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Articles related to "position"

Two-sided solar panels that track the sun produce a third more energy

  • Carlos Rodríguez-Gallegos at the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore and his colleagues found that double-sided solar panels that track the sun would produce 35 per cent more energy and reduce the average cost of electricity by 16 per cent.
  • The goal for any solar panel is to absorb as much energy from the sun as possible, says Rodríguez-Gallegos.
  • The advantage of using two-sided solar panels is that they can also absorb energy that is reflected by the ground onto their rear side, says Rodríguez-Gallegos.
  • In their analysis, the team calculated the global energy generated by a variety of combinations of different solar panel set-ups.
  • They found that that combining double-sided panels with single-axis trackers would reduce the levelised cost of electricity – an indicator of how much a consumer pays per kilowatt hour of solar energy produced – the most, by 16 per cent for the majority of the world.

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Infinite Steps CartPole Problem With Variable Reward

  • As we can see in the blog, the fixed reward of +1 was used for all the stable states and when the CartPole loses its balance, a reward of 0 was given.
  • We ended the blog suggesting a remark: the maximum number of steps (which we defined 200) and the fixed reward may have led to such behavior.
  • Today, let’s not limit the number of steps and modify the reward and see how the CartPole behaves.
  • The CartPole problem is considered to be solved when the average reward is greater than or equal to 195.0 over 100 consecutive trials.
  • Thanks to its definition, it makes sense to keep a fixed reward of 1.0 for every balance state and limit the maximum number of steps to 200.
  • Here, the reward becomes zero only when both of the expressions (pole angle and cart position) reach the extreme values.

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'I don't see racism at all in the NFL,' Denver Broncos head coach says

  • Of the 32 teams in the NFL, just four have a nonwhite head coach.
  • On May 19, the NFL announced implementation of enhanced diversity policies and an expansion of the Rooney Rule, which requires teams to interview a minority coach whenever there is a head coach opening.
  • Now, clubs will be required to interview at least two minority candidates for head coach vacancies; at least one minority candidate for any of the three coordinator vacancies; and at least one external minority candidate for the senior football operations or general manager position.
  • Minority and female applicants must also be included in the interview processes for senior level front office positions such as club president and senior executives in communications, finance, human resources, legal, football operations, sales, marketing, sponsorship, information technology, and security positions.

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A lost decade looms for America's economy

  • The CBO warns in a new analysis that the pandemic will reduce cumulative economic output over the next 10 years by $7.9 trillion, or 3% of GDP during the decade, compared to its projections from January.
  • Neil Shearing, the group chief economist at Capital Economics, said that most major economies are in a similar position — at least in the medium term —despite the recent pick up in high frequency data such as road traffic and electricity consumption.
  • Some Facebook employees staged a virtual walkout on Monday to protest CEO Mark Zuckerberg's decision not to take action on a series of controversial posts from President Donald Trump.
  • What employees are saying: Jason Stirman, a design manager at Facebook, said he disagreed with Zuckerberg's decision to do "nothing" about Trump's recent posts.

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Vibe: Video Human Pose Estimation

  • Check our YouTube videos below for more details.
  • Video Inference for Body Pose and Shape Estimation (VIBE) is a video pose and shape estimation method.
  • It predicts the parameters of SMPL body model for each frame of an input video.
  • Refer to doc/ for more details about the demo code.
  • Note that the training datasets should be downloaded and prepared before running data processing script.
  • Please see doc/ for details on how to prepare them.
  • Here we compare VIBE with recent state-of-the-art methods on 3D pose estimation datasets.
  • See doc/ to reproduce the results in this table or evaluate a pretrained model.
  • This code is available for non-commercial scientific research purposes as defined in the LICENSE file.
  • By downloading and using this code you agree to the terms in the LICENSE.
  • Third-party datasets and software are subject to their respective licenses.

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The Myers diff algorithm that is used in Git (2017)

  • From looking at diffs, you probably have an intuitive idea that diffs only show the things that changed, but these examples show that there are many possible interpretations of the difference between two files.
  • Moving downward (increasing y) corresponds to inserting a character from b, for example if we now move from (1,0) down to (1,1), we insert the first C from b, and our edited string is thus CBCABBA.
  • However, walking diagonal paths is free since they don’t correspond to making changes, thus we want to maximise the number of diagonal steps we take and minimise the number of rightward/downward moves.
  • For intuition, consider that making a rightward move first means performing a deletion first, and we generally want deletions to appear before insertions.

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