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Articles related to "power"

The Mechanical Transmission of Power (1): Stangenkunst

  • Networks of pivoted, wooden field rods conveyed power from water wheels in the valleys to mining machinery up the mountains over distances of up to 4 km, operating pumps and bellows, hoisting ores, and transporting miners up and down shafts.
  • The power generated by wind or water was transferred to the machinery over a very short distance via a set of wooden gears or cranks.
  • A crank was used (video) to convert the circular motion of the waterwheel to a reciprocating motion that moved the rods back and forth -- a mechanism that was already applied in Roman water-powered stone sawmills.
  • In fact, from the late seventeenth century onwards, many writers defined the Stangenkunst as the combination of field rods, shaft rods, and a power source (one or more waterwheels), instead of just referring to the reciprocating field rods.

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Deloitte has growing harassment problem

  • The "upward trend" in workplace incidents is so concerning that Ms Hook has felt the need to create a new Asia Pacific-wide anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policy aimed to ensure employees in all geographies "know what the rules of the road are".
  • She also reminded Deloitte staff via email to report "unethical behaviour" to their local "ethics officer" or through to an Asia Pacific-wide "conduct leader" within her team.
  • Ms Hook sent the email to all of the employees within Deloitte Asia Pacific, which includes the firm's operations in Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan and south-east Asia.
  • A Deloitte spokesman said emails such as Ms Hook's were used to remind staff of their options should they be bullied or harassed.
  • This preceded an anonymous email sent to the firm's global leadership in November, including Ms Hook, that said the culture of Deloitte's local audit and assurance arm was suffering.

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Solar investors take huge hit as grid struggles

  • Frustrated investors that have sunk billions of dollars into solar and wind farms in the West Murray region are facing six months or more of losses from output cutbacks and connection delays as the power market operator urgently works on a fix for the overloaded grid.
  • The Clean Energy Council's director of energy transformation, Lillian Patterson, says some $6.28 billion of investment and more than 5000 jobs in renewable energy projects are under threat in the West Murray region as the Australian Energy Market Operator works to address the grid stability issues.
  • AEMO says the sheer scale and pace of solar and wind generation connected in electrically remote areas of the National Electricity Market is presenting "unprecedented technical issues" that are affecting grid performance and stability there.

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The FamilyCharger spells the end to heated family power wars

  • TLDR: With five independent power connectors, the 5-in-1 FamilyCharger with its own power supply is a perfect way to keep everyone’s devices powered up at once for just $75.
  • The 5-in-1 FamilyCharger with its 52-watt power supply battery was created to stave off just such a power crisis.
  • The FamilyCharger is a 5-armed powerhouse with connectors for 3 Lightning-powered devices, a micro-USB plug-in and even a USB-C port, so everyone can be connected and charging up at the same time.
  • But unlike multi-charge cords that all lead back to a single USB port into the battery, the FamilyCharger gives each device dedicated power.
  • Independent copper braided cables conduct up to 12 watts of power to each connector separately, so no one will get the short end of the charging stick.

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Custom Object Recognition for Non-Developers

  • I recently used it to train a neural network to identify a custom type of object: ski lifts.
  • Just like you don't have to know how to program in C++ to use your Chrome browser, a deep understanding of machine learning internals is not necessary to apply ML to your business.
  • Machine learning can solve a vast diversity of business problems, including recommendation engines, natural language understanding, audio & video analysis, trend prediction, and more.
  • These days, transfer learning allows you to take a pre-trained model and "teach" it to recognize novel objects.
  • With transfer learning, you can train an existing object recognition model to identify custom objects in under an hour.
  • is an end-to-end platform for applying machine learning to computer vision problems.
  • Training the YOLOv3 model to recognize chair lifts took under 15 minutes - costing way less than a latte.

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The Art of Nintendo Power Twitter Account Is a Retro Wonderland

  • The Art of Nintendo Power is a new Twitter account that shows off art and memorabilia from the defunct gaming magazine.
  • Anyone with an interest in the history of gaming owes it to themselves to check out The Art of Nintendo Power Twitter account.
  • Among Reese’s collection are several pieces of art that were used as covers for Nintendo Power.
  • The Art of Nintendo Power account is still new, but gaming history buffs that want more can head over to Reese’s Instagram account.
  • The creation of The Art of Nintendo Power Twitter account shines a light on an aspect of video game history that can be easy to forget.
  • Luckily, the community has saints like Stephan Reese out there preserving and sharing that history.

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How important are 'economies of scale' in production and innovation?

  • Many of our domestic monopolies - particularly Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft - argue that we have to protect our big business scale to face off against Chinese scale, particularly in high technology markets.
  • China’s goal is to concentrate power, both within China and over the American and European industrial commons.
  • I can assure you, that is not how we won World War Two. One of his icons is socialist John Kenneth Galbraith, and Galbraith was a fan of what was called the convergence school of thinking in the 1960s, a view that in terms of political economy, there really were no differences between the Soviet Union and the United States.
  • That means that government will have a strong role in the market, but by focusing on protecting us from concentrations of power abroad and domestically.

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Antitrust officials ordered Facebook, Amazon, and others to disclose 10 years of merger docs

  • More specifically, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) seeks to determine whether these companies “are making potentially anticompetitive acquisitions of nascent or potential competitors.” Currently, the FTC typically doesn’t require these companies to seek approval of such small acquisitions in advance.
  • In addition to determining whether current FTC requirements for companies to seek preapproval for a merger or acquisition are sufficient, the study also hopes to determine whether any of the tech giants are skirting these rules, FTC Commissioner Joseph Simons said on a call with reporters.
  • Current antitrust laws typically only require companies to seek preapproval from the FTC and DOJ for acquisitions valued at $94 million or more.
  • Simons said the FTC could seek to add new reporting requirements related to acquisitions, and also has the authority to implement specific reporting requirements for specific tech giants.

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Family Farms Try to Raise a New Cash Cow: Solar Power

  • In the United States, less than 5 megawatts’ worth of solar arrays have crops planted beneath them, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, or NREL.
  • Solar panels placed with plants were also substantially cooler during the day — and therefore operated more efficiently — than the usual ground-mounted arrays, according to the study last year by NREL and the Universities of Arizona and Maryland.
  • “If the structures help keep in moisture, and we have less evaporation, we’ll need less water to grow the same amount or even more [crops],” said Jordan Macknick, the lead energy-water-land analyst for NREL.
  • Since 2015, researchers have developed more than 25 sites around the country that combine solar panels with food crops, native vegetation, or pollinator-friendly plants.
  • In 2018, Boulder County officials updated the local land-use codes to allow for community solar on land otherwise designated for agriculture, and Kominek plans to help train other farmers how to grow crops alongside solar panels.

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A reborn Persian Empire captured Rome's lands—and its emperor

  • For the next five centuries, the Iranian plateau became ruled by other empires, until a new Persian dynasty took power.
  • To strengthen their connection to the past, they honored their leaders by carving reliefs of their deeds at Naqsh-e Rostam, the traditional resting place of the Achaemenid kings.
  • A relief at the Naqsh-e Rostam necropolis depicts Sassanian King Shapur forcing the Roman emperor Valerian (left) to surrender.
  • Situated near Persepolis, the Naqsh-e Rostam necropolis contains the tombs of four rulers of the Persian Empire from the fifth century B.C.: Darius I, Xerxes I, Ataxerxes I, and Darius II.
  • In addition to Shapur I vanquishing the Roman emperor Valerian, victories carried out by later kings are also depicted, as well as a scene showing the investiture of Ardashir I, the founder of the dynasty, by the Zoroastrian divinity Ahura Mazda.

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