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Articles related to "optimised"

Node.js Under The Hood #6 - The Old V8

  • Then Crankshaft can walk the AST generating optimised code for these particular functions.
  • Let's supose this function is hot, filePath is a string, so Crankshaft will optimize it to work with a string.
  • When the HIR is being generated, Hydrogen applies several optimisations to the code such as constant folding, method inlining and other stuff we'll see at the end of this guide - there's a whole section to it.
  • The result Hydrogen outputs is an optimised CFG which the next compiler, Lithium, takes as input to generate actual optimised code.
  • As we said, the Lithium compiler takes the HIR and translates into a machine-specific low-level intermediate representation (LIR).
  • In the end, this LIR is read and Crankshaft generates a sequence of native instructions for every Lithium instruction, the OSR is applied and then the code is executed.

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