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Articles related to "perform"

Are “jets” a good idea? (2017)

  • These languages are typically capable of universal computation, but executing programs in them directly would be comically slow, and so what they do is recognize special strings of code and replace them with implementations written in a faster meta-language.
  • Compared to intrinsics, jets give you true separation between mechanism and policy; only the interpreter, not the programmer and not the compiler, needs to know what's accelerated.
  • I thought the point of Jets was that you are replacing the inefficient code with the efficient implementation, so programs should still run without the acceleration, just more slowly.
  • With staged programming, programmers can explicitly represent intermediate programs as data structures, transform them explicitly and deterministically by their own ad-hoc rules, then statically 'compile' them into host language functions or another accelerated DSL.

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Oasis labs Privacy first blockchain that is 2–4 orders of magnitude faster than on-chain Ethereum

  • Ekiden is a system for highly performant and confidentiality-preserving smart contract execution.
  • To the best of their knowledge, Ekiden is the first confidentiality-preserving smart contract system that can perform thousands of transactions per second.
  • Ekiden combines any desired underlying blockchain system (permissioned or permissionless) with TEE-based execution.
  • Ekiden uses compute nodes to perform smart contract computation over private data off chain in TEEs, then attest to their correct execution on chain.
  • Ekiden includes several performance optimizations that minimize use of the blockchain, which is a bottleneck.
  • The Oasis implementation of Ekiden supports contract development in Rust and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).
  • When used with Ethereum as the backing blockchain, Ekiden still costs less than on-chain execution and supports contract confidentiality.
  • They created an implementation of Cryptokitties to demonstrate that Ekiden can execute an Ethereum contract even when source code is not available.

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D-Wave’s quantum computer successfully models a quantum system

  • But the D-Wave systems don't perform calculations in the same way and, despite all those bits, haven't clearly demonstrated performance that can outpace even traditional computing hardware.
  • These aren't qubits in the same way that the components of IBM or Intel's quantum processors are, but they do rely on quantum behavior for performing calculations.
  • "It's the first time the respectable competition has to be a multicore server, as opposed to something like a pencil," Harris told Ars. This is also significant because we already know lots of other problems that can be mapped onto these transverse-field Ising models, which means that this is a confirmation that the D-Wave hardware can potentially be used to solve a wide range of problems.
  • The company has already scaled its computers up to far more bits than IBM's or Intel's quantum processors, and it should retain its lead for the foreseeable future.

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Shaolin Soccer is the perfect film to watch before the World Cup final

  • When the United States’ national team was bounced from the World Cup qualifying rounds, some US soccer fans — not to mention the tournament’s Stateside broadcaster, Fox — worried that American interest in the event might be low.
  • Shaolin Soccer presents a fantasy version of the sport that resembles a modern video game, with special moves and power-ups that allow teams to run up the score.
  • The genius of Shaolin Soccer is Chow’s realization that there isn’t a huge difference between the arcs of the classic “young martial artist in training” movie and the typical American underdog sports melodrama.
  • Like a cross between Drunken Master and The Bad News Bears, Shaolin Soccer brings together a ragtag band of monks and misfits and has them learn to trust in themselves (and their awesome kung fu) to best a team that’s been supplied with cutting-edge performance-enhancing drugs from the United States.

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