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Articles related to "physical"

With the next console generation, buying digital looks better than ever

  • There’s no way the disc drive alone explains the $100 price delta between both PS5 variants, for example — but Sony wants to be your only retailer, and it’ll expect to make the money back through Digital Edition customers buying games directly.
  • As that generation played out and larger hard drives became more commonplace, Sony and Microsoft started pushing full-game downloads as an alternative to traditional retail.
  • That doesn’t mean there’s no appeal to building up a collection, though, and companies like Limited Run Games play to this market with special-edition physical releases for titles that otherwise wouldn’t receive one.
  • (And yes, Limited Run also sells video game vinyl.) What’s changed is that both Sony and Microsoft are betting that there are now enough people out there willing to stop buying physical games altogether.

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AI-powered ship sets sail for sea trials and environmental research missions

  • The AI and solar-powered marine research vessel is designed to collect environmental data that can deepen our understanding of global warming, ocean pollution, and marine mammal conservation.
  • The ship uses IBM‘s computer vision tech to detect ocean hazards captured by onboard cameras, forecast data from The Weather Company to avoid approaching storms, and automation software to ensure that decisions follow international collision regulations.
  • For example, HyperTaste technology, an electronic, AI-assisted ‘tongue’ developed by IBM Research which enables rapid chemical characterization of liquids, such as ocean water, using combinations of many sensors in an array.
  • Because the technology has a very small physical profile, it’s easy to take HyperTaste onboard the Mayflower helping scientists to analyze water quality and pollution levels in situ on the ship.
  • You can follow the vessel’s voyage through an interactive web portal that provides live updates on its location, environmental conditions, and the research data it’s collected.

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How to help siblings get along better

  • But experts say parents don't have to put up with the bickering and the fights: There are strategies and techniques to help brothers and sisters get along better, strengthening a relationship that will support them for life and make for a more harmonious home.
  • These relationships allow children to try out new social and emotional behavior, particularly when it comes to conflict, helping them learn ways to manage emotions and develop awareness of other people's thoughts and feelings.
  • It was once thought that girls used more verbal aggression than boys, Caspi said, but research is suggesting that sisters are just as apt to use physical violence as much as brothers.
  • Lastly, and perhaps most crucially, both Caspi and Kramer said that it's important for parents to cut themselves some slack and take care of their own mental health.

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