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Articles related to "product"

The CC Aurora is actually pretty fun, as far as projectors go

  • From the looks of it, it’s kind of the perfect package for the apartment dweller: it’s compact, self-contained with a built-in speaker system and plays nicely with mobile devices.
  • There’s actually a pretty nice controller included in the package, but really, why use it when you’ve got your phone.
  • Once the fairly painless setup process is done, you’ll see a menu on the screen, containing a handful of apps, including YouTube and an Office reader, which I suppose is handy if you need a projector for work-related purposes.
  • You’ll essentially input the projector as an extended display — again, a fairly painless process, though you may have to futz with the resolution a bit to get things right.
  • The product’s MSRP will be around $600 — a bit of a tall order if you don’t feel like you absolutely need a projector in your life (a statement I assume applies to most humans).

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Residential solar is cheap, but can it get cheaper? Paths to $0.05 per kWh

  • Still, Ars did some calculations and found that in places where the cost of energy is low and net metering is prohibited, a solar roof doesn't make sense compared to adding regular panels on a new roof.
  • (It's not a crazy assumption to make: we've already seen residential solar panel costs fall from 52¢ per kWh in 2010 to 15.1¢ per kWh in 2017.) And it's not just Tesla working on this: the Colorado-based lab cites CertainTeed's solar shingle product and GAF's solar panels as examples of products breaking the divide between roof and solar panel installation.
  • Currently, the costs of marketing, permitting, shipping, and installing are incurred twice whenever a new roof is built and then solar is built on top of that.
  • NREL estimates that between now and 2030, 3.3 million new roofs will be installed on existing and new homes, which "translates into a residential PV technical potential of roughly 30 gigawatts (GW) per year," the report states.

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Former Google and Apple exec now challenges Stanford students to design products that make people happy

  • A growing chorus has begun to criticize Facebook, Google and other tech companies, saying their services are having negative emotional effects on heavy users.
  • A group of child advocates and other consumer groups asked Facebook to shut down its Messenger for Kids app, citing studies showing that teens who use social media a lot have higher rates of depression and lower self-esteem.
  • All this reflection is old news to Leanse, who's been evaluating how tech companies communicate with users for over three decades.
  • These days she teaches an online course for Stanford University called "Unleashing Creative Innovation and Building Great Products." It combines principles of "cognitive neuroscience, design frameworks and evolutionary biology," she says.
  • Tellingly, Eyal has begun to challenge tech-product designers to adopt a new code of ethics to protect users from potential downsides of habit-forming software.

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Apple's 'white ring' problem reflects a surprising lapse in quality control, but industrial design experts say it shouldn't be too hard to fix

  • But the problem is likely not very costly or time consuming to fix, giving Apple a good chance to salvage the sales prospects of the $350 speaker and to limit any lasting damage to its reputation.
  • It turns out that the silicone attached to the bottom of the HomePod reacts with oil-coated wood as a result of sound vibrations, leaving the distinct white footprint (yes, even if your HomePod is grey or black).
  • Apple confirmed the problem, first spotted by Wirecutter, and explained that the mark could "improve over several days after the speaker is removed from the wood surface." If it doesn't, Apple advised HomePod owners to sand and re-varnish.
  • Manufacturers of speakers or other stationary products understand the complexities of silicone on wood: Oils leave wood porous, while varnish seals it shut, and a product that sits on a shelf needs to account for both environments.

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Consumption of ultra-processed foods and cancer risk

  • To our knowledge, this prospective study was the first to evaluate the association between the consumption of ultra-processed food products and the incidence of cancer, based on a large cohort study with detailed and up to date assessment of dietary intake.
  • At inclusion, participants completed a set of five questionnaires related to sociodemographic and lifestyle characteristics (for example, date of birth, sex, occupation, educational level, smoking status, number of children),32 anthropometry (height, weight), dietary intakes (see below),3334 physical activity (validated seven day International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ)),35 and health status (personal and family history of diseases, drug use including use of hormonal treatment for menopause and oral contraceptives, and menopausal status).
  • We used Cox proportional hazards models with age as the primary timescale to evaluate the association between the proportion of ultra-processed foods in the diet (coded as a continuous variable or as sex specific quarters) and incidence of overall, breast, prostate, and colorectal cancer.

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Evan Spiegel sold $50 million in Snap stock — his first sale since the IPO

  • The transaction was disclosed in a filing with the SEC, which you can read here.
  • It's Spiegel's first official public stock sale since Snap's IPO last March.
  • He previously promised not to sell any of his stock during 2017.
  • The sale was conducted according to a pre-arranged sales plan, and was only 1% of his holdings.
  • He still retains control of the company and its primary product, Snapchat, as does his co-founder Bobby Murphy.
  • Spiegel's fortune is worth roughly $4.5 billion.
  • Earlier this week, he defended Snapchat's recent controversial redesign at a conference in San Francisco.

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A viable pathway for hydrogen as fuel

  • And though HyTech Power, where Johnson serves as CTO, obviously seeks financial success, Johnson sees its products as something more: a way to use hydrogen to immediately reduce pollution while scaling up and driving down costs enough to enable more fundamental changes to the energy system.
  • The first will use hydrogen to clean up existing diesel engines, increasing their fuel efficiency by a third and eliminating over half their air pollution, with an average nine-month payback, the company says.
  • That’s a potentially enormous market with plenty of existing demand, which HyTech hopes will capitalize its second product, a retrofit that will transform any internal combustion vehicle into a zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV) by enabling it to run on pure hydrogen.
  • We know how to produce zero-carbon electricity (renewables, hydro, nuclear), so one key step in decarbonization is to “electrify everything,” or at least as many energy uses as possible.

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Simple Habit - Lead Product Designer

  • Are you ready to help us create the world's leading health and wellness company?Job DescriptionAs our Lead Product Designer, you will work closely with the team to help define our design process with an accent on iterative and data-driven decision making.
  • The perfect candidate will have a strong track record of leading and building design teams from the ground up and will know how to guide product, brand, and user research.
  • We are looking for someone with an entrepreneurial mindset to come in and work with a solid foundation and the team around the unique challenges we face.You will help define and promote UX processes and foster user centricity in all we do - especially our design process.
  • We are backed by Y Combinator, New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and many other prominent CEOs in Silicon Valley.Simple Habit is a 5-minute meditation app for busy people.

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Montana-based mapping startup onXmaps raises a round of funding fit for Big Sky Country

  • A mapping startup based in Missoula, Mont., which allows users to download sophisticated offline topographic maps outlining public and private lands and a number of other features geared towards hunting, fishing and camping, has pulled in its first major outside funding.
  • The company’s maps cover nearly one billion acres of public land and around 121 million private properties according to the company.
  • Users can download topographic maps of these areas and use their mobile device’s GPS functionality to follow their own movements along user-designed routes or the more than 400,000 miles of trails that are available in the company’s app.
  • As the company looks to grow, it’s looking to build new products outside of its core Hunt app in the coming months and use this latest round of funding to acquire more customers and more data to strengthen its services.

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Nordstrom is having a huge sale on winter boots right now — here are the 16 best pairs to buy

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  • It also means that you can get winter and rain boots — which you'll need either now or this time next year — at a pretty unbeatable discount.
  • If you need a new pair of sturdy boots — for this winter or next — now is a great time to pick up your first choices for the price of your second or third.
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