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Articles related to "painting"

Bette Midler asked, 'What's wrong with this picture?' The answer was universal: nothing

  • Bette Midler posed this question to Twitter, sharing an image of three young girls huddled on a bench in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. She knew the answer before she asked for it -- their backs are turned towards "Aegina Visited by Jupiter," a painting by 18th-century artist Jean-Baptiste Greuze, as they focus intently on their phones instead.
  • Perhaps the girls tired out after spending a day in one of the world's largest art galleries, are taking a much-needed reprieve in the European paintings gallery before heading back out to consume more art, one user suggested.
  • The girls in the photo shared by Midler aren't obstructing the view of the painting or taking pictures of it (that is sometimes against museum rules), Sreenivasan noted.
  • Rijksmuseum's app lets users map their own route through the museum, search images by artist or keyword and read the history behind every artwork.

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