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Articles related to "pilot"

Qantas to use Jobkeeper to pay down annual leave

  • The Qantas Group has advised its 20,000 stood-down employees it will use the JobKeeper allowance to pay down their annual leave, sparking claims the payment is being used as a "balance sheet subsidy", not a wage subsidy.
  • The company's position has enraged the Jetstar pilots union, which argues the airline should pay workers the $1500 a fortnight allowance on top of paid leave and other entitlements and not use it to pay down existing liabilities.
  • While Qantas Group has not directed stood-down staff to take leave, Mr Lutton said pilots had little choice but to exhaust their entitlements to maintain their full pay before eventually shifting to the minimum flat rate.
  • A Qantas Group spokesman said "the government has said in cases where employees have been stood down and elect to take paid annual leave, the JobKeeper payment will subsidise part of that income".

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