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Articles related to "php"

Judging a coder 101

  • I know this may sound like a snippet from a philosophy book (well I love philosophy) but it's really important to write about this issue so we can figure out together whether we've been in a Trump state or not (a state where you can judge whoever you want to serve your narcissistic needs).
  • I bet you have some encouraging friends who try to push you to do what you want to do, but unfortunately we won't talk about these rare amazing people, we'll talk about your friends who doesn't understand your job or what you're trying to learn so they just hit you a huge amount of negativity that makes you feel bad coming from them, even though you anticipated the hit.
  • So, if you need a judgmental coder, just contact me, I'll charge 1 Bitcoin for a normal one, 10 for someone who's living his life judging other coders.

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Repl.It 1.0: IDE that Grows from Playgrounds to Fullstack Apps

  • If you want to use files, write to files, split your code into modules, etc., you just do that and behinds the scenes the environment will switch to one where you're interacting with the filesystem.
  • You use it to listen on a port, any port you'd like; we'll detect that, host your server/repl on your subdomain (forever!) and that's it you're developing/deploying an application.
  • We also know that not all applications will grow incrementally so in typical one-click-start fashion we've pre-setup a Django, Rails, Express, and Sinatra apps.
  • serverless apps are unique in that they're stateful and that the same repl, same protocol, same everything, that you use in development is deployed and running in production.
  • After getting user-interest @pyelias is starting to explore building a full stack application using Django.

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Setting up Virtual Box, Vagrant and Scotch Box

  • To test whether the above are correctly installed you can open virtualbox as an application.
  • (You'll not need to use it, vagrant is going to work with virtualbox).
  • To test if vagrant was installed correctly run vagrant -v in terminal.
  • Now if you visit you'll see the 0006.scotch-box-setup-test/public/index.php rendered on the page.
  • As you can see, you're able to control the boxes via the terminal so you never need to open the virtual box app.
  • Second thing that I think is extremely important to note is that the first time you run vagrant up on a Scotch Box project, a virtual box is installed in your computer, it's located at /Users/{username}/VirtualBox VMs (on windows, most likely it's at C:\Users\{username}\VirtualBox VMs) .
  • So the idea that you should install one box for every web project you want to work on seems to be an over kill.

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