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Articles related to "people"

Full Q&A;: NYU’s Jonathan Haidt explains the problem with Gen Z

  • On the latest episode of Pivot, NYU’s Scott Galloway spoke to his colleague from the Stern School of Business, Jonathan Haidt, the co-author of The Coddling of the American Mind.
  • The only thought I have on it is that I’m very concerned, as we’ll talk about later, about the way that the touch technologies, I think, are a lot more addictive than, say, television screens that you and I grew up with.
  • So there’s a kind of a moral incoherence on campus now, where a lot of us are in the older culture in which we think what we’re doing is pursuing truth and transmitting it.
  • You know, we can’t read that.” So the idea of seeing books and words and ideas as threatening, dangerous, violence, it’s hard for most people to see that.

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Nearly three quarters of the world will use just their smartphones to access the internet by 2025

  • Almost three quarters (72.6 percent) of internet users will access the web solely via their smartphones by 2025, equivalent to nearly 3.7 billion people.
  • Just over 1.3 billion are forecast to access the internet via smartphone and PC by 2025, according to a report published Thursday by the World Advertising Research Center (WARC), using data from mobile trade body GSMA.
  • WARC estimates that around 2 billion people currently access the internet via only their smartphone, which equates to 51 percent of the global base of 3.9 mobile users.
  • Companies are forecast to spend more on advertising their products via smartphone than they do on TV by the end of 2019 — if current growth rates are maintained — in 12 countries including the U.S., U.K. and China, according to WARC data.

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Behind the scenes at Davos: Hanging with the 1pc

  • Or is it just a chance to consolidate the masonic network, and cut deals?
  • Like a wedding, when everyone feels compelled to go up and ask people if they're from the bride's side of the family or the groom's.
  • You chat to people in the security queue.
  • A handshake, recognition – we are both here, we both belong to the Davos elite, the 1 per cent.
  • The badge must be worn at all times.
  • Some people also choose to take their snow boots on and off, carrying around some indoor shoes.
  • In between promenading, and having your bag checked by security, you might hold a series of meetings and cut deals.
  • Later, you will have been invited to a series of exclusive parties.
  • And as you chat, and disrobe, and discuss, you might try and divine the mood of Davos.

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THE ESPORTS ECOSYSTEM: Why competitive video gaming will soon become a billion dollar opportunity

  • Years ago, eSports was a community of video gamers who would gather at conventions to play Counter Strike, Call of Duty, or League of Legends.
  • These multiplayer video game competitions would determine League of Legends champions, the greatest shooters in Call of Duty, the cream of the crop of Street Fighter players, the elite Dota 2 competitors, and more.
  • The game has spawned a worldwide community called the League of Legends Championship Series, more commonly known as LCS or LOL eSports.
  • To illustrate the market value, market growth, and potential earnings for eSports, consider Swedish media company Modern Times Group's $87 million acquisition of Turtle Entertainment, the holding company for ESL.
  • Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, has compiled an unparalleled report on the eSports ecosystem that dissects the growing market for competitive gaming.

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Buzzfeed will cut its staff by 15% in major round of layoffs

  • On the heels of news that TechCrunch parent company Verizon Media Group (formerly Oath) would lay off roughly 800 workers, BuzzFeed has announced its own substantial staffing cuts.
  • In a memo to employees, BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti explained that the layoffs would hit next week, reducing its workforce by 15% or about 250 positions.
  • Peretti added that he is “confident” that the layoffs would chart a sustainable course of growth for the new media giant — likely one that aims to turn the maturing media company’s revenues into a profit.
  • I’m writing with sad news: we are doing layoffs at BuzzFeed next week.
  • I’m so proud of what our team accomplished over the last year, including diversifying our revenue, and growing our business double digits.
  • I’ll share more about our future structure in a few days, but today I want to focus on what will be a difficult week, especially for the people who are leaving the company.

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BuzzFeed will lay off about 250 people, its second round of cuts in 14 months

  • Peretti says that while BuzzFeed’s business grew “double digits” over the past year, revenue growth alone wasn’t enough to avoid cost cuts.
  • Peretti added that employees would learn “specifics on the process by Monday at the latest,” meaning there will be a period over the next few days where it’s unclear which employees will be terminated.
  • We’ve developed a good understanding of where we can consolidate our teams, focus in on the content that is working, and achieve the right cost structure to support our multi-revenue model.
  • I’m so proud of what our team accomplished over the last year, including diversifying our revenue, and growing our business double digits.
  • I’ll share more about our future structure in a few days, but today I want to focus on what will be a difficult week, especially for the people who are leaving the company.

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One serving of fried chicken a day linked to 13% higher risk of death, study finds

  • Women who enjoyed fried chicken once or more per day had a 13% higher risk of death from any cause compared with women who did not eat any fried food, according to the study, published Wednesday in the medical journal BMJ.
  • Women eating one or more servings of fried food a day had an 8% higher risk of death from all causes as well as heart-related death compared with those who did not eat fried food.
  • Glycation products -- compounds formed when protein-rich animal foods, like meat and fish, are cooked at high temperatures -- are also linked with a higher risk of all cause and cardiovascular mortality, according to previous studies.
  • "But the good news is using healthier cooking methods at home like baking, grilling or roasting and choosing healthier options while eating out are simple changes that can make a big difference to your heart health," said Parker, who was not involved in the research.

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Twitter wants to make it easier to have conversations. And it’s asking for your help.

  • But the more likely scenario seems to be that these new features could help improve Twitter’s algorithms — the software that determines what conversations appear near the top of a thread and which ones get buried.
  • Haider says the company will be studying how these product changes influence key metrics the company uses to measure healthy conversations, like follows, blocks and “Likes.” “Are the changes that we’re making pushing things in one direction or another?” she asked.
  • Most tech companies tweak their products behind closed doors, then come out and update them whether people like them or not.
  • Twitter is taking a different approach by tweaking and iterating its product in public, especially considering this is a service where users are encouraged to voice their opinion and provide feedback.

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What do developer advocates do?

  • I think you need to be technical enough to participate in the kinds of conversations that come up, but the perception that developer relations people (aka devrellers) have to be engineering rockstar ninjas in order to be taken seriously is, to me, a bunch of self-aggrandizing, gatekeeping hooey.
  • A lot of the job involves things like meetings, writing, travel, presenting, and other non-code activities.
  • If you’re not currently employed by a company with a product/service to evangelize, then identify a technology, product, company somewhere in the market who might gain value from Dev Rel and who aligns with your interests and values; then simply engage with them as a community member -- interact on social, build something using their tech and showcase it in a blog post, mention them in a meetup/conference talk, etc.

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The Tech Revolt

  • I petitioned some open-source maintainers  of major projects who were vocal on Twitter about immigration and refugee issues and asked them to sign, and several of them did, like Rick Waldron, who’s a big deal in the JavaScript world.
  • In my email to the recruiter — it was a spur-of-the-moment thing — I wanted someone to understand that I’m paying attention to what their company is doing, that I’m not just going to sign on because of the cool tech I might get to work with.
  • I pretty quickly hijacked the conversation and said, “Did you read the email?” He’s like, “No.” I said, “OK, instead of you trying to sell me, I’m going to tell you why I wouldn’t work for Amazon, and can you tell it to your boss?” He seemed caught off guard and was probably being polite until he could get off the phone.

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