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Articles related to "package"

Repl.It 1.0: IDE that Grows from Playgrounds to Fullstack Apps

  • If you want to use files, write to files, split your code into modules, etc., you just do that and behinds the scenes the environment will switch to one where you're interacting with the filesystem.
  • You use it to listen on a port, any port you'd like; we'll detect that, host your server/repl on your subdomain (forever!) and that's it you're developing/deploying an application.
  • We also know that not all applications will grow incrementally so in typical one-click-start fashion we've pre-setup a Django, Rails, Express, and Sinatra apps.
  • serverless apps are unique in that they're stateful and that the same repl, same protocol, same everything, that you use in development is deployed and running in production.
  • After getting user-interest @pyelias is starting to explore building a full stack application using Django.

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Little Passports is a subscription box that manages to simultaneously entertain and educate my son about the world

  • When we first opened up the Early Explorers Traveler Kit, the first package of many used in the junior Little Passports program, I figured Ben would probably stay interested for a half hour or so, then we'd set it aside for the rest of the day, with Ben going through the activity book, looking over the map, reading the post card from the charming cartoon character guides Mia, Max, and Toby, and so forth over the course of the next week or two.
  • Little Passports co-CEO Amy Norman was a global child, shuttling back and forth between Europe and the US at a young age, and the early exposure to multiple cultures would go on to inform her entire life.
  • The desire to share the wider world with today's kids was the driving force behind the development of the Little Passports brand, a project Norman launched with her friend-cum-business partner Stella Ma back in 2009.

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Bazel can now build Haskell

  • It's also easy for other developers to include your code as part of their project: build tools are available to pull your package from where you published it, along with any packages that yours in turn depends on, and build everything in the right order.
  • Wouldn't it be great if these build system configuration files were all very short instantiations of standard rules succinctly encapsulating best practices for how to build C/C++ libraries, Java or Scala packages, Haskell apps, etc?
  • Better still, Bazel has good support for local and distributed caching, optimized dependency analysis and parallel execution, so you get fast and incremental builds provided dependencies are declared precisely.
  • The heavy lifting is done by Bazel itself, which implements once and for all, in a way common to all languages, BUILD file evaluation, dependency graph analysis and parallel execution.

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Malaysia is giving away $1.6 billion in free money to its citizens, and rejects claims it is using the funds to influence some voters

  • Seven million people have been pre-selected to receive three rounds of RM1,200 ($307) payments this year, starting on February 26, as part of the 1Malaysia People's Aid (BR1M).
  • But Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has had to defend BR1M from claims the plan is politically motivated rather than an aid package aimed at helping low income earners manage the rising costs of living.
  • Yet 2,000 residents from the Pekan district, which Najib represents, were the first to receive the aid packages, reported the Malay Mail Online.
  • Najib's retort comes on the back of various allegations by the opposition that the package is intended to buy votes.
  • BR1M payouts were first introduced in 2012, with a payment of RM500 ($127) for households earning below RM3,000 ($767).
  • The amount was progressively increased over the years with 2017's payment also amounting to RM1,200 ($307).

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