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Articles related to "parks"

Garden cemeteries were among America’s first urban parks

  • Garden cemeteries were among the first public parks in the United States.
  • Long before today’s sprawling, grid-like “memorial parks” were the norm, burial grounds were carefully designed green spaces as welcoming to the living as they were to the dead.
  • Consistent with their purpose of encouraging meditative moments, these parks are defined by manicured landscapes, elaborate sculptures, and winding walkways.
  • Drawing picnickers and nature lovers, garden cemeteries were popular enough to inspire the introduction of modern-day urban parks.
  • Eventually burial grounds in the United States’ became more basic and unornamented, more removed from people’s daily lives.
  • But the original garden cemeteries still survive as urban oases—and as portals into history.
  • Here are 10 garden cemeteries around the country that are worth exploring.

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