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Articles related to "pretty"

Unusual murder weapons in crime fiction

  • When I executed a very unscientific poll among friends, asking them to name the most unlikely murder weapons they could remember, every single person said, “Do you know the one with the leg of lamb?” In the story, a spurned woman takes a heavy, hard leg of lamb from the freezer, brains her cheating husband with it, and then pops it into the oven.
  • There is so much going on, psychologically speaking, in the basic, brilliant idea of Misery that it’s hard to know where to start at unpacking it, but King himself has said that in the book, writing fiction is Sheldon’s way of keeping himself alive and prolonging hope, and that this provided a chance to say “some things about the redemptive power of writing that I had long felt but never articulated.” Personally, I think there is something hugely suggestive about externalising the despot who resides within every author (commanding us, “Keep writing!

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6 Key Commands To Get Started With Python’s Beautiful Soup for Data Scientists

  • Scraping the internet is an endeavour that’s interesting, frustrating, challenging and also rewarding.
  • The reason I say ‘with respect’ is because often, you’ll overdo it and will potentially effect the website you’re scraping, so be mindful of that.
  • For Data Scientists and Researchers in particular: the more data you have, generally speaking the better your estimates.
  • But also, harvesting alternative types of data can also give you an edge as you may be able to measure something orthogonal but still important.
  • The Requests library reads the URL and the library BeautifulSoup creates a data structure from the parsed HTML or XML document.
  • The format of data is usually pretty bad when you scrape it directly from the internet.
  • Given that, BeautifulSoup is one of the best libraries that works of the shelf.

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'Worms Rumble' will debut as a free PS Plus game on December 1st

  • It'll land on Steam, PlayStation 4 and PS5 on December 1st, and PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to claim it for free until January 4th.
  • Launching a game on PS Plus has proven pretty successful for some other multiplayer titles, in particular Rocket League and Fall Guys.
  • So there's every chance that Worms Rumble (which has PC cross-play support) could take off too.
  • Given that you'd need a PS Plus membership to play online anyway, it seems a solid inclusion on Sony's list of upcoming free games.
  • PS Plus members will be able to claim two other titles next month: Just Cause 4 and 3v3 shooter Rocket Arena.
  • They can also claim the super-charming Bugsnax for free through PS Plus until January 4th.

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