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Articles related to "nuclear"

Human activities responsible for more methane emissions than thought

  • It’s called the “bomb curve”—a drastic spike in the amount of radioactive (but harmless) carbon-14 in the atmosphere, ushered in by the nuclear age.
  • Different sources of methane emissions, ranging from plant decay in wetlands to bubbling seeps around mud volcanoes, come with different signatures of carbon isotopes.
  • Geological sources of methane are quite old, giving any carbon-14 plenty of time to radioactively decay and disappear.
  • And that has made it harder for researchers to figure out how certain natural sources of methane compare to human-caused emissions.
  • The category estimates in the methane emissions ledger have large enough error bars on them that bumping some up and others down could accommodate this revision.
  • The ice core researchers point to an example of a 60 percent higher estimate from top-down flight data that, if extended to all oil and gas production around the world, would be enough to match this revision.

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