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Articles related to "people"

On Being Fired

  • The second was tech support that was supposed to breadcrumb into a dev job but the company expanded, instructions got contradictory, and I couldn't do anything right.
  • The most recent one was a software dev job where they said I had a great attitude but my code wasn’t up to standard.
  • At my last “real” dev job, I got a lot out of code reviews (even enjoyed them despite being wrong 90% of the time) but it became apparent I was too inexperienced.
  • The best way is to deal for me is to take time off if I can, remember why I enjoy coding, and leave on as best of terms as possible.
  • Ultimately, you want to keep the door open to work in the future and a good reference… plus being on the receiving end of this will eventually make me a good manager.

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#discussWhat is your approach for blogpost titles?

  • The title is the face of the article.
  • People judge the article by the title, before reading the article.
  • Sometimes people don't read the article and instead comment based on the title.
  • People can as well judge based on the cover image (for example Twitter) or based on tags (for example
  • I notice that some of my posts get a relatively big number of likes, but a small number of views.
  • It means that whoever opened the article liked it, but the title probably wasn't attractive enough so not much people opened it.
  • Do you track "click-through rate" for your articles (titles)?
  • But it seems that this rule doesn't work for (cliche titles work quite well here).
  • I may be wrong about this one.
  • It seems not directly prohibited by CoC (or am I wrong?).

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Planned Parenthood just lost $60 million in funding, and it could make it harder to access birth control

  • Facing a choice between continuing to provide abortion services and receiving federal funds, Planned Parenthood has opted out of receiving an estimated $60 million in funding from Title X, a federal statute that funds reproductive healthcare for low-income people, the New York Times reported.
  • Planned Parenthood is estimated to serve about 41% of Title X patients, so the loss of funding could interfere with birth control access for 1.6 million people, particularly women who are uninsured or low-income.
  • It could also increase the number of unintended pregnancies by delaying access to birth control, according to Melissa Grant, chief operations officer of carafem, a nonprofit that provides reproductive healthcare services in Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville, and Washington, D.C. As a result of the gag rule, a variety of organizations that provide abortion information, services, or referrals will not be able to provide low-cost birth control through Title X, which Grant said is a crucial piece of long-term reproductive health.

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Is Big Tech addictive? A debate with Nir Eyal.

  • But Eyal doesn’t think Big Tech is addictive, and he sees the rhetoric of people who do — like me — as “ridiculous.” He believes the answer to digital distraction lies in individuals learning to exercise forethought and discipline, not demonizing companies that make products people love.
  • That’s when I realized that if I’m struggling with this — and I actually understand how these products are designed to hook — other people might have this problem as well.
  • I want to push on this because it doesn’t seem totally fair to say that Hooked came out and people only use that book to do good things.
  • I feel that you can be reasonably value-neutral on the question of how people spend their time without being quite so neutral when it comes to this broader trend toward designing addictive products.

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Netflix’s TV app can now remind you when new shows are released

  • Netflix doesn’t want people to forget about shows they plan to watch in the future.
  • The company is updating its TV app with a “Latest” section that’ll list movies and TV show seasons that’ll be released that week and the one following, according to Variety.
  • Listed titles will have a trailer, and users can ask to be reminded when a program they want to watch becomes available, meaning people will likely receive a notification when they open the app.
  • The feature is similar to the “coming soon” section that’s already available on the company’s Android app.
  • Up until now, though, most people likely relied on the “new releases” or “trending now” suggestions on Netflix.
  • They also might have read articles about what was coming to Netflix in the next month to figure out what they wanted to watch.
  • Command Line delivers daily updates from the near-future.

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Despite Elon Musk's alarmist tweet about an asteroid hitting Earth, NASA says there is no known threat

  • Musk's tweet was a response to another by comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan, who shared an article reporting that NASA has begun preparations for the 1,100-foot-wide asteroid Apophis, which is scheduled to pass by Earth on April 13, 2029.
  • It's rare that such a large object will be this close, so NASA scientists will take the opportunity to observe surface details and other things that may help with planetary defense.
  • Lindley Johnson, of NASA's Planetary Defense Coordination Office, reiterated that stance in a statement.
  • Basically, even if an asteroid were hurtling toward Earth, scientists believe they will have the technology to deflect it off course and prevent collision.
  • Even if an undetected asteroid slipped through, Johnson said in a previous interview with CNN, that impact is extremely rare -- occurring only once every two or three centuries.

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Independent report on Facebook bias catalogues mild complaints from conservatives

  • The report was undertaken in May of last year, when Facebook retained Covington and Burling, led by former Republican Senator Jon Kyl, to look into the allegations loudly being made at the time that there was some kind of anti-conservative bias on the social network.
  • The people interviewed were mainly concerned that the policies behind content moderation, ad approval, fact-checking, and so on were inadequately explained.
  • But at the same time, the intent was not to quantify and solve bias, necessarily, but to understand how people perceived bias in day-to-day use of the site in the first place.
  • As you may have perceived, the concerns of conservatives in fact mirror the concerns of liberals: that Facebook is applying unknown and unknowable processes to the selection and display of content on the platform, and that our ability to question or challenge these processes is limited.

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World’s biggest bike garage is obviously in the Netherlands, because the car is king in the US

  • So you can imagine my bafflement when I finally sat down at my desk, sweaty and stressed out from my close brushes with death, and the first thing I see when opening up Twitter was this video of a newly finished bike parking garage in the Dutch city of Utrecht.
  • I’ve heard that there are more bikes than people in the Netherlands.
  • Meanwhile, a bunch of wealthy people on Central Park West are suing to stop a single bike lane because it would mean less free car storage.
  • Across the Hudson River in Jersey City, an opaque black box from a company called Oonee will soon be installed with the capacity to safely store 20 bikes — or 1/625th of the space in Utrecht.

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Advertisers have been grappling for alternatives ahead of Facebook's 'clear history' tool that could limit one of its most powerful targeting tools

  • The "clear history" tool will limit the amount of targeting advertisers can do by preventing them from using data Facebook collects on people's off-Facebook activities to build ad campaigns.
  • Just last week, Google for its part said it planned to roll out new controls in its Chrome browser that would let consumers block advertisers from serving ads that use third-party cookies.
  • Facebook's Custom Audiences is one of its most powerful targeting tools, and if people adopt it in big numbers, it could seriously dent the effectiveness of advertisers' campaigns, said Marcus Pratt, VP of insights and technology at Mediasmith, told Business Insider.
  • Alex Proujansky, associate director of social marketplace, product & operations at Horizon Media, said the agency has started using other targeting methods for advertisers, like buying third-party audiences elsewhere and increasing lead-generation advertising to help advertisers build up their own stashes of first-party data that they can use for targeting.

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I lived in Sweden for 5 years. Here are 5 things Americans get wrong about work-life balance.

  • I lived in Sweden for five years, and looking back, it's clear to me that Sweden differs from the United States in many realms of life and work.
  • But after spending five years in Sweden, I noticed some of the most pronounced differences between Sweden and America had to do with work-life balance.
  • Read on to see five areas where Sweden blows the US out of the water when it comes to work-life balance.
  • In the US, many parents do not have the luxury of taking substantial time off, if any, to bond with their new baby or take care of themselves.
  • In Sweden, not only do new mothers get time off, but the partner also has the right to 10 days off work within 60 days of the baby coming home in order to support the mother and get to know the newborn baby.

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