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Articles related to "president"

Mike Pompeo calls drone attacks on Saudi oilfields 'an act of war' by Iran

  • At a news conference, Saudi military spokesman Col. Turki al-Malki said the attack Saturday that did heavy damage to the heart of the Saudi oil industry was "launched from the north and was unquestionably sponsored by Iran." Yemen lies to the south of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq to the north.
  • At the news conference, the Saudis displayed broken and burned drones and pieces of a cruise missile that Al-Malki identified as Iranian weapons collected after the attack.
  • Iran sent a note to the US via Swiss diplomats in Tehran on Monday, reiterating that Tehran denies involvement in the aerial attack, the country's state-run IRNA news agency reported.
  • In Tehran, Rouhani told his Cabinet that Saudi Arabia should see the weekend attack as a warning to end its war in Yemen, where it has fought the Houthi rebels since 2015 and sought to restore the internationally recognized government.

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Trump Buries Fed Chair Jerome Powell After ‘Gutless’ Policy Decision –

  • The Federal Reserve’s quarter-point rate cut on Wednesday was met with hostility by President Trump, who blasted Chairman Jerome Powell for lacking vision and being totally ‘gutless’ about helping the American economy.
  • Trump took to Twitter Wednesday afternoon to complain about the Fed’s decision to lower interest rates.
  • Based on Trump’s previous rhetoric, the president was looking for much deeper rate cuts and the re-introduction of new stimulus measures to put America on par with the rest of the globe.
  • St. Louis Fed President James Bullard was the only central banker backing deeper rate cuts.
  • On the other hand, he’s demanding that the central bank lower interest rates and introduce a new round of quantitative easing – measures that are only reserved for a weakening economy.
  • Email: [email protected] and Founder: Jonas Borchgrevink.
  • Email: [email protected] and Recruiting: Pamela Meropiali.

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The Fed cut rates for the second time this year

  • Officials also left the door open for another rate cut this year, reinforcing the message by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell that policymakers would do whatever necessary to prevent a recession.
  • With only two more meetings left in 2019, seven of the 17 Fed officials now see the possibility of at least one more rate cut, potentially totaling three for the year.
  • When policymakers last projected their forecasts in June, officials were split on whether to continue to hold rates steady or to make two potential rate cuts in the second half.
  • Policymakers now anticipate the US economy will grow slightly stronger than previously expected, at a 2.2% rate, and unemployment will hold steady at 3.7%, according to their updated economic projections.
  • In June, the Fed forecast that economic growth for the year would stand at 2.1% with unemployment at 3.6%.

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Trump and Iran may be on the brink of a war that would likely be devastating to both sides

  • Meanwhile, Iran in recent months took several major steps away from the 2015 nuclear deal orchestrated by the Obama administration, raising concerns among European countries who were also signatories to the crumbling agreement.
  • For a brief window, it seemed possible that Trump and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani might meet to find a way to end the stalemate, but Iran has ruled out any talks unless the US lifts sanctions and returns to the 2015 nuclear deal.
  • This prompted Iranian leaders to warn that any action taken against the country would lead to "a reciprocal action." The Trump administration in April also announced it would move to block all countries from buying Iran's oil on top of the sanctions already crippling the Iranian economy.
  • And in the ongoing Syria conflict, Iran and its proxies have supported Syrian President Bashar Assad, whose forces Trump has launched military strikes against.

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The Fed cuts rates for 2nd time since financial crisis — but defies Trump's calls for 'big' stimulus

  • The Federal Reserve eased borrowing costs for the second time since the financial crisis Wednesday and left the door open to future cuts, as policymakers sought to insulate the longest economic expansion on record from growing risks.
  • With an eye on his reelection campaign, Trump has pressured the Fed to take drastic steps to juice the economy since a recession warning flashed in August for the first time in more than a decade.
  • The White House has called on the independent central bank to lower interest rates to zero or below, a move that would typically signal severe trouble in the economy and that could tie the hands of policymakers in the event of a recession.
  • Earlier on Wednesday, the Fed had to jump into financial markets for a second time this week as the cash banks keep on hand for short-term funding dried up.

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Trump on Cokie Roberts' death: 'She never treated me nicely. But I would like to wish her family well'

  • Washington (CNN) - President Donald Trump on Tuesday reacted to the death of veteran journalist Cokie Roberts by saying "she never treated me nicely" before extending his well wishes to her family.
  • Trump's tense relationship with the press has become a cornerstone of his administration, with the President repeatedly admonishing journalists as "the enemy of the people." His comments on Tuesday -- and, notably, his complaint that Roberts "never treated me nicely" -- stood in stark contrast to the praise Roberts' memory received elsewhere as a trailblazer in journalism.
  • Roberts died at age 75 "due to complications from breast cancer," her family said in a statement Tuesday.
  • She worked in television, public radio and publishing for more than 40 years, beginning her tenure at ABC as a contributor for "This Week with David Brinkley" and later becoming ABC's chief congressional analyst.

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Fact check: Trump made 87 false claims last week

  • Trump made 25 of last week's 87 false claims at his campaign rally in North Carolina, 22 in his speech to a retreat for House Republican members of Congress, 19 on Twitter, 18 in exchanges with reporters, two in a speech to a Historically Black Colleges and Universities conference, and one at a briefing on Hurricane Dorian damage.
  • Almost all of the Democratic presidential candidates have told the Washington Post that they would end new fossil fuel extraction on federal land, but this is not the same as a complete ban on "the energy that drives our economy," whatever Trump meant.
  • Facts First: The crowd waiting in line at Trump's rally Fayetteville, North Carolina, was not "soaking wet." As CNN's Betsy Klein noted from the scene, it had not rained all day in Fayetteville and was 88 degrees and sunny at the time.

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What's behind Bernie Sanders' poll stagnation?

  • It's actually this: While Biden gained five points from a similar poll in July and Warren gained six, Sanders' support stayed right where it was -- up only a single point from the summer, which is a statistically insignificant change.
  • A look at Real Clear Politics average of all of the polling conducted in the Democratic primary race to date confirms the Sanders stall.
  • In fact, all the way through early June, Biden and Sanders were the only two candidates to consistently poll in double digits in the RCP average.
  • Warren's candidacy looks a lot like Sanders': Unapologetic liberalism in support of broad structural change in politics and society.
  • In the Real Clear Politics polling average, Warren is now clear of Sanders for 2nd place -- and the NBC-WSJ poll put her at 25%, the highest she's been in any hypothetical national polling of the primary.

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Trump steps into a state's fight for clean air

  • Washington (CNN) - President Donald Trump announced Wednesday he was revoking California's authority to set its own vehicle emission standards, the latest move in the Trump administration's ongoing fight with the Golden State and attempts to chip away at former President Barack Obama's environmental legacy.
  • He made the announcement while visiting California for fundraisers.
  • He was in his hotel in Los Angeles when he sent the tweets.
  • California's waiver under the Clean Air Act allowed it to set standards tighter than the federal standards, which have been adopted by more than a dozen states and became the de-facto nationwide standard, because automakers do not design different sets of vehicles to meet different standards in different states.
  • This story is breaking and will be updated.
  • Correction: The headline has been changed to correctly state that the waiver allowed California to set higher emissions standards.

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Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren are pulling ahead of the Democratic field, but voters don't think they can beat Trump

  • Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden are pulling ahead in polling of the Democratic presidential primary, but Americans aren't convinced either candidate can beat President Donald Trump next year.
  • Biden leads the field among likely Democratic voters with 31% support, while Warren has 25% support, according to a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.
  • But Americans overall don't think any Democratic candidate will beat Trump in 2020, according to recent polling by The Economist and YouGov. 39% of voters said Biden would "probably lose" in a race against Trump, while 34% said he'd probably beat Trump.
  • Sanders came in third: 29% of voters said he'd likely beat Trump.
  • The WSJ/NBC News poll surveyed 506 Democratic primary voters between September 13-16 and has a margin of error of 4.36 percentage points.

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