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Articles related to "pretty"

Tens of thousands rally in Sydney as fires burn

  • Thousands gathered in Sydney on Wednesday to demand climate change action in the midst of a devastating bushfire season which has destroyed more than 700 homes and caused smoke pollution to blanket much of the state.
  • The Sydney Morning Herald reported that an estimated 20,000 protesters marched from Town Hall to Hyde Park, taking over George Street to demand stronger climate action as bushfires continue to rage across the state.
  • Marcus James, from Sydney, said climate action was an issue across all sectors of politics and he felt a moral obligation to attend.
  • She accused the government of ignoring the science of climate change and said she hoped she would be heard and people's concerns would be acknowledged.
  • It was estimated that 20,000 protesters marched from Town Hall to Hyde Park, taking over George Street to demand stronger climate action.

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My god, budget phones are fucking good these days

  • The phone (I’m sorry, I honestly can’t remember the make at all, I truly believed the trauma has meant I’ve scraped it from my memory, but let’s refer to it as That Piece Of Shit henceforth) was impossible to use.
  • And I can tell you one, probably pretty obvious thing, budget phones have come a long fucking way.
  • On top of this, the Honor 9X has three cameras on the rear, meaning you can get some pretty decent shots out of the phone too.
  • While the build quality is solid — it definitely doesn’t feel like a budget phone — it’s not gonna last you forever.
  • Yeah, it’s unlikely I’m going to start buying cheap phones (because I’m a snobbish nerd), but that doesn’t mean devices like the Honor 9X don’t have a solid niche.

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The vast majority of US consumers aren’t spending $1,000+ on phones

  • Pricing in the smartphone wars has taken a sharp turn in recent years on the premium end of the spectrum.
  • Likely surprising no one, most consumers aren’t spending that much on devices.
  • Less than 10% of U.S. consumers are spending that much on devices.
  • Not an encouraging sign as many manufacturers look toward 5G as the next major driver amid flagging global sales.
  • One thing to consider here is that most phones are good at this point.
  • For one thing, the arrival of 5G is often cited as one of the primary sources of slowed sales.
  • Many premium users are likely waiting for more network coverage and devices before purchasing their next phone.
  • Also notable is Qualcomm’s recent 765 announcement, which should help make 5G devices accessible for consumers are a lower price point in the coming year.

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ZedRipper: A 16-core Z80 laptop

  • The idea behind it was was one that will still feel pretty familiar to most people – that an office might have one or two ‘real’ machines with large disk drives and printers that it shared with ‘thin-client’ style machines that we’re basically just terminals with CPUs and RAM attached.
  • As the terminal controller is just another node on the Z-Ring (and the Z-Ring interface for each Z80 is straightforward to re-target), future plans include possibly adding a ‘full-screen’ 160×50 terminal (possibly as a ‘background’) and an actual 1280x800x64-color bitmapped display using some of the fast external SRAM on the board.
  • The current implementation has 17 nodes (16 CPUs + the display/keyboard controller) and runs with a 12nS clock, so to deliver a message and receive the credit back you are looking at a minimum of ~400 nS.

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JavaScript debugging done right!

  • Given that console.log() is easy to use and understand, can be placed anywhere in your code, and - given that you develop your project in HMR-enabled environment - enables you to smoothly debug the issues on-the-go.
  • We can do it from the code editor pane, by selecting the numbering of the line that we want to stop the execution process.
  • But, let's for a moment assume that you don't really want to debug right now, rather than have this nice, expandable and interactive console logs that standard DevTools provide.
  • We've explored the most basic and general way of debugging your code - through Console API or with the use of breakpoints - in two environments that a web developer mostly uses - a browser and a code editor.

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Cancel Fetch with AbortController

  • When we pass a signal option to fetch, it creates a listener for the abort event and will throw an error if controller.abort() is called during the DOM request or while reading the request body.
  • The browser may cache the image after the first time it loads, so you may need to clear application storage if you want to try aborting the fetch multiple times.
  • We just need to add an AbortController, wire up the abort button and pass the signal to fetch!
  • Defining the controller inside the component risks object reference issues, i.e. abort() could be referencing the incorrect AbortController instance, rendering it useless.
  • We want a fresh controller setup before every fetch, but we also need to ensure that the the abort() method is referring to the correct controller!
  • It turns out that aborting fetch requests is pretty simple with AbortController!

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