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Articles related to "partner"

FedEx: Amazon's new delivery service 'should not be confused as competition'

  • Subramaniam's comment was in response to a question asking about Amazon's Delivery Service Partners, a new program designed to let entrepreneurs run their own local delivery networks of up to 40 vans.
  • Amazon said each Delivery Service Partner can start a business with as little as a $10,000 investment and that successful partners could make up to $300,000 in annual profit.
  • Subramaniam added that Amazon is a "longstanding customer" of FedEx, and that no one customer accounts for more than 3 percent of the company's revenue.
  • Following a Wall Street Journal report that Amazon is preparing to launch its own delivery service in February, FedEx shares dropped almost 4 percent.
  • Besides the new Delivery Service Partners program, Amazon runs its own network of delivery trucks to handle a part of its package volume and launched an Uber-like delivery network called Flex as well.

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Amplify Partners locks in $200 million to transform technical founders into people who can actually lead a startup

  • In addition to Dhaliwal’s personal track record, which includes leading deals at Battery like Netezza, acquired by IBM, and CipherTrust, acquired by Secure Computing,  Amplify has already seen four of its portfolio companies get acquired, including: the breach-detection software company LightCyber, which sold last year to Palo Alto Networks for $105 million; the sale of Conjur, which made DevOps security software, to publicly traded CyberArk Software last year for $42 million in cash;  the sale of the app development service Buddybuild to Apple (for undisclosed terms); and the sale of AppNeta, an end-user experience performance monitoring startup, to the private equity firm Rubicon Technology Partners.
  • In addition to David Beyer, a cofounder of Chartio who joined as a principal early on and is today a partner with Amplify, the firm features general partner Mike Dauber, who, like Dhaliwal, previously worked at Battery; partner Lenny Pruss, who was previously principal with Redpoint Ventures; principals Lisha Li and Sarah Catanzano.

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Mabl announces $20 million Series B to bring automated QA to enterprise customers

  • Mabl, a Boston-based startup from the folks who brought you Stackdriver, wants to change software testing using machine learning, and today it announced a $20 million Series B investment led by GV (formerly Google Ventures).
  • Azeri says that when he and his partner Dan Belcher decided to start a new company after selling Stackdriver to Google in 2014, they wanted to be methodical about it.
  • They launched in Beta last February and went GA in May. Since then, they were pleasantly surprised to find that larger companies were interested in their service and they knew they needed to beef up the base product to appeal to these customers.
  • That meant adding secure tunneling, which they call Mabl Link, a higher level of encryption, support for cross-browser testing and integration with enterprise single sign-on.

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Marketing data startup Singular raises $30M

  • Singular, a startup working to unify data for marketers, is announcing that it has raised $30 million in Series B funding.
  • Eliashiv explained that Singular was created in response to “this trend of data explosion in the marketing stack,” which require marketers to pull data from hundreds or thousands of different systems.
  • The idea of unifying marketing data is one that I hear a lot, but Eliashiv’s claims seem weightier when you see that Singular is already working with a number of big names, including Lyft, Yelp, Airbnb, Linkedin, Symantec, Zynga, Match and Twitter.
  • Singular previously raised $20 million in funding.
  • Norwest Venture Partners led the new round, with partner Scott Beechuk joining the board of directors.
  • General Catalyst, Method Capital, Telstra Ventures, Translink Capital and Thomvest also participated in the new funding.

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GiveCampus (YC S15) Hiring a Senior Product Manager Passionate about Education

  • GiveCampus Product Managers work with teams of engineers and designers to build products.
  • The selected candidates will work directly with our co-founders to shape the company’s product suite, product strategy, and product team.
  • To support this growth and accelerate it moving forward, we’re looking for a Director of Business Development -- an all-star hustler who is comfortable wearing all sorts of hats.
  • To support this growth and accelerate it moving forward, we’re looking for a Business Development Associate -- an all-star hustler who is comfortable wearing all sorts of hats.
  • This person will work closely with the Director of Business Development and our CEO to do whatever is necessary to grow the company.

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The AI Mandate: To Boldly Go Where No Data Center Has Gone Before

  • With the Cisco UCS C480 ML M5  for deep learning, we can now offer a complete array of computing options right-sized to each element of the AI/ML lifecycle: from data collection and analysis near the edge, to data preparation and training in the data center core, to real-time inference at the heart of AI.
  • For the past several years, Cisco has been working with big data software partners such as Cloudera, Hortonworks and others to help customers integrate data sources into UCS based data lakes and gain insights from their data through contemporary data analytics techniques.
  • We continue to work with these partners so customers can easily incorporate AI/ML methods into these analytics environments as well as connect these data lakes to deep learning infrastructure.
  • Getting the entire stack right, as Cisco is envisioning, is what makes data centers, multicloud, and edge infrastructures go from digitization promise to digitization reality.

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Indiana’s Emplify raises $7.5 million for its employee satisfaction software

  • Emplify, a two-year-old software startup that helps companies track employee satisfaction more consistently, announced today that it has raised a $7.5 million round of financing.
  • Emplify aims to be a middle of the road solution — its software allows companies to survey their employees quarterly, but also assigns its customers an “employee engagement specialist” who regularly checks in and makes suggestions on where to improve.
  • Given that many companies don’t allocate a lot of resources employee surveys, Emplify faces an uphill battle in not just getting companies to sign up for its software, but also to change their behavior so that they regularly make time for tracking their workers’ satisfaction.
  • With this new round of funding, Emplify is also announcing the roll out of a new partner program with select talent management and consulting firms, who will get access to some of Emplify’s customer data.

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Retired NBA star Kobe Bryant still wakes up at 4 a.m. every day to work out—here's why

  • After 20 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers and five NBA championships, Kobe Bryant retired from basketball in 2016.
  • But the 40-year-old still wakes up before the sun to go to the gym at 4 a.m., he told podcast host and best-selling author Lewis Howes in a recent interview.
  • There are a few reasons the retired athlete maintains such a strict workout routine: "When I first retired, I let myself go a little a bit.
  • And then the challenge was, can I get back in shape?" Without an end goal, like an NBA Championship or an MVP award, "it's really hard," added Bryant, who now runs a venture capital fund with business partner Jeff Stibel.
  • That's part of the reason Bryant's 15-year-old daughter Natalia joins him for his early morning workouts.
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This is how much VCs are paid

  • Venture capital is known for being an opaque industry, so it’s no surprise most of us have no idea what the average VC earns in a year.
  • Thelander Consulting‘s annual venture firm compensation survey and, unsurprisingly, VCs make a lot of money.
  • Well, of the 204 VCs surveyed (172 male and 32 female), the average general partner expects to make roughly $634,000 this year, including a bonus for 2017 performance.
  • The averages varied a bit depending on the size of the firm.
  • VCs at firms with less than $250 million assets under management (AUM), for example, earn less than their counterparts at larger firms.
  • GPs, who sit at the top of the ranks at VC firms, have the largest compensation packages.
  • The survey didn’t parse out data from firms with billions AUM, aka the Sequoias, NEAs or Kleiner Perkins of the world.

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Nike's impending arrival on shows a key advantage Walmart has in the fight against Amazon

  • It's not just about having another brand on the site — Jet has clearly thought about how to best present its partner brand to Jet's customers, who, like Nike's customers, tend to be wealthy, millennial, and living in cities, according to Jet. Capturing the world's largest sportswear brand in a unique way is a major coup for Walmart as it ups the ante in its battle with Amazon.
  • O'Neill suggested that the partnership was motivated by a desire to lessen the number of counterfeit Nike products appearing on Amazon from third-party sellers, which experts had referenced when the pilot program was initially revealed.
  • In fact, according to Morgan Stanley, Nike was already the top clothing brand on Amazon, even before it started selling anything directly on the site, thanks to the high volume of third-party sellers.

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