a swirl of speculation and conspiracy theories on social media.
  • The riddle was finally explained in newly unsealed FBI records, including a 39-page application for a warrant to search the suspect’s residence.
  • All quotes delayed a minimum of 15 minutes.
  • See here for a complete list of exchanges and delays.

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Ambition (YC W14) Is Hiring a Product Designer

  • Who We're Looking For We need somebody comfortable being "Designer #1" within a small, lean startup.
  • Listen to what people want, deliver what they need The difference between good and great is in the details Strive to do a lot with a little Have strong opinions that are weakly held Be honest, even when it hurts When in doubt, over-communicate Bias towards action, opt for collaboration Requirements We’re currently limiting our search to candidates with 5+ years experience.
  • We need somebody comfortable being "Designer #1" within a small, lean startup.
  • You will work alongside the (technical) CEO who currently serves as Product Manager and be responsible for ensuring we deliver a world-class experience to our users.

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7 Ways Continuous Delivery Helps Build a Culture of Learning

  • At the heart of continuous delivery is a fast feedback loop that immediately shows developers the effects of their work.
  • The foundation is continuous integration: whenever developers commit new changes into version control, fast automated tests run in a production-like environment to ensure that both the code and the system as a whole are safe to deploy to users.
  • Most of the time, the fast feedback loop gives developers the go-ahead to continue working on their task, or to move on to the next task.
  • If we can verify and deploy our changes within minutes, we preserve the state of flow and can continue to work very effectively.
  • Because continuous delivery enables frequent system updates, the changes we make are small and the feedback loop is set to give us small pieces of information.

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Google Cloud Platform reveals updated tools to make application development faster and more secure

  • Google announced today a series of new features for its cloud services, designed to enhance the experience for developers as the company continues to battle for an edge in an increasingly competitive space.
  • Those new Google Cloud Platform tools start with code search via the company’s redesigned Cloud Source Repositories.
  • The search feature was built for internal use, but employees say they found it so effective that they wanted to make it available to all developers on the cloud platform.
  • The new interface, including semantic search, is available now as a beta.
  • The service automatically scans and detects possible security issues in images from the moment they are pushed out to the registry and before they are deployed.
  • Finally, Google said its Cloud Memorystore for the open source database Redis is now generally available.

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We Now Know More About the Apparent Poisoning of the Pussy Riot Member Pyotr Verzilov

  • Before his apparent poisoning, the Pussy Riot member Pyotr Verzilov was working with three Russian journalists who were killed in the Central African Republic.
  • New details have emerged in the apparent poisoning of Russian activist Pyotr Verzilov, a member of the protest-art group Pussy Riot, and they may shed light on the deaths of three Russian journalists who were shot in the Central African Republic in July.
  • Verzilov had apparently been working with the journalists before they travelled to Africa, and before he fell ill he’d been investigating their deaths, which the Russian government said had occurred as a result of a robbery.
  • Also on Tuesday, one of Russia’s many quasi-anonymous, semi-underground online publications on the publishing and messaging platform Telegram—the contemporary version of samizdat—reported that Verzilov had been working on an investigative story about the deaths of the three Russian journalists, Alexander Rastorguev, Orkhan Dzhemal, and Kirill Radchenko.

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Bitcoin Miners Flock to New York’s Remote Corners, but Get Chilly Reception

  • Mr. Leary is the chief technology officer of Coinmint, which has led an influx of entrepreneurs to this economically depressed region, all seeking to capitalize on the soaring value of digital currencies, like Bitcoin.
  • Before the speculators arrived in Massena, they discovered Plattsburgh, a small city about 80 miles to the east that was also awash in cheap hydropower from the St. Lawrence.
  • In the meantime, Mr. Read said, city officials are adapting building codes to account for the fire hazards posed by the servers, each of which can generate as much heat as a small space heater.
  • But the authority grew skeptical of the company’s promises for job creation and local investment, scuttling that agreement and leaving Coinmint to obtain its power on the wholesale market, Mr. Leary said.

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