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Articles related to "people"

Lack of ‘home-run’ toy least of the concerns as Toys ‘R’ Us Canada plots rebound

  • While Teed-Murch doesn’t see the absence of a home run gift in itself as a long-term problem for the company, it does mean consumers have “the luxury of time” — another potential reason for them not to drive to a big-box toy store.
  • Since Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd., purchased the more successful Canadian arm of Toys “R” Us — rescuing it from creditor protection proceedings and sparing it the same demise as its former American parent company — Teed-Murch has spent significant portions of her interviews emphasizing and re-emphasizing that her 82 stores are still open, despite what you hear about Toys “R” Us closing in the U.S. Last month, Toys “R” Us Canada even added a red maple leaf to its logo to hammer home the point.
  • It was the kind of event, under the old American Toys “R” Us parent company, that would have been weighed down by extra layers of approval, everything running through the U.S. head office’s marketing department in New Jersey, Teed-Murch said.

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Opinion: Wisconsin teens' apparent Nazi salute is a terrifying sight

  • Some who are sympathetic to the Wisconsin students -- white non-Jews, one imagines -- will be tempted to write this off as teenage antics for which the young men should not pay a significant price.
  • Gust has also taken the photo down and complained about "jerks" who are being online bullies -- by which he apparently meant the people angry about the photo, and not the teenagers who appear to be making a Nazi salute.
  • At least one student wrote to a reporter that bullying and bigotry are par for the course at Baraboo High School.
  • One has to wonder what messages these teens absorbed from the authority figures and adults around them (not to mention the adults in the White House) to conclude not only that throwing up a Nazi salute would make for a great photo, but also that it would be funny to tweet and share it.

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Michelle Obama opens up about her marriage - and helps us all

  • Editor's Note: Kate Andersen Brower is a CNN contributor and the author of "First Women: The Grace and Power of America's Modern First Ladies," "First in Line: Presidents, Vice Presidents and the Pursuit of Power," and "The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House." The opinions expressed here are hers.
  • In "Becoming," Michelle Obama reveals a number of personal details, among them that she "stopped even trying to smile" during President Trump's inauguration and that she'll never forgive Trump for the birther movement he led questioning her husband's citizenship.
  • But what is just as interesting to me is how she lays bare the Obamas' struggle with infertility and the overwhelming sense of loneliness and exhaustion that accompanied being married to a man with presidential ambitions.
  • Michelle Obama's book makes the contrast between Melania Trump and the women who came before her starker than ever.

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A LinkedIn exec explains how the company will hit $2 billion in ad revenue this year, and why it's betting big on video

  • LinkedIn announced that it has 590 million members, more than 30 million Company Pages, and generates more than 2 million pieces of content in its newsfeed every day.
  • During a press event on Tuesday, Tomer Cohen, VP of product at LinkedIn Marketing Services, said that LinkedIn's media business that sells advertising will hit $2 billion in revenue this year.
  • Business Insider talked with Cohen about LinkedIn's ad business and how the company sees brands using its platform.
  • LinkedIn You're seeing an increase in sessions, close to up to 60% year-over-year on mobile — that leads to more people coming back to the newsfeed and consuming more.
  • Our members are coming to Linkedin more frequently right now and are looking to engage with businesses on LinkedIn. Businesses want to connect with those communities — whether it's for hiring purposes, for selling purposes, for partnering purposes [or] to excite and their own employee base.

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14 key political trends from the 2018 exit polls

  • In the national House exit poll, Republicans got crushed among young people -- taking just 32% as compared to 67% for Democrats among those aged 18 to 29.
  • One of President Donald Trump's saving graces in the 2016 election was white women, who made up 37% of the electorate and voted for him over Hillary Clinton by 9 points.
  • In Tuesday's election, white women again made up 37% of the electorate, but this time they split their votes: 49% for Democrats, 49% for Republicans.
  • Pelosi, who has repeatedly expressed skepticism about the idea of impeachment, will have to deal with her party's base (and a not-insubstantial number of her House Democratic colleagues), which believes that trying to impeach Trump is beyond debate.
  • It was an election about health care, yes, and also about how people -- and women in particular -- viewed the basic idea of Trump as President.

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Amazon’s HQ2 was a con, not a contest

  • What I really am interested in is how companies that are in the cities, like right now in San Francisco with Prop C, how the businesses helped the cities and how they take up their civic responsibility, because I think especially tech businesses really haven’t picked up, in terms of what they need to, the responsibility of being a civic citizen of any city they’re in.
  • A lot of these red states don’t have big populations, either they lost population or they just get two senators regardless of the fact that Wyoming has a population that’s smaller than most congressional districts, but at the same time, over the last 10 years, if you look at who’s accreted the majority of the income gains, they tend to be people into the cities with college educations, which is Latin for progressives.

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Trump Heightens Tensions With France, Lashing Out About Tariffs and NATO

  • President Donald Trump targeted France and its president, Emmanuel Macron, in a series of tweets Tuesday, lashing out about nationalism, tariffs, and NATO.
  • Tensions between Trump and Macron mounted this past weekend, when world leaders gathered in France to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.
  • While France’s Ambassador to the U.S. clarified that the comment did not mean Europe needs defense against the U.S., Trump took to Twitter to defend the troops, insinuating that France would have lost both world wars if it weren’t for U.S. aid.
  • Trump’s tweets against France were perhaps poorly timed: Tuesday is the third anniversary of the Paris terror attacks that killed 130 people.

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New Guidelines Suggest Doctors Should Screen All Adults for Alcohol Abuse

  • The United States Preventative Services Task Force is advising primary care physicians to screen all adults for unhealthy alcohol use, and if they find a patient is drinking too much, offer a brief counseling session to encourage them to cut back.
  • Unhealthy alcohol use is currently the third leading preventable cause of death in the United States, reports CNN.
  • The group considers unhealthy alcohol use as drinking that frequently goes beyond the recommended limits.
  • Currently, the suggested limits for men ages 21–64 is no more than four drinks in a day and fourteen drinks over the course of the week.
  • Women are suggested to only consume three drinks a day, with a maximum of seven drinks over the course of the week.
  • Earlier this year the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that alcohol consumption is responsible for 1 in 20 deaths globally each year, killing up to 3 million people annually.

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Amazon's next challenge: Finding workers

  • (CNN Business) - When Amazon arrives in the northern Virginia suburb of Crystal City, eventually bringing 25,000 jobs as part of its vaunted headquarters expansion, the tech behemoth will quickly become one of the region's biggest employers.
  • In an Instagram post about the Amazon news, AOL founder Steve Case said it was "fitting" that Northern Virginia will host the tech giant's new headquarters because of the region's role in advancing the growth of the internet.
  • One of the leaders on that front has been Amazon itself: The company's cloud services division, which already has a large public sector office based in the Northern Virginia suburb of Herndon, has been one of the most active in employing apprentices after putting them through an intensive 6-month training program.

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Facebook tweaks group mentorship tool so users can choose their mentors

  • Facebook announced today that it’s pivoting a mentorship tool it started testing among groups earlier this year, as the company tries to position itself more as a site for personal and professional development.
  • He said that among career related groups, many are using the mentorship tool to find someone to field questions they don’t feel comfortable asking through their chain of management.
  • One of the groups piloting the mentorship tool is Female Navy Officers, where O’Reilly said group members are using it to ask questions about what it’s like being a woman in the Navy.
  • Facebook also made some other career announcements today, notably that it’s launching its own online education site called Learn with Facebook.
  • It sounds more like Facebook is just beginning to gauge how receptive users will be to using its career development tools.

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