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Articles related to "players"

Watching a Breath of the Wild speedrunner collect Koroks is mesmerizing

  • Everyone knows that the map is full Koroks, but you don’t really get a sense of how flush the map is with these critters until you watch an expert Zelda player collect as many Koroks possible, as quickly as possible.
  • The latter is referred to as 100% speedrun, and one Zelda player in particular, Swiffy, has been optimizing routes for this kind of play through since February 2017.
  • There are many components to a 100% run, such as defeating every boss, but one of the more time-consuming tasks involves collecting all 900 available Koroks in the game.
  • The clips may feel particularly wondrous if you don’t follow the world of Zelda speed running, where players have redefined what it means to be good at Breah of the Wild.
  • Breath of the Wild may be nearly two years old, but for speerdunners, the possibilities still feel endless.

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These $110 'gamer shoes' from K-Swiss are made to be kicked off without using your hands

  • How much would you pay for a pair of performance gaming shoes?
  • What are "gaming shoes"?
  • K-Swiss is attempting to answer both questions with a new line of knit sneakers, dubbed the "Icon Knit," that are specifically designed, "for superior fit and comfort." But not just anyone's fit and comfort — these sneakers are aimed at the lucrative esports audience.
  • If the debut video for the shoes is any indication, K-Swiss envisions smartphone esports players wearing these shoes while traversing the world (seen above).
  • To that end, K-Swiss is teaming with esports organization Immortals on branding the shoes.
  • That still leaves some lingering questions: What makes a "gamer" shoe?
  • Aren't games played while seated, often at home, without shoes on?
  • K-Swiss says they're defined by "the ability to quickly kick the shoes off hands-free," according to Bloomberg.
  • That's right: These shoes are intended to perform best when they're not being worn.

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Meet James Comey, who was inspired to become a prosecutor after he was held at gunpoint in high school, rose to FBI director, and is now one of Trump's favorite punching bags

  • Former FBI Director James Comey has made regular appearances in the political spotlight since the 2016 election.
  • From his high-profile firing to his testimony in Congress, Comey has managed to maintain his political relevance.
  • Comey's tangles with Trump are the latest in a decades-long legal career alongside major players like the special counsel Robert Mueller.
  • Originally inspired by a hostage situation, he ended up leading cases against New York's financial elite, chef Martha Stewart, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
  • Here's how Comey ended up where he is today.
  • As US Attorney, Comey filed criminal charges against 47 currency traders in 2003 after an 18-month undercover operation.

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Influencers, sportspeople and celebrities to be slugged by 'Instagram tax'

  • Treasury has flagged changes to tax rules to see celebrities, sportspeople, internet personalities and entertainers pay tax on income made through advertising, sponsorships, free products, public appearances and promotions, especially when they can take advantage of tax savings by licensing their image or fame through a business separate entity.
  • First proposed in the May federal budget, the changes flagged in a discussion paper this week are due to apply from July 1, 2019 and would see high-profile people pay tax on money earned from their fame or image through their annual assessable income.
  • Described as offering "an unquantifiable gain" to the federal budget, the rules will hit leading Australian sportspeople with sponsorship and endorsement deals and could extend to Instagram influencers making money from promoted posts on social media.
  • Treasury said the planned measures would not extend to income from the use or exploitation of property rights currently recognised by intellectual property laws, including patents and copyrights.

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[Report] Future of Life Insurance Industry: Insurtech & Trends in 2018

  • These companies are finding ways to digitize life insurance to appeal to consumers — and they're giving incumbents the opportunity to revamp traditional offerings, either by partnering with them or using their technology.
  • And because it's such a tightly-regulated space, innovation from incumbents has stagnated — but they're not helpless.
  • Consumer-focused and insurer-focused startups have emerged to offer new technologies and process improvements.
  • The Future of Life Insurance report from Business Insider Intelligence looks at the two main strategies life insurtechs are adopting to drive change in this market, for the benefit of both buyers and sellers.
  • In full, the report discusses best practices incumbents and startups should adopt to steer clear of the risks attached to applying emerging technologies to such a tightly regulated product.
  • Insurtech startups will soon set new industry standards and consumer expectations around this complex product.

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Hearthstone’s Rumble Run solo mode is out now

  • The single-player component of Hearthstone’s newest expansion, Rastakhan’s Rumble, is out not on PC and mobile.
  • The new solo mode, Rumble Run, is free for all players.
  • Hearthstone is the king of the digital card game market.
  • New experiences like this can keep its huge audience playing for longer (and increase the odds they’ll spend money on card packs).
  • Rastakhan’s Rumble came out on December 4, but as usual with Hearthstone expansions, this solo mode waited a couple extra weeks to debut.
  • Rumble Run has players taking on the role of Tikkar, a young troll eager to prove himself in the arena.
  • The mode is similar to past solo adventures like Dungeon Run and Monster Hunt.
  • It also gives Hearthstone an advantage over digital card games like Magic: the Gathering Arena and Artifact, which don’t have extensive solo modes.

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Beware, Minecraft and Roblox. Here comes the blocky world of Hytale

  • Hypixel Studios is unveiling Hytale a new game that delivers a sandbox world and a blocky 8-bit art style.
  • The team behind the Hypixel server network, the world’s largest independent game server, has today announced the formation of Hypixel Studios, which is making the game.
  • The studio has also announced its first project, Hytale, a sandbox role-playing game, a mini games platform, and a set of accessible tools that empower users to customize and create across all aspects of the game.
  • It also has a wide variety of online mini games including the power for players to create and share their own.
  • It is the holder of four Guinness World Records including ‘most popular independent server for a videogame’ (with 64,533 concurrent players) and ‘most unique players logged into a Minecraft server’ (with 14.1 million players).

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Pokémon Go’s PvP Trainer Battles are now live

  • Trainer Battles, the long-awaited PvP mode for Pokémon Go, are now available.
  • Niantic started rolling them out for level 40 players a couple of hours ago, but they quickly became accessible for players as low as level 10 as well, which will be the permanent minimum required level for the mode.
  • For the most part, you’ll need to be in the same location as your rival in order to battle them, either through your friends list or a QR code-scanning feature.
  • You can remotely battle players with whom you’ve achieved Best or Ultra Friends status, however, as well as practicing against AI-controlled team leaders.
  • Battling against human players can earn you in-game rewards including the currently much sought-after Sinnoh Stone, which lets you evolve various pokémon to their powerful final forms recently introduced as part of the fourth generation.
  • You can earn rewards this way up to three times a day.

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Detroit: Become Human sales pass 2 million copies

  • Sony announced today that sales for Detroit: Become Human have passed the 2 million mark.
  • The narrative-driven sci-fi game came out on May 25 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.
  • While it is not as high-profile a release as others this year — notably God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man — Detroit is still a success.
  • This is the third Sony exclusive from David Cage’s Quantic Dreams studio.
  • Heavy Rain launches for the PlayStation 3 in 2010.
  • Beyond: Two Souls followed in 2013.
  • It has sold 2.8 million copies.
  • Become Human focuses on a story about androids, told across multiple point-of-view characters.
  • Players choices through dialogue and actions impact the direction of the narrative.
  • Our review praised its believable characters and strong acting.

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Battlefield V’s new Panzerstorm map lets the tanks loose

  • In this session, I played Panzerstorm in the Conquest mode, where 32 players battle 32, and the goal is to control six capture points on the map.
  • Others have pointed out that it’s not very fun to play this map as an infantry soldier, since you have to run exposed over long distances to get to capture points.
  • On this map, I played with a flak cannon, unproductively, until a lone infantry soldier took me out.
  • And I finally made my way to some action at another point, where I found an anti-tank gun.
  • I was able to use that gun to head off an attack from four British tanks closing on the capture point.
  • That turned into my cover for the rest of the time, where I tried to use my weak anti-tank gun against the distant British tanks.

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