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Articles related to "players"

The Alliance had a conversation with Colin Kaepernick, but couldn't reach a deal after the former 49ers quarterback asked for $20 million to consider joining the upstart league

  • A person with knowledge of the conversation tells The Associated Press that the new Alliance of American Football spoke with Colin Kaepernick during its development about joining the league.
  • But Kaepernick wanted $20 million or more to consider playing with the league that had its debut last weekend.
  • The Alliance says its mission is to provide opportunities for players not in the NFL to continue their careers, with a possibility they could entice NFL teams to sign them once the AAF season concludes at the end of April.
  • None is a star; the rare NFL first-round draft pick in the AAF is Birmingham running back Trent Richardson, who flamed out with the Browns and Colts, but who league co-founder Bill Polian, a Pro Football Hall of Fame executive, says could be "fast approaching" stardom in the Alliance after his strong debut.

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In China, Chinese Parents video game lets you be a tiger mum or a driven dad

  • In a nation of famously demanding, scolding and, yes, sometimes loving mothers and fathers, the game, Chinese Parents, is a hit.
  • Yang Ge Yilang, a founder of Moyuwan Games, the independent studio that developed Chinese Parents, said he hoped to produce an English version this year.
  • Yang said he also hoped to make a smartphone version of the game that allowed players to see how their virtual offspring stack up against those of their friends.
  • Chinese parents love nothing more than boasting to their peers about how wonderful their children are.
  • For many decades, an official one-child policy meant that Chinese boys and girls carried the entire weight of their parents' hopes for betterment.
  • In Chinese Parents, a virtual child's life unfolds over 48 rounds.
  • The earliest version of Chinese Parents gave players only the option of raising a son.

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THE DIGITAL HEALTH ECOSYSTEM: An in-depth examination of the players and tech trends reshaping the future of healthcare

  • This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence,Business Insider's premium research service.
  • To learn more about Business Insider Intelligence, click here.
  • Current subscribers can read the report here.
  • Digital health innovation offers market incumbents new opportunities to combat constricting margins, labor shortages, and rising costs.
  • But it also poses a threat to slow movers, as new entrants lean on their digital prowess and lack of legacy infrastructure to cut costs and remain nimble.
  • As such, incumbents are turning to acquisitions, partnerships, and new investments to strengthen their digital health services.
  • We outline the role of each of the industry's major players — including payers, providers, and manufacturers — and how they're affected by healthcare's digital disruption.

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The best resources to start learning GraphQL | GraphQL Blog

  • GraphQL is a new API query language is BIG.
  • Since its introduction in 2015, it’s userbase is continuously growing, but it gained real momentum when big players (Github, ProductHunt, Yelp, PayPal, Twitter) hopped on a GraphQL train.
  • Right now there’re nearly 2 000 companies using GraphQL and this metric continue to grow.
  • To help you with that we prepared a list of TOP5 places with best tutorials and articles to help you start with GraphQL.
  • The best place to start your GraphQL adventure.
  • Raw knowledge about the GraphQL project by Facebook.
  • A weekly newsletter of the best news, articles, and projects about GraphQL, Apollo and more.
  • The Fullstack Tutorial for GraphQL which will take you into a fascinating journey from zero to releasing your first GraphQL project.
  • Do you want to try our mock backend from GraphQL app.

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Global E-Sports Market Will Reach $1 Billion in Proceeds in 2019

  • The global e-sports market is set to reach new heights, according to a recent study.
  • Total revenue for the global e-sports market will hit $1.1 billion in 2019, representing a 26.7% year-over-year growth rate compared to the $897.2 million it generated in 2018, says a new study from gaming researcher NewZoo. If e-sports can reach that level, it’ll be the first time the industry has posted earnings of $1 billion in a single year.
  • In 2017, there were 335 million people interested in e-sports around the world, according to NewZoo. That figure will grow to 454 million this year and could reach 645 million in 2022.
  • That year, total earnings is expected to hit $1.8 billion, but if the industry continues to boost its monetization opportunities, it could hit a height of $3.2 billion in 2022, NewZoo said.

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'Fire Emblem: Three Houses' comes to Nintendo Switch on July 26th

  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the 16th mainline game in Nintendo's robust tactical-RPG series, lands on the Switch on July 26th.
  • In a medieval-esque setting, players start as a mercenary and end up teaching at the officer's academy, a school with three houses (hence the name).
  • As a professor, players mentor students from all houses, and then venture out into the world together to put their skills to the test on a grand scale.
  • Nintendo announced Three Houses during E3 2018, but aside from an initial trailer, the company has kept details light.
  • The most recent installments in the series -- Fire Emblem Awakening, Fates (Birthright and Conquest) and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia -- came out on 3DS.
  • Three Houses, meanwhile, was built specifically for the Switch.
  • See more about the mysterious RPG.

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'It's been a long road to get here': BioWare's Mike Gamble on the launch of 'Anthem,' and what the team learned from that rocky demo

  • That's what I'm most looking forward to seeing: The people who can play the game from the very beginning, they can learn about the characters, they can get to know the world a lot more, and get sucked into the lore and context and everything that goes with it.
  • Gilbert: It's such a different approach from other games of this genre, and it seems like almost two different games at once — a single-player game in Fort Tarsis versus the shared open world with other people who might be having a completely different experience.
  • And I think when you see the mixed sentiment coming out of people, it was usually, "Hey this game has legs, the foundation, the core, moment-to-moment gameplay feels solid, but I'm concerned about the bugs." So we got that a lot.

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Apex Legends’ chat options provide a roadmap for voiceless accessibility

  • EA’s surprise Titanfall battle royale Apex Legends provides a good example for how you can use clever in-game communication features to make life easier for players with speech or language disorders.
  • Apex Legends’ “ping” system is a method of communicating that doesn’t require speech, perfect hearing, or typing, meaning it’s accessible to a far greater variety of players besides the usual glut of people shouting commands to each other over headset mics.
  • This is what makes the comms system of Apex Legends so appreciable: as games are now legally required to include options for those with speech impairments, then developers are going to need a good example to emulate.
  • Rocket League, for example, allows players to customize their quick chat options, meaning they can communicate pre-set phrases of their choice quickly to their teammates.

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