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Articles related to "page"

Unlearn Rotation Matrices as Rotations

  • After about 10 minutes I hear my name again.
  • Don’t think of them as rotations, think of them as a unit vectors of a new coordinate systems.
  • The first column of the rotation matrix is the new x-axis expressed in the old coordinate system, the second column is the y-axis and so on.
  • An identity matrix would yield in no rotation since all unit vectors would be the same as the previous coordinate system.
  • towards the camera if the person is sitting at front of it.
  • We can also se that the persons head is rotated a little bit up (positive y component of the z-axis) and is pointing a little bit to the right of the camera right (negative x component).
  • Rotation matrices just describe the unit vectors of a new coordinate system.

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Pareto Distributions and Monte Carlo Simulations

  • This is what we would expect — this is an example of a search term which sees higher page view interest at certain times.
  • For instance, let us suppose that an earthquake as serious as that of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami were to happen today — we would reasonably expect that page view interest for the term “earthquake” would be much larger than that which we have observed since 2016.
  • If we assume that the Pareto distribution has a = 3, then the model is indicating that page views for this term could spike to in excess of 350,000.
  • That said, conducting a Monte Carlo Simulation in conjunction with modelling on the closest theoretical distribution can allow for a strong scenario analysis of what the bounds of a time series could be under particular circumstances.

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Thread by @jc_stubbs: An interesting thing happened on the internet with week. U.S. travel management firm was hit with Ragnar Locker ransomware. The company agre…

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Show HN: Create beautiful landing pages by copy-paste

  • Frontendor is a library of reusable HTML templates and blocks to help you build beautiful and professional landing pages quickly and easily by COPY-PASTE.
  • I was looking for bootstrap landing page code snippets for one of my projects.
  • For a very low, one time investment you can keep creating unlimited amount of landing pages for your projects.
  • Unlike most other services, you don't have to buy a new Frontendor license every time you want to use it on a new project.
  • You can build as many sites as you want without ever having to buy an additional license.
  • No, you cannot use Frontondor to create derivative products like themes, UI kits, page builders, or anything else where you would be repackaging and redistributing our blocks for someone else to use to build their own sites.

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From Naomi Campbell to Stephen Hawking - The Epstein Court Files Will Shock You

  • In a shocking move, the 2,000-plus page indictment has been made available for public consumption, and the list of celebrities involved in the web of lies perpetrated by Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged co-conspirator, Ghislaine Maxwell, is simply astounding.
  • At the top of the list, of course, is Prince Andrew of York and former President Bill Clinton, both of whom are accused of the most egregious of assaults — but all of the celebrities listed in the indictment are being accused of varying degrees of sexual misconduct with underage girls.
  • The biggest names on the list in the Epstein files are, of course, Prince Andrew of York — who is being accused of having “orgies” with underage girls procured by Epstein — and former President Bill Clinton.

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Low Latency Tuning Guide

  • If you have good cooling (set fan speed to max in BIOS), disable unused cores in BIOS or using the CPU hotplug functionality it’s possible to run your application cores continuously at the higher boost frequency.
  • If you have isolated your application cores and are running a single application thread per isolated core you can use the nohz_full kernel command line option in order to suppress the timer interrupts.
  • By default irqbalance will automatically isolate the cores specified by the kernel command line parameter isolcpus.
  • When the page table changes such that memory is unmapped (munmap) or access to memory is restricted (mmap changing PROT_* flags) the TLB needs to be flushed on all cores currently running the application process.
  • This is called a TLB shootdown and is implemented as a inter-processor interrupt (IPI) that will introduce jitter to your running application.

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Reviewing the worst piece of code ever

  • That means that if you open the console on the web page that is hosting the above code, you’ll be able to spawn every kind of query.
  • We’ve previously talked about the fact that I could just open my Chrome console and type $.cookie('loggedin', 'yes', { expires: 1 }); in order to stay authenticated for one day without even the need for an account.
  • Don’t get me wrong, I do search things on Google daily, but it is more important to understand (for instance) how to set a cookie, than copy and paste something just to make it work.
  • Senior developers should provide some form of mentorship in order to make sure that junior devs can understand their errors, and such bad code won’t go in production.
  • I know for sure that there are certain companies that doesn’t really care about the code that they’re shipping.

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Howland Will Forgery Trial

  • The Howland will forgery trial was a U.S. court case in 1868 to decide Henrietta Howland Robinson's contest of the will of Sylvia Ann Howland.
  • Howland's executor, Thomas Mandell, rejected Robinson's claim, insisting that the second page was a forgery, and Robinson sued.
  • Mandell, Charles Sanders Peirce testified that he had made pairwise comparisons of 42 examples of Howland's signature, overlaying them and counting the number of downstrokes that overlapped.
  • Benjamin Peirce showed that the number of overlapping downstrokes between two signatures also closely followed the binomial distribution, the expected distribution if each downstroke was an independent event.
  • When the admittedly genuine signature on the first page of the contested will was compared with that on the second, all 30 downstrokes coincided, suggesting that the second signature was a tracing of the first.

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  • This is a platform/course for complete beginners to teach themselves programming, specifically in Python.
  • In the event that the demo site gets more attention than it can handle, try running the code locally with the instructions below.
  • Each step requires that the user runs some code that satisfies the requirements of that step.
  • They can click "Previous" if they want to review completed pages, but it doesn't affect their progress - any code they submit is still evaluated against the current step, and refreshing the page returns to the last page.
  • Every user has their own process, which holds the state of the shell or the currently running program (which may be awaiting input()).
  • After the code finishes running, it checks the Page and Step that the user is currently on, and calls the Step.check method.

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TikTok says it's "not planning on going anywhere" in response to pending U.S. ban

  • Trump appeared to discount any support for that possibility in his comments to the White House press pool, but a new report from Saturday morning said that Microsoft is indeed in talks to acquire a stake in TikTok and take over stewardship of its U.S. user’s data, as part of a potential deal to stave off any ban.
  • Again, it’s not clear what executive powers would actually allow Trump to put in place a U.S.-wide ban of the application, but it looks like ByteDance is working with parties in the U.S. on a deal that assumes he’d be able to do so unless the Chinese company divests entirely its U.S.-based TikTok operations to an American owner.

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