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Articles related to "player"

Inside the most inspirational group text in the NFL and how it got started

  • These 29 NFL players would soon descend upon New York City for the Athletes Transition U (ATU) business combine, a week-long event designed to help players find interests outside of football and make contacts for possible post-playing careers.
  • Thornhill formed ATU as an umbrella for the combine and this year, expanded the model to include players from all NFL teams.
  • The 29-man roster included players like Tennessee Titans linebacker Derrick Morgan, Seattle Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril, Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry, New England Patriots wide receiver Chris Hogan, Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham, Oakland Raiders quarterback E.J. Manuel, Forsett, Amukamara, Suh, Paysinger, and many others.
  • Amukamara said early in his career when he played with the Giants, that veteran players encouraged him to network with local business and community leaders at team events.

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Downpour Interactive is bringing military sims to VR with Onward

  • While there’s no dearth of VR shooters out there, military sim enthusiasts searching for a VR version of Arma or Rainbow Six, where tactics trump flashy firefights, don’t have many options.
  • Downpour founder Dante Buckley was one such fan, and when he decided to make his first game, Onward, after a stint in hardware development, he knew it had to be a military sim.
  • The decision to eschew a HUD was an easy one for Buckley to make, and one that made sense for the game as both a VR title and a military sim.
  • Buckley wants the mixture of immersion and a lack of hand-holding to inspire more player creativity.
  • It’s an extra layer of interaction that you can even see in the way that you use something like a pair of night vision goggles.
  • Onward will launch by the end of the year, and Buckley promises some big announcements before then.

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Dissecting my Rusty Superhero Bots

  • As other people submitted new code, my bots would fight against them and go up or down.
  • It would have been better to recognize the opponents and use a whole new set of tactics.
  • Each time you submit new code you reset your position in the league, fighting at first random opponents, then ladder relative ones.
  • The higher the boss, the harder it is for other bots to get out of the league -- I don't think I was popular that Saturday since I was doing quite good at pushing up the boss.
  • This same problem hit me of course, having a bot that was good enough, but with enough people fighting the boss I couldn't quite get a high enough score.
  • This boss contention had the effect that, the later you made it to a higher league the better your bot did without tweaks.

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Invite-only Fortnite is already the top iPhone game in the U.S.

  • Hit game Fortnite is now a hit on mobile as well, and you can’t even get into it without an invite yet.
  • Epic Games sent out the first wave of invites earlier tonight, and apparently that was a sizable wave.
  • Fortnite is already the No. 1 most downloaded iPhone game in the United States right now, according to data provided to GamesBeat by app-tracking firm Sensor Tower.
  • Overall, Fortnite is the No. 2 most downloaded app across all categories in the United States.
  • Fortnite is racing to mobile as it battles to establish supremacy on the platform following its takeover of battle royale genre on console.
  • Epic couldn’t buy publicity and hype like this for its mobile release, and it didn’t.
  • Drake and Ninja found each other organically, and Epic did not pay Drake to show up and play.

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Eco’s player-driven economy let me create a financial meltdown

  • One person sold me their sawmill scraps that I used to make a basic building item (I don’t think they ever purchased anything in my store), a couple of others did some contracts for me to get stone out of the mine, and a handful of others just happened to have resources nearby that I was buying that they didn’t need.
  • People argued that people shouldn’t lose what they have accumulated just because we’re moving to a new currency — and I get that, but it ignores an important point: the haypenny isn’t just replacing Grubbucks and Zackbucks, it’s also going to replace a significant portion of the barter economy that has served as the primary transactional system up to this point.

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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands gets another free patch

  • Ubisoft has a New Assignment for anyone playing Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands in the form of a free update to the online cooperative military shooter.
  • The patch launches tomorrow, and it introduces new classes for the player-versus-player (PVP) mode.
  • The New Assignments update debuts March 14 on PC and consoles.
  • Ghost Recon debuted a year ago, and it has contributed to the 60 million players for the Tom Clancy brand, along with Rainbox Six: Siege and The Division (two other online shooters).
  • The new classes in the upcoming patch are the Trapper, Guerilla, and Stalker.
  • Ubisoft has now delivered on the six promised additional classes it said it would deliver after launch.
  • In addition to the character classes, New Assignment introduces the Refinery and Cliffside maps for Wildlands’ Extraction mode.
  • The patch also brings a refined map-voting tool and a number of other tweaks to the shooter.

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Sea of Thieves shows how Microsoft can sail past PlayStation’s exclusive game lineup

  • The success of games like Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World, which sold 1.6 million copies in January, shows gamers are hungry for titles they can play online with friends for months or years after launch.
  • As a “Play Anywhere” title, Sea of Thieves enables Xbox One and PC owners play together.
  • Microsoft also made headlines by announcing that Sea of Thieves and other future titles would be included in its Xbox Game Pass service.
  • The success of subscription services like Netflix and Spotify shows that consumers often prefer paying a flat monthly fee instead of buying content a la carte.
  • If Sea of Thieves and future games can keep players engaged for months, Microsoft can close the gap with a small number of titles.
  • Sony currently leads in the console space, but games like Sea of Thieves are how Microsoft could win the future.

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Katie Couric and Kara Swisher interview each other on Recode Decode

  • You may know me as the opposite of America’s sweetheart, but in my spare time I talk tech and you’re listening to Recode Decode, a podcast about tech and media’s key players, big ideas and how they’re changing the world we live in.
  • I heard from people from The Netherlands who are like, “You’re a moron, we don’t skate on the canals,” but I was trying to salute the rich tradition and why the Dutch are such incredible speed skaters but I think I was sort of ...
  • Oh my gosh, it’s so interesting in the age of social media, Kara, as you know, it’s like everything you say gets ...
  • No, it was so interesting though, Kara, the other night when I was in San Francisco, I decided I’m just going to check out Fox cuz I like to hear what different networks are talking about.

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Wing Commander II

  • If there was ever any doubt inside Origin Systems that Chris Roberts’s Wing Commander was destined to join Ultima as the company’s second great franchise, it was banished the moment the first game in the new series was released on September 26, 1990, and promptly sold by some accounts 100,000 copies in its first month on the market.
  • Chris Roberts, now installed as Origin’s “Director of New Technologies,” had been placed in charge of developing a true next-generation engine from scratch for use in the eventual Wing Commander III, and thus had a limited role in this interim step.
  • Beeman and Guon obliged him with a script that sees the Tiger’s Claw, the ship from which the player had flown and fought in the first game, destroyed in the opening moments of the second one by a Kilrathi strike force that, thanks to the secret stealth technology the flying tigers have developed, seems to come out of nowhere.

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