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Articles related to "product"

Simple Math to Set Up a Sales Team

  • OTE (“on-target earnings”), the sum of the AE’s Base Salary and Variable Pay. The standard commission rate for SaaS products is 10%.
  • Most sales orgs set a ramping schedule, during which time new AEs have a lower quota and higher guaranteed comp (known as a “draw”) to make up for lack of commission.
  • Renewals can be assigned based on geographic territories just like new business.
  • If your product generates only small contract values, that’s fine as long as sales velocity is high and junior reps can be hired to sell it.
  • OTE (“on-target earnings”) – the sum of the AE’s Base Salary and Variable Pay. Quota – the New ARR that an AE is expected to close within a given period.
  • Sales comp should factor in a ramp schedule so new reps have time to hit full productivity without their OTE being penalized.

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With an eye for what's next, longtime operator and VC Josh Elman gets pulled into Apple

  • After RealNetworks, it was on to LinkedIn, which Elman joined in 2004 as a senior product manager when the company was just two years old.
  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, the venture firm Greylock brought Elman into the fold in 2011 as a principal, and by 2013, he was a general partner, investing in social networking deals throughout like (Bytedance acquired the company and turned it into TikTok); Nextdoor (which is reportedly eyeing ways to go public); Houseparty (acquired last year by Epic Games, which is now suing Apple); and Discord (which is sewing up a private funding deal at a valuation of roughly $7 billion).
  • As interesting, though he took on the role of VP of product at the popular and fast-growing startup, he didn’t cut ties with Greylock entirely, taking on the title of venture partner and remaining on as a board member to his companies.

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Raspberry Pi Foundation releases case fan to prevent overheating

  • It’s a tiny $5 fan combined with a small heatsink for the Raspberry Pi 4.
  • If you’re not familiar with the Raspberry Pi, it’s a cheap, single-board computer with a lot of connectors that is the size of a deck of cards.
  • And yet, shortly after its release last year, the community of Raspberry Pi users noticed that the single-board computer tends to get hot.
  • Some users tend to use the computing power of the Raspberry Pi for long periods.
  • “It draws air in over the USB and Ethernet connectors, passes it over a small finned heatsink attached to the processor, and exhausts it through the SD card slot,” the Raspberry Pi Foundation says.
  • It’s a cheap stopgap solution, but I hope the Foundation will prioritize heat dissipation for the next iteration of the Raspberry Pi.

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When Giants Fail (2012)

  • Meanwhile, the big companies kept doing what they were supposed to, listening to their customers and improving their products in ways that mattered to those customers, until they had improved them too much, climbed so far upmarket that they sailed right off the upper-right-hand corner of the graph, adding more features and power and degrees of perfection than anyone could possibly use, and by that time the bad, cheap, low-end product had improved to the point where it could finally appeal to the big companies’ customers, and the big companies failed.
  • After studying a few exceptions to the pattern of disruption, Christensen concluded that the only way a big company could avoid being disrupted was to set up a small spinoff company, somewhere far away from headquarters, that would function as a start-up, make the new low-end product, and be independent enough to ignore what counted as sensible for the mother ship.

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The 290+ best Cyber Monday 2020 deals and sales - Business Insider

  • This year, Cyber Monday falls on November 30, during which you can expect to see major players like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy to drop tons of excellent deals alongside retail startups we love, like Leesa, Brooklinen, Bombas, and Tommy John.
  • Disclosure: This post is brought to you by the Insider Reviews team.
  • If you buy them, we get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners.

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The Truth About Starting a Startup

  • When I look back at our almost decade journey, however inspiring our technology was, or how impressive our growth was, the happiest memories in my heart, the only ones I’ll remember 20 years from now, are always with people.
  • A decade of life where you are doing nothing but working on the problem you have chosen, obsessing over it and neglecting friends and family, a decade of barely taking care of yourself because there isn’t enough time to do anything but build.
  • I loved building tools for people who take showers at night because they reminded me of my immigrant parents and how hard they worked.
  • I remember thinking: “How lucky I am to be alive and still have time here?” A big part of me realized then that I wanted to build something beautiful for myself and in memory of my friend.

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24 Best Cyber Monday Sex Toy, Self-Care, and Beauty Deals (2020)

  • (Kidding about that last one.) To help just a little, we've curated some great Cyber Monday discounts on our favorite health, beauty, and wellness gear.
  • We haven't yet listed this brand in our Sex Tech Buying Guide, but we like its products.
  • We don't love that this product requires an app, but if you're OK with pairing it to your phone and sharing your temperature data, the price is good.
  • It's not a precise Cyber Monday deal, but Coway makes our favorite air purifiers, and they seem to be cheapest this time of year.
  • Tarte Products for 30 Percent Off: The entire Tarte brand is discounted, and there’s a lot of great products, including its cult favorite Shape Tape Concealer for $19 ($8 off).
  • It’s good for setting your makeup and wetting brushes before using shimmer eyeshadows or highlighter; plus, skin-drying alcohol isn’t the first ingredient like most other setting sprays.

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Ask HN: How to learn writing blog posts?

  • If it truly is something quite important, then consider splitting it up over a series of posts over time.As for the mindset to be in when writing it, think about what you would say to a friend if you were explaining the concept to them.
  • Break it apart and look for patterns you can use as a framework.Ideally you'll have 2-3 frameworks to start and that helps immensely with getting over the initial writers block and structuring your thoughts.Write the first 20 posts and then worry about making it more complex after that!
  • Ideally you'll have 2-3 frameworks to start and that helps immensely with getting over the initial writers block and structuring your thoughts.Write the first 20 posts and then worry about making it more complex after that!

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ASX to rise; $A nears two-year high

  • Britain is poised to become the first Western country to approve a COVID-19 vaccine, with the independent regulator set to grant approval within days.
  • The Australian sharemarket is poised to rise and is on track for its best month since 1988; COVID vaccine could roll out as soon as next week; Aussie dollar edges towards two-year high.
  • Australian shares are set to open higher on the final day of the month, bolstered by further gains in New York, as well as a renewed rally in iron ore and oil.

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Best early Cyber Monday discounts available right now - Business Insider

  • Black Friday is a busy day for everyone, especially when you have to divide your time between making the perfect platter of Thanksgiving leftovers and penning your holiday gift shopping list.
  • Though we're constantly keeping tabs on the best tech deals, mattress deals, and more, we've also been up since the wee hours of the morning working on this all-star group of deals available right now as part of early Cyber Monday sales.
  • The Apple Watch SE is the perfect blend of features and affordability.
  • If you buy them, we get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners.

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