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Articles related to "players"

'Fortnite' and Jordan Brand are teaming up for one of the game's weirdest crossovers yet

  • One week after introducing an outfit inspired by "John Wick: Chapter 3," and less than a month after a massive partnership for "Avengers: Endgame," "Fortnite" is launching a new crossover event with Nike's iconic Jordan Brand.
  • Like past crossovers, the Fortnite x Jumpman partnership will include new outfits and a brand-new limited-time mode.
  • Players can purchase the Hang Time bundle to unlock two character skins, Grind and Clutch — both outfits wear Jordan's signature sneakers and come with a set of customizable colors that lets players choose their favorite style.
  • The Fortnite x Jumpman crossover also added a limited-time mode called Downtown Drop, designed by Creative mode artists NotNellaf and Mollmolia.
  • Completing challenges in Downtown Drop will unlock the Back Board, a new backpack item with nine styles based on popular "Fortnite" outfits.

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PUBG Mobile is doing a Godzilla: King of the Monsters crossover event

  • PUBG Mobile‘s next Hollywood crossover will see the battle royale get in bed (a very, very big bed) with Godzilla.
  • Now, this sadly doesn’t mean that you’ll get to play as or fight Godzilla.
  • Instead, you’ll be able to track marks left by the monster collect items based on the upcoming Godzilla: King of the Monsters movie, which comes out to theaters on May 31.
  • PUBG Mobile is a giant hit with over 100 million players.
  • These crossover events can attract players from other fandoms.
  • PUBG Mobile previously did one with Resident Evil 2.
  • It’s competitor, Fortnite, has done crossovers with The Avengers and John Wick.
  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters is the sequel to 2014 Godzilla reboot.
  • That film made just over $529 million worldwide.
  • Someone tell me when one of these games is brave enough to do a Gamera crossover.

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EA is offering up 'The Sims 4' for free right now — but you only have a few days left to claim your copy

  • For those unfamiliar, "The Sims" lets players create and customize a household of digital people called Sims and build a community for them.
  • Each Sim has their own unique appearance and personality, and players have complete control over the lives of their creations.
  • Since September 2014, Electronic Arts has gradually built "The Sims 4" into a massive game with dozens of upgrades and expansion packs.
  • The expansion packs add things like new jobs, pets, clothing, and even weather effects.
  • Unfortunately, most of this content isn't included with the free standard version "The Sims 4," but if you like the game enough you can purchase them in discounted bundles later on.
  • You'll need to make a free Origin account to claim your copy of "The Sims 4" and download the game.
  • Once you add the game to your account library, it'll be yours to keep forever.

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The Hulu/Disney/Comcast divorce, explained

  • Which means that while today it’s pretty easy to find most of TV’s biggest hits by subscribing to Netflix and Hulu, in a few years, many of those shows will be scattered to rival services: If you want everything, you’ll need to get Netflix and Hulu and NBCUniversal’s thing and AT&T’s thing and Disney’s other streaming service.
  • In an earlier version of the world, WarnerMedia and Comcast were happy to be part of Hulu; the streaming service generated near-term revenue for them by buying their shows, and also meant they didn’t have to spend money creating their own service.
  • But just because the big media players think this is the way to go doesn’t mean that consumers have to play along: You might be someone who thinks it makes sense to subscribe to Netflix and Hulu and WarnerMedia and NBCUniversal and Amazon Prime and whatever Apple eventually launches — along with other services from CBS, HBO, Showtime, etc.

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HQ Trivia is making a major change to the game by offering players a way to win prize money that doesn't require getting every question right

  • HQ Trivia, the live game show app that offers players real cash prizes, is introducing a new way to give players a better chance of taking home money earlier in the game.
  • Starting Tuesday, players will be able to win cash prizes for answering specific questions correctly.
  • Previously, only players who answered every question correctly got a share of the prize money.
  • HQ has also found a replacement for the recently departed Scott Rogowsky: On Tuesday, HQ will welcome Matt Richards as its full-time host.
  • The first round of HQ Trivia Season 4 starts Tuesday night at 9 p.m., and as always, players can join in using the app on their Android or iOS smartphone.
  • Comedian Anna Roisman will host HQ Words, a separate game with similarities to "Wheel of Fortune." And actress Lauren Gambino will host HQ Sports during the new season.

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Hearthstone: Rise of the Mech event adds a free Legendary, buffs 18 cards, and ushers in Arena rotation

  • Get ready for Rise of the Mech, a Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows event that begins June 3 and ends July 1 that gives players a new Legendary Mech, permanently improves (or “buffs”) two cards from each class (18 in total), and ushers in the first two-month rotation in the Arena.
  • Hearthstone rules the roost in a digital card game market that research firm Newzoo estimates could be worth $2 billion by 2020, and events such as Rise of the Mech help engage players who may be feeling tired of the metagame or bring back others who have lost interest or drifted off to other games.
  • The news also comes a day after Blizzard announced a round of nerfs that target some of the most oppressive decks in the metagame.
  • All of these changes are permanent, Blizzard said, and will stay after The Boomsday Project rotates out of Standard next year.

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The romance between Sloane Stephens and Jozy Altidore is the most adorable story in sports right now, and their Instagram photos prove it

  • The love that Toronto FC soccer player Jozy Altidore and tennis champion Sloane Stephens have for one another is the most adorable story in sports right now.
  • With five goals and two assists from seven appearances for Toronto FC so far this season, Altidore is one of the most impressive players in his team, according to statistics.
  • Stephens, meanwhile, is currently the seventh best tennis player on the WTA tour, and one of the favorites to triumph at the upcoming French Open, the year's second major tournament.
  • Keep scrolling to see photos that prove just how adorable the couple really are.
  • Source: Instagram, Essence, and USA Today.
  • Source: Instagram, USA Today.
  • Source: FIFA, USA Today, MLS Soccer.
  • Source: USA Today.
  • Source: Instagram.

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Pre-E3 2019: Oculus wants you to paddle a stealth VR kayak—and it’s awesome

  • I had just watched a pitch for a new single-player stealth video game from Oculus Studios, titled Phantom: Covert Ops, and was intrigued.
  • The video looked like an interesting game's opening sequence, in which players slip into a defended terrorist compound by paddling beneath its steel belly in a very quiet kayak.
  • Oculus will arrive at next month's E3 with four major solo VR adventures in tow, and we got a world-premiere hands-on look at two of them last week: the surprisingly solid Phantom: Covert Ops and the impressive sci-fi sequel Lost Echo 2.
  • At the very least, Lone Echo 2, Phantom: Covert Ops, and the Insomniac-developed action-adventure game Stormland (which Oculus will show more of at E3, ahead of its vague "2019" launch window) all do compelling things both with VR's perspective and hand-tracked controls to answer that "why in VR" question.

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HQ Trivia aims for comeback with new cash prizes and a new host

  • Its founding CEO died and it parted ways with longtime host Scott Rogowsky last month.
  • Before every game, the host will announce the cash prizes you can win if you get to a certain question.
  • HQ now enables players to control the questions and direction of the game.
  • In Season 4, HQ will occasionally survey the audience to let them pick question themes.
  • Measurement firm Sensor Tower said that HQ Trivia was installed by just 560,000 new users last quarter, which was down close to 91% from the first quarter of 2018 when the app added approximately 5.9 million first-time players.
  • Rogowsky parted ways with HQ Trivia last month, and now he is the co-host of DAZN’s ChangeUp. Rogowsky said he tried to stay on part-time as a host at HQ Trivia, but he said that wasn’t part of HQ’s plans.

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Alt-Frequencies is an interactive audio drama about government conspiracy and time travel

  • So goes the premise of Alt-Frequencies, a new audio mystery in which players skim radio stations to uncover a government conspiracy.
  • Its latest tale — available now for mobile and PC — posits that our lives may be stuck in a never-ending time loop initiated by government officials.
  • In order to expose the truth, players listen to different radio broadcasts, record relevant information, and send it back into the airwaves.
  • It’s an interesting idea executed simply: swiping left or right will allow you to browse different radio stations, while you can record any audio clip you want and send it off by swiping down then up, respectively.
  • The key to moving forward is to identify which clips expose information, and which radio station is best suited to broadcast it.

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