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Articles related to "news"

Angelina Jolie has a new job

  • The magazine's editor in chief and CEO, Edward Felsenthal, announced the Academy Award winner's new position on Wednesday.
  • Jolie's pieces will appear each month and focus on topics including displacement and human rights, the magazine said in a statement.
  • Time cited Jolie's experience working with the UN Refugee Agency for 18 years, the last seven of which she has been the Special Envoy to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
  • Jolie has carried out more than 60 field missions to countries including Colombia, Peru and Bangladesh, the magazine said in its statement.
  • Jolie's first piece as a contributing editor, titled "What we owe refugees," published on Wednesday, World Refugee Day. The article will be included in the July 1 issue of the magazine.
  • The actress previously contributed an essay to the publication.

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Bitcoin Price Storms 151% YTD as Facebook’s Libra Boosts 2019 Rally

  • By CCN Markets: Bitcoin is up more than 151 percent against the U.S. dollar year-to-date at $9,300, surpassing most assets and stock indices in the likes of Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500 with ease in six-month performance.
  • Some analysts have suggested that the release of Libra, planned for 2020, may lead to the decline in demand for existing crypto assets such as bitcoin and ether, the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum.
  • A crypto trader and real estate developer known as Satoshi Flipper noted that Libra, which will operate as a stablecoin backed by the Libra Reserve according to its whitepaper, will not replace bitcoin nor compete against it in the same market.
  • Rather, it would operate in a centralized ecosystem with regulations and oversight, bringing more awareness to bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market.

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Dishcraft Robotics Takes over Dishwashing from Humans

  • Today, a startup called Dishcraft Robotics is announcing a new robotic dish cleaning system, designed to minimize the time and effort that humans spend scrubbing dishes.
  • First, dishes are pre-sorted and pre-stacked into those carts, solving two big potential problems for a robot thanks to humans for whom the tasks add only a very minor amount of effort.
  • Once the carts are wheeled into the Dishcraft system, you’ll notice that there’s a robot arm that picks up each dish one at a time and moves it over to where it gets cleaned.
  • It turns out that many places don’t actually care what dishware they use, so if Dishcraft can provide them with new dishware that’s much easier to clean, then great.
  • If it fails, it just rotates back around to get cleaned again, but if it passes, it’s placed into a kitchen-standard dish rack and slides out of the system.

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David Ortiz's friend was target of the shooting, prosecutor says. He was sitting next to him

  • The suspected gunman was only sent a blurry photo of the friend identified as Sixto David Fernandez, who was wearing clothes similar to Ortiz that night, prosecutors and police said.
  • The other suspects were identified as Luis Alfredo Rivas Clase and Alberto Miguel Rodriguez Mota, the man who police said took a photo of Fernandez at the bar that was eventually shown to the gunman.
  • On Monday, CNN obtained Dominican court documents that identified Rodriguez Mota as the person accused of paying for the attempted hit.
  • One week before Ortiz was shot, Rodriguez Mota met with another suspect, Gabriel Alexander Perez Vizcaíno, to discuss a plan, according to the indictment.
  • Perez Vizcaíno was the go-between for Rodriguez Mota and another suspect accused of helping orchestrate the hit from a Dominican prison, identified by investigators as Jose Eduardo Ciprián.

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Report: Man threatens to 'kill every gay person I can' at St. Louis PrideFest

  • Edward Terry of Overland, Missouri, was charged on Tuesday with making a terrorist threat after he sent an email to one of PrideSTL's parade planners saying he would "come to pride fest with my guns to kill every gay person I can before I kill myself," according to the paper.
  • The manager of PrideSTL contacted the FBI, and authorities tracked the email back to Terry through his cellphone, according to the Post-Dispatch.
  • Terry told police he created the account using the name of a woman he once lived with, the paper reported.
  • CNN has reached out to police and the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney to independently confirm.
  • St. Louis' PrideFest is scheduled for June 29 and 30.
  • Terry's bail has been set at $20,000 and is cash only, the paper reported.

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Florida city to pay $600K ransom to hacker who seized computer systems weeks ago

  • Riviera Beach officials voted this week to pay 65 Bitcoins to the hacker who seized the city's computer systems, forcing the local police and fire departments to write down the hundreds of daily 911 calls on paper, CNN affiliate WPEC reported.
  • Targeted ransomware attacks on local US government entities -- cities, police stations and schools -- are on the rise, costing millions as some pay off the perpetrators in an effort to untangle themselves and restore vital systems.
  • Cybersecurity firm Recorded Future found that at least 170 county, city or state government systems have been attacked since 2013, including at least 45 police and sheriff's offices.
  • In March, the New York state capital of Albany quietly admitted it had been hit with ransomware on a Saturday -- a popular day for hackers because of minimal or no IT staff.

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‘A Clear Threat’: Big Four Australian Bank Fears Facebook’s Crypto Libra

  • By CCN Markets: Facebook’s foray into cryptocurrencies with Libra has met with a ton of mixed reactions.
  • Governments across the globe are calling for strict scrutiny and regulation of Libra, but there’s one category of people who are really afraid of what Facebook’s cryptocurrency can do.
  • The inclusion of payment processors and other tech upstarts – crypto exchanges included – clearly indicates that the company is looking to bypass the banking network in a bid to knock down the barriers and get straight to the consumer.
  • For instance, you wouldn’t need a bank account to fund your Uber ride, as you can simply use Libra to do the same using a payment processor such as Visa or PayU.
  • This effectively tells us that Facebook Libra is on track to replace bitcoin as the global banking industry’s biggest threat.

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2 people have died hunting for treasure in the Rocky Mountains. A sheriff warns searchers to respect the land

  • Forrest Fenn is a New Mexico man who left behind a treasure chest filled with gold, rubies, emeralds and diamonds in the Rocky Mountains in 2010.
  • He said he wanted to inspire people to explore nature and give hope to people affected by the Great Recession.
  • Fenn said a poem he wrote contains nine clues for locating the chest.
  • But Gallatin County Sheriff Brian Gootkin said Tuesday that some hunters in their eagerness to find the booty may be giving their loved ones only a vague sense of their location, protecting their competitive edge but also making it difficult for them to be rescued.
  • He said bears, snakes, rivers and a lack of cellphone service are some of the dangers visitors to the area face.

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Iran claims to have shot down US spy drone

  • In the hours before the attack on the two tankers earlier this month, the Iranians spotted a US drone flying overhead and launched a surface-to-air missile at the unmanned aircraft, a US official told CNN.
  • Relations between Iran and the United States have deteriorated since May 2018, when Washington chose to leave the 2015 nuclear deal the Iranian regime negotiated with world powers and reimpose crippling sanctions on Iran's economy.
  • Trump and many conservatives in the US had long criticized the deal, which allowed Iran to stockpile limited amounts of enriched uranium and heavy water produced in that process, exporting any excess.
  • Doing so has become extremely difficult after the US revoked waivers that allowed Iran to export those excess stockpiles, effectively forcing Iran to halt enrichment or ignore the limits, which it is now doing.

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Huawei is still the place Chinese students want to work

  • New Delhi (CNN Business) - The long-running US campaign against Huawei may be starting to hurt its business but it hasn't damaged the tech company's reputation among Chinese students looking for work.
  • Shenzhen-based Huawei has just been ranked the country's most attractive employer, beating out rivals such as Alibaba and Tencent, according to a new survey of more than 50,000 Chinese students by research firm Universum.
  • Huawei was voted the top choice among engineering students for the second year running, and knocked Alibaba off the top spot among business students, Universum said.
  • The company's rapid growth in recent years and its increasing global reach have played a big part in sustaining its attractiveness as an employer thus far, said Wu. Other factors in Huawei's favor include its positioning as a futuristic tech company rather than just a telecom or smartphone firm, as well as its record of hiring thousands of Chinese graduates, Wu added.

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