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Articles related to "prevent"

Here's why this former CIA spy stops at every yellow light

  • After spending years in the CIA fighting to prevent nuclear terrorism and other catastrophes, some old habits just will not go away for ex-spy Amaryllis Fox. CIA spies learn to master skills regular people do not, and they stick with you.
  • They learn to be so immersed in their cover that they can pass a polygraph test, to spot the perfect meeting site that is just isolated enough to avoid the eyes and ears of the enemy but also can be explained if discovered, and to handle tails — surveillants that could jeopardize an entire operation.
  • Handling a tail is not like what most people have read or watched in spy thrillers.
  • Fox spent her time in the CIA preventing weapons of mass destruction from falling into the wrong hands, working behind the scenes to address terrifying threats she says would "overwhelm" the average American if they knew.

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