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Articles related to "nitrogen"

Explosions may have created weird lakes on Saturn's largest moon

  • Now, using data from the late, great Cassini spacecraft, a team of scientists has suggested that some of Titan’s liquid-filled basins are even more bizarre than imagined: Based on their size, shape, and freakish features, these lakes may have been formed by underground explosions.
  • As the researchers report this week in Nature Geoscience, some of the moon’s small lakes have unusually high rims, which make them appear similar to volcanic craters on Earth that were created through underground blasts.
  • In Titan’s case, the violent excavation of these craters may have been triggered by the explosive release of nitrogen gas trapped beneath the moon’s icy surface.
  • The new study painstakingly compared Titan’s lake basins with terrestrial maars, and the researchers conclude that Titanic lakes with raised rims and jagged, rampart-like borders really do look like maars that have since filled up with liquid methane.

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