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Articles related to "perform"

These $110 'gamer shoes' from K-Swiss are made to be kicked off without using your hands

  • How much would you pay for a pair of performance gaming shoes?
  • What are "gaming shoes"?
  • K-Swiss is attempting to answer both questions with a new line of knit sneakers, dubbed the "Icon Knit," that are specifically designed, "for superior fit and comfort." But not just anyone's fit and comfort — these sneakers are aimed at the lucrative esports audience.
  • If the debut video for the shoes is any indication, K-Swiss envisions smartphone esports players wearing these shoes while traversing the world (seen above).
  • To that end, K-Swiss is teaming with esports organization Immortals on branding the shoes.
  • That still leaves some lingering questions: What makes a "gamer" shoe?
  • Aren't games played while seated, often at home, without shoes on?
  • K-Swiss says they're defined by "the ability to quickly kick the shoes off hands-free," according to Bloomberg.
  • That's right: These shoes are intended to perform best when they're not being worn.

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Show HN: High-performance ahead-of-time compiler/optimizer for Machine Learning

  • The library implements normal dense convolution (both direct and GEMM-based), strided convolution, dilated convolution, group convolution, sparse convolution, Winograd convolution, FFT convolution, and more, including super high performance specialized algorithms for cases like 1x1 convolution.
  • Since the library is released as header-only C++, all that’s really required to bring up a new platform is a working compiler supporting the C++17 standard.
  • The library is released under the BSD3 license, and is accompanied by an extensive performance benchmark suite.
  • We’ve developed a sophisticated ahead-of-time optimization framework for DNNs, based on the PBQP formulation, which uses profiled layer timings from performance benchmarking to build a cost model which can statically choose from among the 70+ convolution algorithms in the primitive library to produce a provably-optimal instantiation of a full CNN.
  • Our compiler turns your Caffe deploy.prototxt directly into highly efficient native code, which can be run standalone to perform inference.

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Wearable technologies in esports bring opportunities — and challenges

  • Though the use of wearable technology like Edge offers benefits for esports professionals, teams, and leagues, it is not without its drawbacks.
  • The emergence of wearable technologies in traditional sports leagues has been a net positive, but the intensely personal nature of the data that these technologies track also has led to privacy concerns.
  • Though the highest-paid esports pros earn significantly less than elite athletes in traditional sports leagues, esports pros should still be aware of this risk when considering whether to use wearable technologies.
  • As the esports industry continues to grow and embraces new wearable technologies, players, teams, leagues, and the professionals advising them must carefully consider the benefits and drawbacks of using wearables.
  • Industry attention and investment in wearable technology and related analytics will result in increased partnerships between emerging technology companies and esports teams and leagues and disruption to the way esports athletes train and perform.

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Intel’s new GPUs show it’s slowly getting serious about graphics

  • Intel seems to have skipped a number, considering we’re currently at Gen9, but it’s indicative of the performance boost the company is going for.
  • Of course, if you’re on a desktop you can just get an external graphics card, but that’s usually not an option on the laptops most of these GPUs are installed in.
  • Even with the advent of eGPUs via Thunderbolt 3, adding external graphics is prohibitively expensive, and not all laptops support Thunderbolt 3.
  • Besides, it’s not like you’re going to carry an eGPU with you everywhere you take your laptop.
  • It’s not like it’s going to turn your laptop into a serious gaming machine, but at least some modern games will be playable at low-to-medium settings.
  • The new hardware – dubbed Intel Xe – is supposed to be competitive with current offerings from AMD and Nvidia, but we’ll have to wait until 2020 to hear more.

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The AI boom is happening all over the world, and it’s accelerating quickly

  • The first report, published last December, found that investment and work in AI was accelerated at an unprecedented rate and that, while progress in certain fields like limited game-playing and vision has been extraordinary, AI remains far behind in general intelligence tasks that would result in, say, total automation of more than a limited variety of jobs.
  • When it comes to the type of AI activity, the report finds that machine learning and so-called probabilistic reasoning — or the type of cognition-related performance that lets a game-playing AI outsmart a human opponent — is far and away the leading research category by a number of published papers.

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Intel unveils a new architecture for 2019: Sunny Cove

  • In 2019, Intel will release Core and Xeon chips built around a new architecture: the chips will add a bunch of new instructions to accelerate certain popular workloads such as cryptography and compression, with the company demonstrating 75-percent improvement in compression performance relative to prior-generation parts.
  • Accordingly, the company followed Skylake (with its maximum of four cores in consumer systems) with Kaby Lake (with higher clock speeds and much greater hardware acceleration of modern video codecs), Coffee Lake (as many as eight cores), and Whiskey Lake (improved integrated chipset).
  • The execution units have also been reorganized slightly, with Sunny Cove having two extra units capable of handling LEA instructions (a very versatile x86 instruction that can perform various arithmetic operations, as well as calculating memory addresses), and another for vector shuffles.
  • Like the oddball Cannon Lake processor that's built on 10nm and shipping in limited quantities, Sunny Cove includes support for AVX-512 instructions.

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Hobart's MONA lodges hotel redevelopment plans costing $400m and 2 more years

  • David Walsh has added $100 million and two years to plans for the hotel, theatre and conference centre additions to his MONA Museum outside Hobart.
  • The project with a seven-storey hotel that cantilevers out over the Derwent River will now cost $400 million and, subject to planning and construction processes, will open in 2024 rather than the originally scheduled 2022, MONA founder Mr Walsh said on Wednesday.
  • Funding the project was still "far from finalised" and community consultation could also lead to further changes to the design, Mr Walsh said.
  • The project fundamentally remains the same, with a five-star, 176-room hotel built above a 1075-seat theatre and a conference centre that can seat 1000 people for a banquet-style event.
  • While Mr Walsh has previously spoken of plans to include gaming tables for high rollers in the redevelopment, they did not form part of the current application, Mr Katsalidis said.

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