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Articles related to "parent"

A mother made her son do pushups in a store's bathroom because he wouldn't listen

  • Molly Wooden was in the restroom at a Hobby Lobby store in Killeen on Sunday when she saw another mom, Nicki Harper Quinn, disciplining her 10-year-old son.
  • In the photo, Harper Quinn appears to be holding her youngest son in her right hand while watching her 10-year-old son Kingston over her left shoulder complete his punishment pushups.
  • Harper Quinn told CNN while she was shopping in Hobby Lobby her son Kingston was "doing what normal 10-year-olds do, touching things and bothering his little brother"-- not listening to what she had asked him to do.
  • Harper Quinn said after he finished his pushups he got up, washed his hands and they went back out into the store.
  • The store's restroom seemed like a private and safe area to discipline Kingston, according to Harper Quinn.

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Premium Experiences Now Available for Kid Skills in the US

  • ISP for kid skills is supported by new tools powered by Alexa, including APIs to help you create premium kid skills, as well as purchase controls that help account holders manage them.
  • Using the Alexa app, parents can enable and disable voice purchasing in kid skills, and can also choose whether they would like to approve each purchase individually.
  • By default, when a user is offered premium content in a kid skill and agrees to purchase, the account holder will receive an SMS or email requesting they approve or decline the transaction within 24 hours.
  • Account holders who want to allow purchases to be made in kid skills but do not wish to receive these approval requests can disable them in the Alexa app, allowing purchases to be made in kid skills without the request for approval.

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How to talk with your parents about their estate plan, even if they don't want to

  • Stinson says that a conversation about estate planning should be about empowering your parents to make decisions for themselves, even if it can be scary.
  • While some people put off estate planning for the cost, Stinson says that ultimately, that doesn't help either — having to go to court over an estate is much more expensive.
  • If your parent or parents haven't started the process of estate planning, now is the time to find someone to help.
  • Once your parents have done the preliminary steps of planning, you'll want to get your siblings involved and talk about it.
  • Talking about estate plans as a family can help ease the tensions that can come with that kind of conversation.
  • "If you make it a family conversation about knowing what your parents want, that will take some of the pressure off," Stinson says.

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