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Articles related to "parent"

Chinese parent arrested for bribery in Spain as part of the college admissions scam

  • The indictment states that Singer explained in an August 2018 phone call that Sui's son could be "guaranteed" admission to UCLA in exchange for $400,000.
  • Another co-conspirator, Laura Janke, then created a fake soccer profile for Sui's son -- featuring a photo of a different person -- that described him as a top soccer player for two private clubs in Canada, the indictment says.
  • Through a translator, Singer told Sui to wire him $100,000 on October 24, 2018, which would then be "paid to the coach at UCLA" in exchange for a letter of intent from the men's soccer coach, prosecutors said.
  • Janke, the former USC assistant women's soccer coach, pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy in May. Her main role in the scheme was to create fake athletic profiles that made the children of wealthy parents appear to be talented athletes, prosecutors say.

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NYC says its 1.1 million students can skip class for the climate strike (as long as their parents say OK)

  • New York (CNN) - New York City's 1.1 million school students will be excused from class to participate in the global climate strike protests that are scheduled for this Friday.
  • The city's department of education announced the news a tweet.
  • Guidance sent to schools on Tuesday by the city's department of education advised that any student attending the protest -- with parental consent -- will have their absence excused.
  • New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said he supports the move, writing in a tweet, "New York City stands with our young people.
  • In New York, crowds will rally in downtown Manhattan at 12 p.m. ET, where a roster of young climate activists will speak.
  • Sixteen-year-old Greta Thunberg, who sailed to New York to speak at the UN Climate Action Summit on September 23, is one of the speakers.

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Greenlight raises $54 million for a debit card that teaches kids financial literacy

  • Greenlight provides a preloaded MasterCard debit card (issued by FDIC-insured Community Federal Savings Bank) for kids 13 and older that parents can manage from their smartphones, a simple idea that caught the attention of investors early on.
  • The Greenlight experience starts not with the debit card, which every child receives when they and their parent open an account, but with the companion mobile app for Android and iOS.
  • From it, kids can monitor their spending, set savings goals, request cash, and receive alerts when a guardian loads money from a funding source.
  • Parents can transfer money to their child’s card for allowance or incidental expenses whenever they choose, and they can schedule and manage weekly or one-time rewards to incentivize kids to complete chores.

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We asked teachers to name one thing parents should never do

  • Teachers may occasionally need backup from parents, but there are times when a parent actually ends up making things even more complicated for both teacher and student.
  • Jo Acholonu, a teacher working in a private international school in Southeast Asia, explained that parents should feel free to inquire about their child's grade, but not accuse the teacher of being unfair.
  • An anonymous middle and high school teacher in Wisconsin told Business Insider that parents should know that kids don't exactly wait until they have actual free time to text back.
  • While a teacher might understand in an extreme or rare case — such as an extreme illness of a family member or some similar emergency — most teachers would likely prefer parents not disrupt their children in this manner or disrespect the learning environment they've created for students.

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John Legend says prison is not always the answer after Felicity Huffman's sentence

  • In a series of tweets Saturday, Legend, who champions criminal justice reform, said prison is not always the answer for every mistake.
  • The bigger issue, he said, is that people are getting locked up for everything.
  • Legend gave the example of a woman who was jailed for sending her child to the wrong school district and another one who was sentenced to five years for mistakenly voting when she was ineligible.
  • He argued that those women should not be in prison.
  • Huffman is the first parent to be sentenced in the admissions scam in which rich parents paid large sums to help get their children into prestigious schools.
  • In addition to two weeks in prison, the "Desperate Housewives" star was sentenced to one year supervised release and 250 hours of community service.
  • She was also fined $30,000.

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How to combat the anti-vaxxer message

  • A 2017 study by the American Academy of Pediatrics found that pregnant women who were given access to online social network tools were more likely to choose vaccination and immunize their kids on time when compared to subjects who were not.
  • While the medical community has taken a top-down approach using expertise and data as our tools, anti-vaxxers started at the grassroots level — communities, schools, and social media — to spread their messages horizontally to other parents, using stories and images of children they allege are vaccine-injured victims.
  • We need to change direction and share the real-life horror stories of what can happen when we fail to vaccinate our children -- certainly on social media.
  • This is where researchers looked at whether college undergraduates (not yet parents) could be swayed to rethink their views of vaccines and found that nearly 7 in 10 vaccine hesitant students who had a conversation with the victim of a disease changed their minds.

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Zuckerberg, Bezos and Cook are About to Get Their Emails Raided by Congress –

  • Leaders of Silicon Valley’s powerful elite have been ordered by Congress to hand over reams of documents including emails and financial statements as part of a widening bipartisan probe of the technology industry.
  • As The Wall Street Journal reports, the House Judiciary Committee has asked Inc., Facebook Inc., Apple Inc. and Google parent Alphabet Inc. to hand over sensitive documents as part of an investigation into the monopolistic practices of major technology firms.
  • The documents requested include executive communications and information about competitors, mergers and other important business decisions.
  • In July, Facebook was ordered by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to pay an unprecedented $5 billion fine over privacy breaches tied to the Cambridge Analytica scandal.
  • Facebook, Amazon and Alphabet are part of a much broader technology industry that has vastly outperformed the S&P 500 Index this year.

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