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Articles related to "position"

Want to Get Paid to Sleep? This Internship Might Be for You

  • And although sleeping on them will be the main job function, the person will also need to determine what their “optimal head and foot positions” might be and figure out the best positions for hanging out in bed to watch Netflix, check social media, and more.
  • In order to get the gig, applicants will need to create a video for why they are ideal for the job.
  • The position is only available to adults who consider themselves “proficient in napping, regardless of time of day.” Applicants will also need to like different surfaces and textures, be passionate about sleep and comfort (who isn’t?), and willing to talk about sleep.
  • Applicants will also need to know how to create short videos on software like Animoto, iMovie, Adobe Spark, or Final Cut Pro. The Snoozetern will start the job on Aug. 15.

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Supercharging the Git Commit Graph IV: Bloom Filters

  • Today, I’ll describe how we use Bloom filters to accelerate file history calls in VSTS and how we plan to extend the commit-graph feature in Git to use them, too.
  • Before we get into the details of Bloom filters, we first need to describe how file history works in Git. Each commit in Git points to a complete description of the working directory at that point in time.
  • If the number of changed paths is not too large (we use 512 as a limit in VSTS) then create a Bloom filter and seed it with the values for those paths.
  • If the Bloom filter returns with “definitely not”, then we do not need to walk trees to check if the commits have the same file at that path.

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Uber CEO on Gender Discrimination Investigation: ‘I Take Sole Responsibility’

  • That followed last week’s exit of Uber’s HR chief, Liane Hornsey, who resigned after claims that she ignored allegations of racial discrimination.
  • Khosrowshahi has been vocal about plans to take Uber public in 2019, saying that the company is in a “good position” in terms of its profitability, excluding certain expenses, and margins.
  • However, Uber hasn’t had a chief financial officer since 2015—a glaring hole for a company planning an IPO—and a loss of nearly $4.5 billion last year.
  • At Brainstorm Tech on Monday, Khosrowshahi said he doesn’t think Uber needs to be profitable before going public, but that there should be a very clear path to profitability.
  • Khosrowshahi re-emphasized that commitment on Monday, saying that travel within cities will change radically in the next five to 10 years.

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Hear BMW's Dieter May explain the connected car at Disrupt SF 2018

  • We’re excited to have BMW’s Dieter May speak on the main stage about how the German car company is addressing the connected car while still building, what they say is, the ultimate driving machine.
  • It’s an interesting position that puts him in the middle of merging consumer technology with the driving experience — and doing it in a safe manner.
  • That’s the tricky part and a topic we’re excited to speak to him about.
  • Consumers expect the latest and flashiest technology.
  • Auto makers need to deploy this technology in a manner that is safe and practical.
  • We’re excited to talk to talk to May about how automakers and startups alike should address consumer’s expectations.
  • Dieter May joins several other notable figures in the mobility space speaking at Disrupt SF including Cruise’s Kyle Vogt and Aurora’s Chris Urmson.

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Bicycle Control Design

  • This transfer function provides a second order linear relationship relating the roll angle of the bicycle, $\theta$, to the steering angle, $\delta$, and the inner loop controller designed around this transfer function will ensure that the bicycle can follow a commanded roll angle.
  • Now that I know I can stabilize the system with positive feedback based on the roll angle error, I can choose a suitable controller that will allow me to command a roll angle and the bicycle will follow.
  • Based on the root locus plot I choose a positive feedback gain that stabilizes the roll loop and generate the closed loop transfer function $\frac{\theta}{\theta_c}$.
  • This final plot shows the closed loop step response to a commanded rightward heading angle of 10 degrees.

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A years-old, one-letter typo led to Aliens: Colonial Marines‘ weird AI

  • In combat, a xeno will be forced to switch to a new tether (such as one behind you) so as to flank or disperse so they aren't so grouped up, etc." Thanks to how the engine parsed this typo, it never caused any crashes; instead, the engine ignored the unfamiliar term.
  • This 2017 post came shortly after the release of the group's final "Game Over, Man!" patch, which, among many other fixes, overwrites this INI file with the typo's correction.
  • Gearbox has not updated the game's PC version since July 2013, and the typo is still there.
  • In both missions, xenomorph AI improved dramatically once the typo was corrected, with monsters immediately taking advantage of elevated attack positions, hiding points, and multi-monster flanks.

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