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Articles related to "paint"

The Cosmic, Psychedelic, Glow-in-the-Dark Art of Alex Aliume

  • When Aliume turns on the black light, it starts to glow, and I realize that there is a painting beneath the painting.
  • And even if the various ingredients of a typical Aliume painting are familiar—vanishing points, 3D, black light, and neon—the territory he occupies at their intersection is his alone.
  • But Aliume has positioned himself in the slipstream of improbable and unpredictable events by paying attention to the things someone else might ignore because they’re outside whatever slowly solidifying frame of reference we all build for ourselves, adding new fortifications every day.
  • Take a minute to look at what Aliume is wearing today: a sleeveless black cotton T-shirt, men’s harem pants, an amulet around his neck, a wrist mala, and a pair of high tops that he’s painted to look like one of his paintings.

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A pink 'emoji house' has gone on sale for $1.7 million in California after angering neighbors with its controversial makeover

  • The home sparked headlines across the world after its owner painted the exterior a vibrant shade of pink with two huge emoji faces on the walls, as Easy Reader News first reported.
  • After the house became something of an online sensation, tourists started visiting the street to see it and take photos, which duly annoyed the neighbors even more, according to the LA Times.
  • However, despite some outrage after the house was first painted — one neighbor told Easy Reader News it was "heartbreaking" — apparently not all local residents find the house offensive, Fratello explained.
  • Whether the buyer decides to repaint the house or leave it as a local landmark remains to be seen, but it's likely Kidd will pocket a decent sum thanks to what has essentially been a huge, free marketing campaign, Fratello points out.

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Adobe Fresco for iPad: Price, First Look, Release Date

  • It was purpose-built for the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to give digital artists a fully-featured desktop-grade art creation app nestled in with their existing desktop apps, with a couple tricks up its sleeve.
  • Fresco's live brushes use a built-in graphics engine to simulate the behavior, color, and texture of watercolor and oil paints.
  • Search for the kind of texture, vibe, or material you're looking for and Adobe will show you a sampling of professionally-designed digital art brushes.
  • Adobe Fresco's integration into Creative Cloud means you don't have to think about saving, backing up, and syncing files between your iPad Pro and your desktop, laptop, or smartphone.
  • It put a smile on everyone's face that I let try it, and should work well for seasoned digital artists or newcomers with an iPad, Apple Pencil, and a desire to draw.

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