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Articles related to "productivity"

Lessons from Scrum

  • The longer the estimate, the greater the risk that you are underestimating the time required to complete this task.
  • If you find yourself attaching an estimate of more than two days, ask yourself: what is making this task more complex?
  • The biggest advantage we saw with acceptance tests was that requirements were discussed upfront with our stakeholders.
  • A by-product of having smaller tasks is that you tend to have smaller commits and conversely a shorter code review cycle.
  • Reducing the time pull requests stay in review keeps your cadence up, and reduces the risk of large changes being required for code review changes.
  • If you use a physical board for your tickets, think about how you can manage your digital assets in an orderly way.
  • It’s best to approach tasks that may look the most unpleasant or the most complex early on in the project.

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Extend your wireless signal with an old router

  • Let's fix it by wirelessly linking both routers and then extend your wifi range to reach all the corners.
  • The technique I am going to explain is called Wireless Distribution System (WDS) which enables us to wirelessly link two routers and thereby extending the reach of the wireless signal.
  • My internet speed is well below the 300Mbps limit which made this a cost-effective pick to extend the wifi range of my 2.4Ghz band.
  • Extended router is the new router(in my case TPLink Archer C50) which can be positioned optimally for the best wireless reception extending the base router signal.
  • In this case, since the signal from the extended router is the strongest, the devices will automatically latch onto the stronger network.
  • Once we link either the 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz band from the base router, the extended router can transmit both bands.

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#showdevFree, programatic screenshots to use in your website

  • Statically Screenshot is the CDN for website screenshots, this comes with a few useful customization features such as image resizing, quality settings and mobile view support, and everything can be run easily using a URL.
  • You can read another post about Statically on Free & fast image CDN with Statically, supports optimization and transformation.
  • By default, Statically Screenshot will use a 1280x960 desktop view, but you can change the image with query parameters.
  • Please note that this is only to resize the image based on the original size of 1280x960, I will provide a feature to change the size of the device (viewport), browser (user agent) if that is indeed necessary.
  • This tool is simple and should be this post as well, learn more about how to apply various parameters on the Screenshot page at

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Stephen Poloz's parting gift to Canada: A shot of confidence to thrive in the new economy

  • Poloz imagines where Canada could end up years from now as digital technology, protectionist politics, and unprecedented levels of debt converge to generate forces that will be unfamiliar to executives, investors and policy makers.
  • He also observes that policy makers have been getting better at managing the economy; the third industrial revolution (computer chips) ended with the Great Recession, a terrible outcome, and yet an improvement on the depression of the 1930s.
  • In Poloz’s previous paper, he said the productivity gains from AI should allow central banks to leave interest rates relatively low for longer because inflation will remain contained.
  • In other words, if Canada’s economy crashes in the near future, it probably won’t be because the central bank raised interest rates too high, too fast.
  • Canadian policy makers surprised many on Bay Street by leaving interest rates unchanged this year as almost every other central bank cut.

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#discussBecame a Frustrated Freelancer

  • In university life, I have spent most of the time to solve programming problems.
  • At that time, I had done small tasks like the Edit HTML template, changing the text, etc.
  • Beginning of starting freelancing in university life it helped me to bear the pocket money & meet hobby.
  • In this way, I just finished University Life(Last year).
  • With bit programming knowledge & small Frontend DEV, I thought if I had known some backend work that could be great.
  • Developed some small projects like online Question paper, Blog Etc Etc. For boosted earning I learned this stuff a bit, not with huge knowledge or expert.
  • Now I can feel like, I lost everything & passed two 2+ years.
  • Please be-aware of freelancing only for LOW money with a bit knowledge, it can finish you after a time.

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Tax reform critical to boost the economy: IMF

  • The International Monetary Fund is pressing the Morrison government to broaden the GST and cut business taxes to boost the subdued economy, which it forecasts will grow at a below-par 2.2 per cent next year.
  • The independent assessment comes on the eve of Monday's mid-year federal budget update, which most market economists tip will show a slight downgrade to the $7.1 billion surplus forecast for 2019-20 and weaker wages, softer consumer spending and lower economic growth.
  • But the IMF stops short of agreeing with the pressure from Dr Lowe, Labor and a growing number of market economists who have pressed the Morrison government for a larger fiscal stimulus to support the RBA as it nears running out of room to cut interest rates much below the record low of 0.75 per cent.
  • The International Monetary Fund is pressing the Morrison government to broaden the GST and cut business taxes to boost Australia's subdued economy, which it forecasts will grow at a below-par 2.2 per cent next year.

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New NAFTA deal lifts cloud of uncertainty hanging over Canadian business: Poloz

  • Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz suggested Thursday that the ratification of a new North American free-trade deal is key to finally eliminating uncertainty that has hovered over businesses trying to make investment decisions since the election of U.S. President Donald Trump.
  • Following a lunchtime speech to a business crowd in Toronto, Poloz told reporters there was no question that uncertainty about the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement “began to bite almost immediately” after Trump came to office, as the president had made the renegotiation of the pact a top priority.
  • The apparent forecast for slow economic growth is likely to mean low interest rates should persist as well, Poloz added, although the governor stressed he was not making “a near-term prediction” about the Bank of Canada’s policy rate.

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📦 A Cargo manifest for JavaScripters

  • After a long time flirting with I decided to start (and finish!) a simple, but useful, crate.
  • My main goal was to use the Cargo manifest to set up everything, avoiding Makefiles and shellcode as much as possible.
  • From the first block, the unique not familiar thing should be the edition field.
  • I suppose you’re starting a new project, so just use 2018.
  • As you can suppose include is the equivalent to files in npm.
  • Another important thing is to include the readme (and documentation) fields because both are used in the site.
  • I also liked the idea of including here the project badges.
  • To deep into every supported field visit this section of the Cargo book.
  • Before finishing I would like to drop this nice book which helped me a lot and covers some of the tips commented in this post.

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#discussA case for productive note taking

  • The reason why I have such a mess in my notes is quite simple: Launching a more sophisticated app like Evernote, taking a note, picking the right notebook, tag, or category is friction.
  • I'd like to stop for a moment and make one thing clear - I'm not thinking of another TODO app.
  • I think you now know where I'm going.
  • There is a whole class of notes that are basically ideas you should reflect on over some time.
  • These Ideas convey a lingering value and have the power of habit-forming, changing your mentality, and eventually shaping who you are.
  • I might have an idea of how to make taking quick, yet essential notes frictionless.
  • But before I even validate the idea, I'd like to ask for your help.
  • I'd love to learn what kind of quick yet essential notes you are taking.

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The truth about using Stack Overflow || Copy & Paste Developers

  • Whether we were short on time, got frustrated or just didn't feel like doing it ourselves, Stack Overflow has provided millions of developers with answers to their coding problems that have saved us incalculable time and preserved our sanity.
  • But copying & pasting code can get us into trouble as developers.
  • Watch today's video as RealToughCandy shares with you some of the pros and cons of copying and pasting code, Stack Overflow style.

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