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Articles related to "phishing"

The Worst Hacks and Breaches of 2020 So Far

  • In April, Iran-linked hackers were caught launching phishing attacks against the pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences, which has been working to develop and distribute treatments for Covid-19.
  • As far back as 2013, state-backed hackers worked to develop spyware and web-hacking techniques they could deploy to track and manipulate the Uighur population.
  • A spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs called that "baseless and nonsense." Tensions between Australia and China have escalated in recent months over trade negotiations, and the pattern of aggressive espionage campaigns and trade secret theft is reminiscent of hacking initiatives China has launched against countries around the world.
  • Days later, researchers published findings that Iranian hacking groups have been pelting the US grid with digital attacks, attempting to gain access inside electric utilities and oil and gas companies.
  • At the beginning of June, Google's Threat Analysis Group said that the Iran-linked actor APT 35, aka Charming Kitten, had launched phishing attacks against President Donald Trump's reelection campaign.

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How to use FIDO2 USB keys with SSH

  • I recently installed Ubuntu Wacky Whatever, the latest version, and I’m very excited about it shipping with SSH 8.2, which means that I can finally use hardware USB keys for secure, easy to use authentication.
  • All you need to know to be completely immune to phishing, password theft, and a whole host of other ways of losing Bitcoin is to just plug your USB key in, press the little button/type your PIN/enter your fingerprint, and you’re logged in.
  • Storing your key on the device means that nobody will be able to steal it (hopefully your device has a PIN or other authentication method set), but untrusted computers might still be able to send commands over the SSH session after you connect.
  • I’m very excited about FIDO2 in general, and for SSH authentication specifically, because we finally have a way to secure authentication that my parents can easily use, with a much smaller attack surface.

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