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Articles related to "payments"

The top trends and technologies impacting consumer transit and the supply chain

  • But to successfully navigate a changing landscape, individuals and organizations must understand the full extent to which digital transformation will affect the transportation industry, the key drivers of this growth, and how it all relates to the work they do every day.
  • The Transportation & Logistics Forecast Book 2018 from Business Insider Intelligence is a detailed two-part slide deck outlining the most important trends impacting the transportation ecosystem around the world — and the key drivers propelling each segment forward.
  • These informative slide decks are packed with charts and statistics outlining the most influential trends on the leading edge of your industry.
  • Whether you're newly interested in a topic or you already consider yourself a subject matter expert, The Transportation & Logistics Forecast Book 2018 can provide you with the actionable insights you need to make better decisions.

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Tesla is slashing thousands of jobs because its cars are still too expensive

  • The electric carmaker announced layoffs of seven percent of its workforce on Friday morning and CEO Elon Musk laid blame on a pursuit of profitability as well as a reduction — and eventual elimination — of US tax credits for electric vehicles that will effectively result in new Tesla owners paying more for the cars.
  • Musk often tries to frame the challenges at Tesla not as ones of a corporate giant attempting to sell luxury vehicles, but as a benevolent entity trying to save the world.
  • Tesla’s stock was trading down 9 percent on the news Friday morning.
  • Plus: Zynga founder Mark Pincus is raising $700 million for a new fund; Apple Pay holdouts Taco Bell and Target get with the mobile payments program; Lady Gaga is officially an Oscar-nominated actress.
  • Fried says tech startups are addicted to raising and spending money, and the VC funding cycle is to blame.

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Amex's billed business accelerated slightly in Q4

  • In the firm's Q4 2018 earnings call, Amex CEO and chairman Steve Squeri highlighted four areas the firm has been focusing on since October 2017.Those growth areas include expanding leadership in the premium consumer space, building on its strong position in commercial payments, strengthening its global integrated network, and making Amex an essential part of customers' digital lives.
  • Amex's efforts throughout 2018 to reach a new customer segment and expand its merchant acceptance network continued into Q4 2018, putting the firm on track for a strong year ahead.
  • Amex will continue expanding its merchant acceptance network in 2019 as it pursues parity with Mastercard and Visa.
  • Amex uses the fees it charges to fund its reward offerings, but a wider merchant acceptance network could promote increased spending on cards, making it important for the firm to find a balance so that it can continue these initiatives going forward.

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