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Articles related to "option"

Google's Shopping Gift Guide will show you what everyone's buying

  • Google has unveiled the Shopping Gift Guide, a microsite that lets you browse trending categories, compare prices and find local buying options.
  • When you first launch it, you can go into product areas for chefs, athletes, techies, decorators, “wellness gurus,” gamers and kids.
  • Once you click on the “techies” area, for instance, it shows top trending products including the Pixel 5, Apple Watch Series 6 and ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 3080.
  • Other features include price tracking with alerts, store hours and the option for in-store or curbside pickup.
  • A lot of these features are already available on Google Shopping, but the new gift guide brings them together into one site while adding the ability to browse categories.
  • In the new guide, Google was able to bake in its trend graphs, search and location smarts, things it has an edge on over its gigantic shopping rival, Amazon.

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Nvidia announces the $399 RTX 3060 Ti—and we’ve tested it

  • This week, we finally see a 2020 GPU arriving at a lower price than a brand-new gaming console: the Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti, priced at $399 and launching tomorrow, December 2.
  • (In other words: yes, its extra $180 delivers more power in 4K and 1440p modes.) Should AMD ever launch a lower-priced 6000-series card, we'll be sure to go back and test 1440p modes accordingly.
  • Meanwhile, if your favorite games don't tap into DLSS, you should expect to tinker with their settings to maximize their 1440p or 1080p performance levels—and I can't help but imagine AMD has a response to this exact use case with any future lower-priced RX 6000-series GPUs. But nothing of the sort has been announced yet, so for the time being, Nvidia takes the lead at this price point.

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Nintendo makes it easier to transfer Switch screenshots to phones and PCs

  • If you want to transfer files to a PC instead, just get a USB cable that supports data transfer to access the new “Copy to a Computer” feature.
  • The new option lives in the “Manage Screenshots and Videos” section under “Data Management” in Settings.
  • While the new methods still require a bit of effort, they can make transferring screenshots a whole lot easier.
  • In the past, you’d either have to upload your files on Twitter or Facebook or save them to your microSD card first to be able to access them on another device.
  • It also comes with a new feature that automatically downloads back—up save data added to the Save Data Cloud that you may want to turn on if you have multiple systems.
  • A Trending section added to the User Page will show you what your friends are playing.

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Variance Makes Life Fun

  • This means that option A is expected to have a decline of over 24 percent one out of every ten years (Calculator).
  • In the blue slot machines, a customer is expected to lose one dollar 10,473/10,500 (99.74%) times.
  • In order to further compare these two slot machines, we can calculate some summary statistics.
  • You will notice that the blue slot machine has a lower expected value for the customer, but a much high variance.
  • If these distributions were 100 percent transparent to customers, you would expect a rational customer to always choose the orange machine.
  • While risk and gambling get all of the credit in the real world, it’s the underlying variance that makes finance and gambling interesting.
  • When you hear Jim Cramer yell that Tesla is too risky on Mad Money, you will know that means Tesla has a high degree of uncertainty; therefore, a high variance.

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The ExoMy is a programmable $600 Mars rover you can build yourself

  • From Sojourner to the much bigger Curiosity, robotic rovers tend to come in all shapes and sizes.
  • But few will go down as adorable as the European Space Agency’s new ExoMy rover.
  • ExoMy is a 42cm (about 16-inch) replica of the ESA’s Rosalind Franklin rover, which after missing its 2020 launch window, is now slated to make its way to the red planet in 2022.
  • You can download everything you’ll need to make it work — including assembly instructions and software — through GitHub. The ESA estimates it will cost most people about €500 (close to $600) to purchase all the necessary materials and components to make ExoMy. It will also take around two weeks to 3D print everything.
  • The agency says it hopes university students will use the design as a way to learn about robotics and the ExoMars mission.

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GNU Octave Version 6

  • The intersect, setdiff, setxor, union, and unique functions accept a new sorting option "stable" which will return output values in the same order as the input, rather than in ascending order.
  • The use of Qt4 for graphics and the GUI is deprecated in Octave version 6 and no further bug fixes will be made.
  • If necessary use the "-loose" option to reproduce figures as they appeared in previous versions of Octave.
  • The functions intersect, setxor, and union now accept a "legacy" flag which changes the index values (second and third outputs) as well as the orientation of all outputs to match Matlab releases prior to R2012b.
  • Inline functions are deprecated in both Matlab and Octave and support may eventually be removed.

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  • Each virtual user (VU) executes your script in a completely separate JavaScript runtime, parallel to all of the other running VUs. Code inside the default function is called VU code, and is run over and over, for as long as the test is running.
  • Instead each VU independently executes the supplied script in its own separate and semi-isolated JavaScript runtime, in parallel to all of the other running VUs. This allows us to fully utilize modern multi-core hardware, while at the same time lowering the script complexity by having mostly synchronous functions.
  • For actual script execution in a load test, k6 offers a lot of flexibility - there are a few different configuration mechanisms you can use to specify script options, and several different options to control the number of VUs and how long your script will be executed, among other things.

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