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Articles related to "package"

The US budget deficit is projected to top $1 trillion this year, its highest level since 2012

  • "If a policy is important enough to enact, it should be important enough to pay for." Red ink has risen steadily under Trump, who vowed as a candidate to eliminate the national debt within eight years.
  • The US budget deficit is projected to swell past $1 trillion in 2020, according to a new report, as the government continues to spend more than it raises despite an economy that is growing steadily.
  • Red ink has risen steadily under Trump, who vowed as a candidate to eliminate the national debt within eight years.

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A simple Node.js Docker workflow

  • Docker is a great tool that helps developers build, deploy, and run applications more efficiently in a standardized way.
  • To accomplish all the requirements, we will be using Docker with Docker Compose to create an identical container for both development and production and the Nodemon package to restart the application on file changes.
  • You can remove it from the command, but this way, you have to manually run it before starting the container or when the contents of the package.json file changes.
  • We have to copy only the package files as they are necessary for installing the same versions used for development.
  • Package installs sometimes require the standard image, but with Docker multi-stage builds, we can switch to the smaller image after the package install and copy the packages from the previous step.

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Ubuntu 20.04 drops Amazon web app

  • This package depends on all of the packages in the Ubuntu desktop system  .
  • This package depends on all of the packages in the Ubuntu desktop minimal  system.
  • This package depends on all of the packages in the Ubuntu minimal system,  that is a functional command-line system with the following capabilities:  .
  • - Boot   - Detect hardware   - Connect to a network   - Install packages   - Perform basic diagnostics  .
  • This package depends on all of the packages in the Ubuntu Server system  .
  • This package depends on all of the packages in the Ubuntu standard system.
  • This set of packages provides a comfortable command-line Unix-like  environment.
  • Utilities for integrating Ubuntu well into the WSL environment.
  • .  It is also used to help ensure proper upgrades, so it is recommended that  it not be removed.

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Introduction to Node.js — Create Your First Web App

  • Node.js has a standard library that lets us to many things like run a web server and manipulate files stored on the computer.
  • To do things that aren’t in the standard library, we can install Node.js packages and import or require them in your app’s code.
  • For example, if we go to http://localhost:9999/helloworld, then the webserver that listens to the port 9999 will get the request URL, and then if the URL is helloworld, which in this case it is, it will return the plain text response “Hello world”.
  • We will use the http module that’s built into Node.js and the very popular Express web framework for building our web server app.
  • Then, we run the response.write function with the “Hello, World!” string to display “Hello world” in the browser of the HTTP client of your choice.

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Create & Publish a Node.js NPM Package in 7 Minutes

  • NPM, or Node Package Manager, is the default package manager utilized by the infamous Node.js runtime environment for JavaScript.
  • Run npm install PACKAGE_NAME to add the package to the /node_modules directory.
  • Add import VAR_NAME from 'PACKAGE_NAME'; to your source.
  • Utilize the package with the defined variable name, such as example() or example.includedFunction().
  • The vast majority of JS developers utilize NPM, or its faster kin Yarn, to install their packages in minutes.
  • The neat thing about publishing a package to the NPM registry is that it’s about as simple as installing a package from the registry.
  • If you want to see your NPM package in the public registry of NPM, you can do that by searching for it on
  • The package created in this tutorial was named test-test-test-npm-package and you can view it by clicking here.

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A Swift Introduction To Common Lisp

  • In Lisp, nearly every command you make will be contained within parenthesis and will use spaces as syntax, all while not being case-sensitive (everything’s in caps.) Before I get into explaining Lisp, I think it would require explanation of Lisp’s paradigm, the functional programming paradigm.
  • Using the mean function and setq, the global variable definition I talked about earlier (this will make the dims public, which isn’t always a good idea, but I think it’s better to know how to use global variables than private variables.) we can define the mean as mu and use a simple for loop to do our math.
  • Though Lisp is certainly different to a lot of other languages, I think its syntax is really cool and pretty to look at.

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How to Add a Date Picker to Your Vue App

  • The form for adding and editing the calendar entry will have a date and time pickers to select the date and time.
  • We need Axios for making HTTP requests to our back end, BootstrapVue for styling, jQuery and Moment are dependencies for the Vue-Full-Calendar package which we will use to display a calendar.
  • Vee-Validate for form validation, Vue-Ctk-Date-Time-Picker to let users pick the date and time for the calendar events andVue-Full-Calendar is used for the calendar widget.
  • We use the VueCtkDateTimePicker to add the date and time picker for our form to let users pick the time and date.
  • In this file, we include the full-calendar component from the Vue Full Calendar package, and add and edit calendar event modals.
  • We import all the app-wide packages we use here, like BootstrapVue, Vee-Validate and the calendar and date-time picker widgets.

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Food allergies may be on the rise because babies start solids too late

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