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Articles related to "online"

The grocery stores of the future will be smaller, healthier, and less focused on discounts, analysts say

  • But a recent note on global food retailers and wholesalers from UBS gives a clearer picture of grocers' strategic priorities and how they are set to change going forward.
  • UBS found that retailers are increasingly exploring how to attract "the empowered consumer," by establishing a "pull model" of business that wins over customers.
  • In other words, they're matching the store experience to consumer preferences to ensure that customers have reasons to shop at a grocer.
  • The industry is also pivoting away from increasing store sizes and shopping spaces and fully committing to online options, including delivery.
  • UBS analysts said that shoppers will likely see smaller stores, "ready-to-cook" offers, more delivery options, and speedier online service from grocers.
  • In terms of seeking out "alternative grocery profit streams," UBS' analysis found that grocers would "aggressively" pursue options like moving into B2B wholesale.

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49% of workers, forced to change passwords, reuse same one with minor change

  • For instance, not only did 72% of users admit that they reused the same passwords in their personal life, but also 49% admitted that when forced to update their passwords in the workplace they reused the same one with a minor change.
  • According to the survey, forgetting passwords is a big problem – with 78% of respondents saying that they had had to reset a password in their personal life within the last 90 days (57% said the same for the workplace).
  • HYPR said that this was due to users’ forgetting their passwords, so I presume they are not including figures for users who have had password resets forced upon them due to a security incident.
  • And I don’t believe it’s a good idea to force users to change their passwords unless there’s a cause for concern.

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Kate Spade's business partner reveals how she's honoring the late designer's 'timeless' and 'joyful' style — and growing Frances Valentine's sales fivefold in the process

  • Beyond expanding Frances Valentine's brick-and-mortar footprint, Arons said the company has gone through a critical growth period that has led to doubling its customer base by expanding into new product categories and better connecting with shoppers online.
  • Like several other formerly online-only companies, Arons said Frances Valentine recognized the importance of having a physical presence to raise brand awareness and actually get products in front of shoppers.
  • Arons — a close personal friend of Spade who started at the namesake company before joining as managing partner of Frances Valentine when it was founded in 2016 — said the team works hard to ensure her legacy lives on both in spirit and design.
  • Arons said the team typically adds new apparel items once a month, but certain items like the flashy "Katy Cardi Coat" sell out regularly and shoppers will have to join a waitlist for the next batch.

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Bets against Peloton's stock are hovering near a record high — even after a recent plunge kickstarted by the company's ill-fated commercial

  • Rather than be deterred by that weakness, traders continued piling into bets for a further decline, pushing notional short interest to a post-IPO record of $975 million on December 10, according to data financial-analytics firm S3 Partners.
  • That level of short interest accounts for nearly 80% of Peloton's freely trading shares, and more shares are set to hit the market when the company's post-IPO lockup period ends March 24.
  • Though much of the outcry against Peloton's ad has subsided, some analyst firms are also calling for the stock to fall lower through 2020.
  • The company traded at $30.70 per share at 3:45 p.m. ET Thursday, up approximately 20% year-to-date.
  • The company has 20 "buy" ratings, one "hold" rating, and no "sell" ratings from analysts, and a consensus price target of $34.15, according to Bloomberg data.

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How 2020 Democrats think about breaking up Big Tech

  • Pete Buttigieg: As president, I will hold online platforms accountable, demand comprehensive privacy protections, set standards of accountability and transparency for online political ads, elevate ongoing antitrust enforcement reviews, and ensure we keep market power in check for the benefit of consumers.
  • I support the ongoing antitrust probes of online platforms by the Justice Department, FTC, and state attorneys general and will double antitrust enforcement budgets so the Justice Department can prioritize the scrutiny of large online platforms such as Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon under my administration.
  • We either need to break up some of these big tech companies or regulate them so they don’t continue to stifle innovation and competition, and harm the American consumer.
  • I also believe that we need to evaluate whether current antitrust standards and practices are working effectively to address the competition concerns raised by large internet platforms.

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Should social media companies be legally responsible for misinformation and hate speech? 2020 Democrats weigh in.

  • Section 230 was written well before the current era of online communities, expression, and technological development, so [I] will work with experts and advocates to ensure that these large, profitable corporations are held responsible when dangerous activity occurs on their watch, while protecting the fundamental right of free speech in this country and making sure right-wing groups don’t abuse regulation to advance their agenda.
  • In addition, my administration will engage with social media and other online platforms to advance new tools and best practices, including appropriate terms of service, for limiting the spread of hateful ideology and of targeted harassment of individuals.
  • Michael Bennet: It is time to revisit the broad immunity provided by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which in many cases has shielded tech companies from accountability for misinformation and hate speech on their platforms.

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Why every website wants you to accept its cookies

  • These cookie disclosures are also a symptom of one of the internet’s ongoing and fundamental failings when it comes to online privacy and who can access and resell users’ data, and by extension, who can use it to track them across the internet and in real life.
  • The proliferation of such alerts was largely triggered by two different regulations in Europe: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a sweeping data privacy law enacted in the European Union in May 2018; and the ePrivacy Directive, which was first passed in 2002 and then updated in 2009.
  • It’s certainly a good thing that tech companies and website owners are being more transparent with users about what they’re doing with their data and how they’re tracking them.

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Amazon just released the first trailer for 'New World,' a massive multiplayer online game coming to PC in May 2020

  • Amazon showed off "New World," its new massively multiplayer online video game, with a cinematic trailer during the 2019 Game Awards in Los Angeles on Thursday night.
  • Amazon's in-house development studio, Amazon Games, has been working on "New World" for more than three years, and it will be the young studio's first major release when it launches in May 2020.
  • Players can work together to discover the Aeternum's secrets and expand their colonial settlements on the island.
  • Characters won't be stuck in a specific class either, so every player will have access to the same types of skills and equipment as they progress through the game.
  • Over time, players will work to establish a personal home on Aeternum and fortify the existing settlements.
  • Players who preorder will get early access to the game along with some special unlockable gifts to use in game.

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Bonobos founder Andy Dunn is leaving Walmart

  • Andy Dunn, the founder of menswear brand Bonobos, is leaving Walmart two-plus years after selling his company to the retail giant for $310 million, according to a source.
  • Dunn was most recently overseeing what was, at one point, supposed to be a key component of Walmart’s digital reinvention: a collection of digital-native brands like Bonobos and Eloquii that were meant to connect with a different demographic of shoppers and provide Walmart with more merchandise that customers couldn’t find on competing sites like Amazon.
  • But Walmart has scaled back some plans of its e-commerce chief Marc Lore, who, at one point earlier in his tenure, suggested that he might purchase a new digital-native brand every month.
  • Walmart sold off one of its other digital-native brands, Modcloth, in a fire sale earlier this year and had considered offers for Bonobos.

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End of the decade: 32 events that shaped the 2010s

  • US tech companies have had a hard time dealing with China lately, caught between the draw of a billion new users and the threat of omnipresent surveillance and censorship.
  • Android phones were just starting to trickle out as the iPhone 4 hit the market, but it would be years before they could match Apple's quality and attention to detail.
  • Spotify wasn’t the first music streaming platform in the States, but it tied together the strengths of services like Pandora,, and SoundCloud into a single package.
  • For music listeners, the model was, and still is, a slam dunk proposition, and competitors like Google, Apple, and Tidal quickly followed suit.
  • Netflix would recover in the years that followed, and Hastings became one of the main architects of the shift to streaming video, but the Qwikster debacle still stands as a reminder of just how hard navigating those shifts can be.

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