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Articles related to "pay"

We did the math to calculate how many hours it took Bob Iger to make what his workers earned in one year when he ran Disney

  • One of the provisions of the post-financial-crisis Dodd-Frank reform bill requires corporations to disclose the ratio of their CEO's pay to that of the median employee at the company.
  • Using those pay ratios, we calculated how long it would take the CEOs of big US companies to make what the median employee earned in a year.
  • Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang had a total compensation 88 times larger than the typical employee at his company, meaning it took him a little over four days to earn the median employee's annual salary.
  • Meanwhile, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon made 1,076 times what the typical Walmart worker made, and thus earned a median Walmart employee's annual salary in just eight hours.
  • Salesforce's other co-CEO Keith Block made $16,961,156 in 2019, meaning it took him 3 days, 6 hours to make what a typical employee did in a year.

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Insurance platform Collective Benefits raises £3.3M to give gig economy workers a safety net

  • Collective Benefits is a startup aimed at tackling this growing ‘protection gap’ created by the gig economy where so-called ‘self-employed’ workers must often go without basic benefits such as family leave and sick pay, not to mention mental health support and critical injury pay.
  • Collective Benefits has set out to build a tech platform that gives gig workers access to a full range of affordable, portable protections and benefits which they can carry around with them between the platforms they work on.
  • The company provides a benefits platform for both gig economy platforms and self-employed freelancers (such as sick pay, family leave, and mental health support), but the platform is also designed to boost loyalty to the gig platforms amongst the workers, as well as reduce churn and talent acquisition costs.

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Bird Pay tries to appease local businesses plagued by scooters

  • Bird, the electric scooter company, is testing a new in-app purchase capability called Bird Pay. It’s a move that’s meant to appease local business owners plagued by hoards of scooters dumped in front of their stores.
  • That’s a noble cause that could help reduce company complaints, but there doesn’t seem to be much incentive for riders to enter the store and use the Bird Pay app.
  • Riders would surely be incentivized to enter local businesses and pay with Bird Pay if the app offered discounts, but none are mentioned by Bird in the announcement.
  • Businesses that sign up for Bird Pay are promised “lower fees” and visibility inside the Bird app for nearby riders to discover.
  • Bird Pay is currently in limited testing with select local businesses in Bird’s home of Santa Monica and throughout the Los Angeles area.

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Work at a big four in remediation? How to boost your pay by 40pc

  • Remediation experts trained up by the big four consulting firms are jumping ship to boutique firms where they can earn pay bumps of up to 40 per cent, according to the founder of an online recruitment platform.
  • Regulatory change is also fuelling demand for these experts with recruitment firm Robert Walters nominating compliance and risk managers as the most in-demand roles in 2020.
  • At one big four firm, seven case assessors were lured away by larger pay packets and the prospect of a better working environment.
  • The case assessors who moved to boutique firms were getting pay bumps of about 40 per cent, to around $350 per day, or the equivalent of an annualised salary of $84,000.
  • Mr Lai, who has worked in risk management roles at PwC, BT and Westpac, said that clients were still paying a lower rate for these experts than they would pay to a big four consulting firm.

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If installing SSL certificate on an Nginx webserver - don't forget this step

  • I spent way too long troubleshooting an SSL certificate error.
  • Imagine troubleshooting something where there are no useful error messages.
  • Well, I figured out that I missed a step when I installed the SSL certificate on Nginx.
  • I didn't concatenate the SSL certificate with the intermediate certificate bundle.
  • I received no useful error messages from the browsers because they have their own certificate bundles.
  • How did I find my error, well I had the smart idea to run the URL through an SSL checker.
  • I found the digicert SSL checker, and you know what it told me?
  • Intermediate certificate missing.
  • The certificate is not trusted in all web browsers.
  • You may need to install an Intermediate/chain certificate to link it to a trusted root certificate.
  • You can fix this by following DigiCert's Certificate Installation Instructions for your server platform.

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Shipt shoppers are the latest gig workers to organize

  • In January, Shipt started testing a new pay structure where, instead of basing it on cart size, Shipt takes into account the time it takes to complete and deliver an order.
  • That’s why Shipt is testing this new pay structure in certain markets to better account for time spent shopping and delivering orders, Shipt Director of Corporate Communications and Outreach Julie Coop told TechCrunch.
  • One is Shipt Shoppers United, which one shopper from Iowa, who asked to remain anonymous, describes as being “a little more real.” The group strictly prohibits people from Shipt’s corporate team, but it’s much smaller in size.
  • This culture of fear, Solis says, leaves some shoppers feeling like they have to take every order, or else they’ll be punished in some way, like getting sent low-paying orders or getting deactivated.

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Latest fintech industry trends, technologies and research from our ecosystem report

  • In recent years, we've seen a ballooning of activity in fintech — an expansive term applied to technology-driven disruptions in financial services.
  • And 2019 was no different as they continued refining the fintech business model.
  • Additionally, this year marked a watershed moment for the industry, with the once clear distinction between fintechs and financial services proper now blurred significantly.
  • As such, incumbents are now actively investing in, acquiring, and collaborating with their fintech rivals.
  • In the latest edition of The Fintech Ecosystem Report, Business Insider Intelligence details recent developments in fintech funding and regulation that are defining the environment these startups operate in.
  • Finally, we consider which elements of the fintech industry are rapidly rubbing off on incumbent financial services providers, and what the future of fintech will look like.

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#discussWhat's your way of publishing Node.js library for the browser? (also, introducing Rollup)

  • BTW, I have just started using Rollup to bundle TypeScript for <script type="module">, so that I don't have to attach to window object.
  • DEV a community of thousands of developers.
  • This website is free, devoted to the open web, and will never have popups or a pay wall.

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Breaking the Salary Sharing Taboo

  • Murphy informed her that a young woman they recently hired had come to her asking for a pay raise.
  • Even more relevant, however, is the ethos of the Riveter, which offers educational content and services for businesses, promising to help them learn “what is working for other industries and workplaces to increase equity.” Her employees, about 85 percent of whom are women, would be aware of a growing body of research suggesting that one of the most effective remedies for race and gender discrepancies in salary is pay transparency.
  • Her story parallels that of a female bank employee, based in New York, who was about to meet with management about her end-of-year compensation package and asked a male colleague to estimate a range in which her bonus would most likely fall.

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Steps to Becoming a Successful Freelancer

  • Freelancers need clients to survive.
  • To get clients, you can either use freelance job sites or tap into your personal network.
  • Fiverr specifically has lots of people offering small, low-priced jobs.
  • The competition is fierce on these sites and there's no way for beginners to stand out in the sea of people with 5-star reviews and lots of completed jobs.
  • Sites like Tychoo is untapped since it's newer and has more people looking for jobs.
  • To avoid competition, it's also a good idea to tap into your personal network to see if anyone needs help with anything that you can help do.
  • Social media is a good bet to find lots of people that may need help with something that you're good at.
  • They'll also refer you to more clients, so it's a very good idea to keep them happy by over-delivering.

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