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Articles related to "players"

Instacart’s new $7 billion valuation is a bet on the future of grocery delivery — not a wager against Amazon

  • But some investors continue to bet that there’s room for at least one other nationwide provider in the fast-growing grocery delivery sector: Instacart, which has raised a new $600 million round of funding that values the startup at $7.6 billion.
  • The new financing and valuation — led by the hedge fund D1 Capital Partners — comes just six months after Instacart closed a $350 million investment that valued it at just $4.35 billion.
  • Instacart’s place is as a partner to an increasing collection of 300 grocers — from Aldi and Costco to regional players like Wegmans — to deliver items from their stores to customer doors.
  • As for how Instacart will deploy the new money, Mehta said the company planned to double the size of its product and engineering staff by the end of 2019, in part to create tools that make its service more efficient and its shoppers’ work easier.

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The NBA introduces plan to allow top high school hoops players to skip college and earn 6-figure salaries as pros

  • The NBA announced Thursday that the G League would extend six-figure contract offers to top high school recruits, providing them with an option to join the pros straight out of high school for the first time since the NBA instituted the one-and-done rule in 2005.
  • According to the one-and-done rule, players are not eligible for the NBA Draft until they are 19 years old, but starting in the 2019-2020 season, the NBA G League will offer $125,000 "Select Contracts" to elite players who are at least 18 years of age by September 15 before the given season.
  • For successful college basketball coaches who have embraced the one-and-done rule to build star-studded, freshman-filled rosters year after year, like Kentucky's John Calipari and Duke's Mike Krzyzewski, Select Contracts could derail their recruiting efforts.

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Battlefield V interview: Capturing players with single-player stories, not battle royale

  • Electronic Arts’ DICE studio showed off Battlefield V’s War Stories, the single-player missions that show different aspects of the war through four vignettes that explore distinct characters and stories.
  • I played a good chunk of the War Stories single-player missions in Battlefield V.
  • These are DICE’s version of a single-player campaign, and they depict a different main character and aspect of the Second World War. These are not tales you’ll find in history books.
  • The presence of these black soldiers and female operatives makes the diverse characters and tales possible in the War Stories.
  • I felt that way, and I think War Stories will be an advantage that Battlefield V has over Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which jettisoned its single-player campaign in favor of a battle royale mode.

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Stephen Curry had one of his best all-around games in 3 years, and it was a resounding message to the rest of the NBA

  • The game was by no means a rout, but Curry was a dominant force throughout his 37 minutes on the court, putting up 32 points, nine assists, and eight rebounds for one of his best all-around statistical performances since his MVP seasons in 2015 and 2016.
  • While Curry showing out with a brilliant game might not be the most surprising development to start the basketball season, what makes the move so scary to other teams in the league is the fact that with it, the rest of the Warriors were able to coast to a victory despite relatively off nights.
  • There's plenty of compelling teams to follow in the NBA this season, but if Curry decides he wants to play for another MVP award this year, the rest of the league is doomed.

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