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Articles related to "officials"

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer met with Biden to discuss VP job, sources say

  • Two Democrats familiar with the search told CNN on Thursday that Whitmer remains in serious contention.
  • Another Democrat familiar with the vetting process tells CNN the Biden has also met with additional prospective running mates.
  • No individuals are named on flight records and one of the Democrats familiar with the search declined to say where the meeting took place.
  • The consideration of Whitmer suggests Biden has yet to decide whether to choose a woman of color, which many supporters and Black leaders have urged him to do, in the wake of summer protests over police brutality and systemic racism.
  • CNN reported Friday that Biden is also seriously considering California Sen. Kamala Harris and former President Barack Obama's national security adviser Susan Rice.
  • He also is believed to be considering California Rep. Karen Bass, chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus, Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Sen. Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, people familiar with the search say.

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VoteByMail makes it easier to request a mail-in ballot ahead of the election

  • is a new service created by volunteers with work experience at several prominent companies, including Google, Intel, Dropbox, and Nike, that aims to help registered voters sign up for a mail-in ballot.
  • The site asks for your information, including your full address and name, and uses that information to locate your local election official and create a letter requesting a vote-by-mail ballot.
  • VoteByMail told The Verge that its website fully supports 16 states that allow you to email or fax a vote-by-mail request to your local official.
  • VoteByMail streamlines the process by finding your local election official, assembling some basic information needed to request a ballot, and sending the whole thing off for you.
  • VoteByMail told The Verge this information is collected so that it can measure the effectiveness of its outreach, obtain user feedback, and hold election officials accountable if they fail to lawfully process vote-by-mail signups.

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Trump continues his norm-breaking by campaigning from the White House

  • Officials are preparing for the possibility that Trump will deliver political remarks from the White House residence, in a scaled-back version of the pomp and circumstance the President once envisioned.
  • Since taking office in 2017, Trump has increasingly blurred the line between political and official events and has unabashedly made campaigning a feature of his presidency.
  • Now, the once-blurred line between campaigning and governing seems to have all but disappeared, with official White House events replacing the rallies that Trump craves.
  • And when the campaign canceled the New Hampshire rally due to rally, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany informed the press of the decision aboard Air Force One. When it comes to the convention speech, Trump's critics have sounded alarms on the legality and protocol the President might be defying if settles on the White House backdrop.

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Sections of Manhattan wake up to power outage

  • Most of the affected areas were from the Upper West Side north to Harlem.
  • Subway service was affected, officials tweeted.
  • More than 1.2 million customers already were without power in the Northeast due to the storm Isaias, according to PowerOutage.US.
  • Most were in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.

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Birx warns 9 cities, California's central valley about increasing coronavirus cases

  • Task force coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx said there are encouraging signs across the South, a region hit hard by a surging pandemic in recent weeks, but she outlined new areas of concern in a private phone call with state and local officials Wednesday, according to a recording of the call obtained by the journalism non-profit Center for Public Integrity.
  • Despite Birx's quick reference to 10% positive test rates, it's not entirely clear which states the task force has designated as "red," "yellow" or "green," how often that label may change or what the criteria may be for the designation because the panel hasn't released the information on the classification system.
  • By alerting officials to upticks in positivity rates in the nine cities and California's Central Valley, Birx essentially was warning those areas to act now to prevent an undesirable surge in cases, another member of the White House task force told CNN on Thursday.

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Saudi Crown Prince is accused of sending assassins to Canada to kill an ex-Saudi official

  • Washington (CNN) - A former top Saudi intelligence official who fell out with the Saudi Crown Prince is alleging that an assassination squad traveled from Saudi Arabia to Canada to try to kill him just days after journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered by members of the same group, according to a new legal complaint filed Thursday by the alleged target, Dr. Saad Aljabri, in DC District Court.
  • Aljabri accuses the Kingdom's powerful crown prince and defacto ruler, Mohammed bin Salman, known as MBS, of dispatching the hit team to murder him just over a year after Aljabri fled from Saudi Arabia and he refused repeated efforts by the Crown Prince to lure him back home or somewhere more accessible to the Saudis.
  • The assassins who killed Khashoggi were part of the Crown Prince's so-called "Tiger Squad," Aljabri says in his complaint, asserting that other members of the same team came after him.

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Homeland Security officers remaining in Portland, acting secretary says

  • Testifying Thursday before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Wolf sought to draw a distinction between the peaceful protests in Portland and the violence directed at the federal courthouse and police officers.
  • DHS and Department of Justice officers were "abandoned" due to the dangerous policies by local officials, Wolf said.
  • Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chairman Ron Johnson, a Wisconsin Republican, began the hearing cataloging violence across the US in recent weeks, tying it to anti-police rhetoric and protests that spread across the country.
  • Former secretary of Homeland Security under President George Bush, Michael Chertoff, recently said the department's actions are putting "public trust at risk" and that its response in Portland shows no respect for or coordination with local authorities, Peters said, questioning Wolf.

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Beirut Explosion Kills at Least 100, Injures Thousands

  • BEIRUT—At least 100 people have died and thousands more were injured in the massive explosion in Lebanon’s capital, the Red Cross said Wednesday, as the army cordoned off areas worst affected by a blast that caused widespread damage and blanketed Beirut in dust and debris.
  • Beirut was hit by a powerful explosion at a warehouse in the city’s port Tuesday evening, which appeared to have been triggered by a fire.
  • The warehouse held highly explosive material that Lebanese officials identified as ammonium nitrate.

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One dead, four others injured in Los Angeles mansion party shooting

  • Los Angeles (CNN) - A mansion party on Los Angeles' famed Mulholland Drive on Monday turned deadly when someone opened fire, killing a 35-year-old woman and injuring several others, police said Tuesday.
  • The video, broadcast by CNN affiliate KCAL, appears to show many attendees not wearing masks or social distancing, despite a Los Angeles County order banning large gatherings in private homes due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Neighbors complained about noise and parked cars obstructing the roadway outside the rental home, according to Los Angeles Police Department officials.
  • Police said another woman took herself to the hospital and is stable, while another man was transported from the surrounding area and checked in and out of the hospital, according to Ramirez.
  • Police said they were aware of the news footage showing what appeared to be a violation of Los Angeles County's ban on large gatherings, but said that there wasn't much they could do.

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Kushner, Sessions interviews among 428 pages of Mueller notes released

  • This is the ninth time CNN has gotten documents like these from the Justice Department regarding the Mueller investigation, as part of a 2019 lawsuit in conjunction with BuzzFeed.
  • The memos so far have revealed, for instance, how top Trump campaign officials witnessed the President and other Trump campaign officials pushing for the release of stolen Democratic emails and supported a conspiracy theory that Ukraine hacked the Democrats in 2016.
  • In the Kushner interview memo released Monday, for instance, a prosecutor on Mueller's team warned the President's son-in-law that responding that he didn't recall could be a lie and against the law, if he did in fact recall the answer to a question.
  • The Justice Department has kept many of the memos heavily redacted as they continue to release them this year.

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