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Articles related to "php"

A look into Laravel and its Ecosystem

  • As a developer working primarily on PHP and Laravel I have come across a multitude of services and products related to Laravel.
  • These things made Laravel a popular (Extremely popular I would say) among PHP developers.
  • I would say Laravel gained its momentum not only because its a developer friendly framework or a robust framework; rather because of its surrounding ecosystem of products and services which would help in crafting an application faster.
  • Envoyer can deploy any PHP application on AWS, Digital Ocean etc… (Of course tuned for Laravel as they say).
  • Laravel forge is a server provisioning and managing service.
  • It can create and manage PHP servers for you on AWS, Digital Ocean or Linode.
  • A slimmed down version of Laravel with the primary focus on the development of api's and micro services.

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Show HN: Panther – A browser testing and web crawling library for PHP

  • Panther is very easy to use, because it implements the popular Symfony's BrowserKit and DomCrawler APIs, and contains all features you need to test your apps.
  • In test mode, Panther automatically starts your application using the PHP built-in web-server.
  • It automatically starts your app using the built-in PHP web server and let you crawl it using Panther.
  • Alternatively (and even for non-Symfony apps), Panther can also leverage the Goutte web scraping library, which is an intermediate between the Symfony's and the Panther's test clients.
  • The fun part is that the 3 libraries implement the exact same API, so you can switch from one to another just by calling the appropriate factory method, and find the good trade off for every single test case (do I need JavaScript, do I need to authenticate to an external SSO server, do I want to access the kernel of the current request...).

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