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Articles related to "population"

The world's supply of fresh water is in trouble as mountain ice vanishes

  • Explore the most important mountainous and glacial regions of the world, which serve as the "water towers" for billions living downstream.
  • It’s also important for cities and towns, which need water year-round, and for the natural world, since the high mountains are home to about a third of Earth’s land-based biodiversity.
  • For decades scientists have recognized that climate change will affect the amount of water stored in the high mountain water towers and the paths it takes as it flows out.
  • Nor had they created a full global reckoning of the vulnerability of each of those water towers to the host of factors that might affect them: changing climate, increasing development and associated rises in water use, geopolitical instability, and more.
  • If downstream demand on that supply is also high, from activities like agriculture, cities, and towns, and industrial use, then the water tower is considered important.

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Resident Evil 3 Remake is real... and nested inside another game

  • What’s more, Capcom have cleverly packaged it with the Resident Evil multiplayer game it’d also been making.
  • That’s right, it turns out that Project Resistance thing we heard about at the Tokyo Game Show is going to come in the same package, and is now called Resident Evil Resistance.
  • I’ll admit, when I first heard about Resistance, I was afraid it was going to be another Operation Raccoon City — a mindless, low-effort shooter wearing Resident Evil like a disguise.
  • It appears to be a bit better than that — though, from what I’ve seen, they’re missing a huge chance to borderline-remake RE: Outbreak by including that game‘s characters as survivors.
  • Also, having a Resident Evil 3 Remake as a single-player campaign has probably gained this game more goodwill in a single day than a six-month dedicated advertising campaign.

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All the lonely people: Why more of us will feel disconnected than ever before

  • But that doesn't mean we won't have a loneliness epidemic in the future, as the baby-boomer population continues to age and younger generations struggle with feelings of isolation.
  • A second study, based in the Netherlands, also found no current loneliness epidemic in a Dutch population aged 55 and older.
  • Despite the fact that social communities such as churches, neighborhoods and extended families have declined in strength in recent decades, the study found Dutch adults in their 50s and 60s were actually less lonely than prior generations, although the decrease was small.
  • While research shows that social media is isolating for youth today, it's the opposite for the aging population.
  • A study of 1,200 people done by George Mason University in the US found one in three youth below the age of 25 felt lonely, while only 11% of adults older than 65 felt the same.

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Here's how much money you have to earn to be considered rich in 42 major US cities

  • A 2018 Pew Research Center report found that only 19% of American households were considered upper class.
  • That group of upper class households had a median income of $187,872.
  • In order to be considered "upper class," according to CNBC, a household must earn over double the median household income.
  • The median household income nationwide in 2018 was $63,179, according to the US Census Bureau's September 2019 report.
  • However, the threshold for being considered "upper class" varies from city to city, depending on the local median income.
  • Keep scrolling to find out what it takes to be considered upper class, or rich, in the 42 largest metro areas in the US, plus what income is needed to be in the top 1% in those states.
  • Note: Population size and median area income have been sourced from Data USA.

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