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Articles related to "news"

Seven deadly paradoxes of cryptocurrency

  • And if newer cryptocurrencies ever emerge to solve these problems, that’s additional downside news for the value of existing ones.
  • But users want the exact opposite: higher capacity, lower transactions costs and more liquidity, and so favour larger block sizes.
  • A private cryptocurrency must continually attract more capital inflows to mask the transactions costs (a staggering ≈1.6% of system payment volume).
  • You can raise the value of an asset you own by buying even more of it, as your purchases push the market price up.
  • The discounted cashflow model of asset pricing says value comes from (risk-adjusted, net present discounted) future income flows.
  • Keep a cryptocurrency far from regulated institutions and you reduce its value, because it drastically restricts the pool of willing transactors and transactions.

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How to (legally) crash an Indian wedding

  • A global initiative co-founded by entrepreneur Orsi Parkanyi in 2016, it connects Indian couples tying the knot with travelers keen for the ultimate cultural experience.
  • Parkanyi began marketing the concept on social media, attracting the attention of Namrata Nataraj and her partner, who were planning their Banglore-based wedding.
  • The couple spotted an ad on Facebook for JoinMyWedding, immediately signed up and when their nuptials rolled around, they had six additional faces in attendance -- from Australia, Ireland and New Zealand.
  • Prior to attending, Parkanyi stepped in to introduce Stevens and Gower to the couple over the instant message app WhatsApp. On top of that, it was incredibly social.
  • Parkanyi says the best part about JoinMyWedding for both the hosts and the guests is the opportunity for cross-cultural connection.
  • Plus, the project is already expanding outside of India -- JoinMyWedding is currently orchestrating guests attending an Indian wedding in Florida.

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Graham says he 'totally' will investigate the FBI's handling of Russia and Clinton probes

  • Graham has been a longtime critic of the FBI's handling of those investigations -- and has called for a second special counsel to investigate what happened.
  • Graham's comments are the latest sign that the Senate GOP will be a counterbalance of sorts to House Democrats, who plan to end the House Republican probe into the FBI and launch a flurry of new investigations in their new majority next year.
  • Graham also said Tuesday that he would support Senate passage of a bill to protect special counsels like Robert Mueller from political pressure, even though he said, "I don't see any threat to Mueller." Democrats have demanded quick passage of that bill after President Donald Trump fired Jeff Sessions as attorney general last week and named Mueller critic Matt Whitaker to the post as acting AG.
  • But Graham, who spoke with Whitaker last week, said he's convinced that the new acting attorney general won't interfere with the Mueller probe.

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How Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith's 'This Is Us' collaboration happened

  • Moore said the idea came about months ago.
  • Speaking of babies, Moore said she and Goldsmith hope to be parents someday.
  • Moore's love of children led her to join forces with UNICEF and Garnier's Whole Blends to raise funds for children living in emergency situations.
  • Beyond her philanthropic and acting work, Moore has been doing some wedding planning.
  • When pressed on a date, Moore would only say she and Goldsmith will walk down the aisle within a year.

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Here’s how you can trace an ’80s hip-hop beat back to 1910

  • What makes ’80s music sound like ’80s music?
  • There’s one particular sound that stands out.
  •’s senior video producer Estelle Caswell showed Recode’s Code Conference audience how a single chord, first created by Igor Stravinsky in the early 1900s, became a ubiquitous marker of ‘80s hip-hop music.
  • Caswell can be found explaining all sorts or sound conundrums on Vox’s YouTube series Earworm.
  • She also directed an episode of Vox’s new Netflix show “Explained” about K-Pop. You can watch Caswell’s original video about this singular sound below.
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HQ2 deals give Amazon helipads and tax breaks

  • Virginia's memorandum with Amazon pledges a maximum of $295 million of state investment to pay for transportation projects in the area, including a pedestrian bridge to connect the neighborhoods to nearby Reagan National Airport, which is separated from Amazon's new home by a highway.
  • The incentives offered for Amazon's Long Island City campus total $1.5 billion if the company hires 25,000 people, and up to $1.7 billion if it hires 40,000 people, which mostly reflects a $48,000-per-job tax credit for every position as long as the average salary is at least $150,000.
  • Amazon said it would separately apply for another tax incentive offered to all companies that add jobs in New York's outer boroughs, which is worth $3,000 per employee over 10 years, as well as a property tax abatement for commercial construction.

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Who is Mira Ricardel and why did Melania Trump want her fired?

  • In those few months on the job, Ricardel generated a long list of enemies and developed a reputation for shouting at subordinates, plotting against White House officials she disliked and leaking stories about her administration opponents to the press.
  • The former State Department and Pentagon official made enemies of heavyweights within the Trump administration, feuding with chief of staff John Kelly, his deputy Zach Fuentes, and locked horns with Defense Secretary James Mattis, according to people familiar with the White House intrigue.
  • But Ricardel seems to have crossed a line in taking on Melania Trump's office over the first lady's trip to Africa in October, making what some viewed as challenging requests and being obstinate, the White House official told CNN.

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Opinion: Melania Trump's dangerous move

  • Second, Melania Trump has every right to relate her disdain for bad behavior to her husband or Bolton and to ask for a staffer's resignation over not sufficiently respecting the first lady's duties.
  • But what is not acceptable, and indeed dangerous, is the extent to which Melania Trump used her status as a family member — unelected, unappointed and unqualified — to dictate national security personnel decisions, in public, as if there are no global consequences to such action.
  • Melania Trump's actions are consistent with the mercurial management preferences of the Trump family; indeed, the President is keen on calling the defense apparatus that exists to protect America "my generals." The family has turned national security -- once, not so long ago, immune from the political backstabbing and favor-grabbing that animate the political side of the White House -- into its own TV-style drama.

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Opinion: Justice Roberts, pay attention to what Brian Kemp did

  • The court ruled that the provisions of the VRA, requiring states with histories of voting rights violations to submit themselves to federal preapproval of any changes in voting procedures or electoral rules, were deemed unconstitutional because of changes in the underlying facts.
  • Never mind that, in the decade preceding the court's Shelby County decision, Georgia had continued adopting voting changes that the US Department of Justice found discriminatory roughly once every three months.
  • After the Civil War, Congress enacted several constitutional amendments that outlawed slavery (the 13th), established due process and equal protection under the laws for all Americans (the 14th) and prohibited racial discrimination against the right to vote (the 15th).
  • The more important issue in the Shelby County decision, then, is the contention by Roberts and the court's majority that the facts had changed and so, too, had the VRA's constitutionality.

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McSally emerges as potential replacement for Kyl in Senate

  • A day after the Arizona Republican conceded her Senate campaign to Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, the state's other senator, Jon Kyl, told CNN on Tuesday he has decided whether to leave office before his term ends at the end of next year.
  • But in the wake of Sinema's victory in the race for Arizona's other Senate seat, some Republicans in the state buzzed about the possibility of McSally replacing Kyl. There are, several Arizona Republicans pointed out, significant downsides to appointing McSally, too: She's the only Republican to lose a Senate race in Arizona in 30 years.
  • Others on the list include Karrin Taylor Robson, an Arizona Board of Regents member and real estate developer, who is well-liked by the GOP donor community; Kirk Adams, a former Arizona House speaker who is Ducey's chief of staff but widely expected to leave his office soon; and Eileen Klein, a chief of staff for former Gov. Jan Brewer who Ducey appointed state treasurer in April.

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