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Articles related to "parents"

Teens keep outsmarting Apple's features for limiting screen time, and parents are starting to get frustrated

  • Children as young as 9 continue to find new ways to avoid parental controls on their devices, according to a report from Reed Albergotti at the Washington Post.
  • YouTube videos and Reddit posts have tips for removing parental controls in under five minutes.
  • Or, to go about it another way, kids figure out their parents' passcodes using screen recording or accessing an old iTunes backup on a a Macbook or PC.
  • Now, parents are growing frustrated at the lack of response or help from Apple after they discover that their children have figured out how to beat Screen Time, the Post reported.
  • Apple released its parental control feature, Screen Time, in 2018 as part of iOS 12.
  • According to the Post, two major shareholders at Apple pushed the board to introduce parental controls to address screen addiction in children.

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Parents of the UK teen killed in a crash with a US diplomat's wife said Trump 'ambushed' them with the offer to meet her in front of photographers

  • The family of Harry Dunn, the British teenager who was killed in a fatal car crash involving a US diplomat's wife, said they were "ambushed" by President Donald Trump's offer to meet their son's suspected killer.
  • Dunn's parents travelled to the US this week to appeal for Sacoolas' return, and were invited to meet Trump at the White House on Tuesday.
  • Dunn's parents said Trump was "very graceful and spoke very well to us" during the meeting, but said they were "a little ambushed" by his offer to meet Sacoolas, who had been waiting in the next room without their knowledge, the BBC reported.
  • During their meeting the president also did not suggest that he would send Sacoolas back to the UK, the parents told Sky News, and the BBC reported that a White House official told the family that she would not return.

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Some defendants in college admission scam want racketeering charges dismissed

  • Attorneys for former University of Southern California water polo coach Jovan Vavic say their client is "a textbook example of prosecutorial overreach and frivolous use of RICO," according to a motion to dismiss his indictment.
  • Former Wake Forest University volleyball coach William Ferguson also filed Tuesday to join Vavic and Williams' motion to dismiss the indictment.
  • Prosecutors allege Ferguson agreed to designate the daughter of one of Singer's clients -- who had previously applied and been placed on the wait list at Wake Forest -- as a recruit for the women's volleyball team, facilitating her admission to the university.
  • She pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud for paying $15,000 to the scam's mastermind as part of a scheme to cheat on the SATs and boost her daughter's test scores.

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